Greasy Lake

Essential Articles

Growing Young with Rock and Roll, The Real Paper, 1974-05-22
Making of a Rock Star, Newsweek, 1975-10-27
Rock's New Sensation, Time, 1975-10-27
The Ascension of Bruce Springsteen, Playboy, 1976-03
The Sanctification of Bruce Springsteen and the Rise of Mass Hip, Esquire Magazine, 1988-12
Human Touch, Guitar World, 1995-10
Bruce Springsteen: The Advocate Interview, The Advocate, 1996
Rock and Read, Double Take, 1996
Letter to the editor, New York Times, 2004-080-07
"We've Been Misled", Rolling Stone, 2004-09-22
A fan's eye view, The Observer, 2005-07-17
The humility of Bruce Springsteen, Yes! Weekly, 2005-07-26
Why the coolest bands in pop are bowing down before Bruce Springsteen, The Independent, 2007-05-15
In Love With Pop, Uneasy With the World, New York Times, 2007-09-30
The Rock Laureate, The New York Times, 2009-01-28
Bruce Springsteen's SXSW Keynote Address, PBS, 2012-03-15

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