Greasy Lake

Bruce Springsteen Shows backstreets attended (62)

Date Venue City State/country Rating
1985-06-21  San Siro Stadium  Milan  Italy  Details
San Siro Stadium had only 2 rings of seats at the time, but it was packed with about 75/80.000 people...each and everybody goin' completely nuts from the beginning to the end.

I stood halfway between stage and mixer.
Seen with today's eyes, possibly one of my worst placements ever...but at the time, just being there was a dream come true.

Bruce performing at his best in front of an audience so furiously responsive that almost shocked him.
"Fantastico", he repeatedly said.

1985-2013, a 28-year-long love story between him and Milano was born.

1988-06-11  Stadio Comunale  Turin  Italy  Details

1988-06-15  Stadio Flamminio  Rome  Italy  Details

1988-06-16  Stadio Flamminio  Rome  Italy  Details

1988-07-14  St. Jakob Stadion  Basel  Switzerland  Details

1988-09-08  Stadio Comunale  Turin  Italy  Details

1992-06-20  Milano Forum  Milan  Italy  Details

1992-06-21  Milano Forum  Milan  Italy  Details

1993-04-07  Hallenstadion  Zurich  Switzerland  Details

1993-04-08  Hallenstadion  Zurich  Switzerland  Details

1993-04-11  Bentegodi Stadium  Verona  Italy  Details

1993-04-13  Halle Tony Garnier  Lyon  France  Details

1993-05-16  Airfield Rien  Munich  Germany  Details

1993-05-17  Maimarkthalle  Mannheim  Germany  Details

1993-05-25  Flaminio Stadium  Rome  Italy  Details

1996-04-11  Teatro Smeraldo  Milan  Italy  Details

1997-05-18  Acropolis  Nice  France  Details

1997-05-21  Teatro Verdi  Florence  Italy  Details

1997-05-22  Veatro Augusteo  Naples  Italy  Details

1997-05-26  Palais Des Congres  Paris  France  Details

1999-04-17  Polosport  Bologna  Italy  Details

1999-04-19  Forum  Milan  Italy  Details

1999-04-20  Forum  Milan  Italy  Details

1999-04-24  Stadthalle  Vienna  Austria  Details

1999-04-26  Hallenstadion  Zurich  Switzerland  Details

1999-05-29  Wuhlheide  Berlin  Germany  Details

1999-05-30  Wuhlheide  Berlin  Germany  Details

1999-06-02  Bercy  Paris  France  Details

1999-06-03  Bercy  Paris  France  Details

1999-06-11  Marassi Stadium  Genova  Italy  Details

2002-10-18  Palamalaguti  Bologna  Italy  Details

2003-06-28  San Siro  Milan  Italy  Details

2005-06-04  Palamalaguti Arena  Bologna  Italy  Details

2005-06-06  Palalottomatica Arena  Rome  Italy  Details

2005-06-07  The Forum  Milan  Italy  Details

2005-06-28  ICC  Berlin  Germany  Details

2006-05-07  The Manchester Evening News Arena  Manchester  England  Details

2006-05-08  Hammersmith Apollo Theatre  London  England  Details

2006-05-10  Palais Omnisports Bercy  Paris  France  Details

2006-05-12  Forum  Milan  Italy  Details

2006-05-17  Festhalle  Frankfurt  Germany  Details

2006-10-01  Palamalaguti  Bologna  Italy  Details

2006-10-02  Palaisozaki  Turin  Italy  Details

2006-10-05  Arena  Verona  Italy  Details

2006-10-10  Palalottomatica  Rome  Italy  Details

2007-11-28  Datchforum  Milan  Italy  Details

2007-12-17  Palais Omnisport Bercy  Paris  France  Details

2008-06-25  San Siro  Milan  Italy  Details

2008-07-19  Camp Nou  Barcelona  Spain  Details

2008-07-20  Camp Nou  Barcelona  Spain  Details

2009-07-19  Stadio Olimpico  Rome  Italy  Details

2009-07-21  Stadio Olimpico  Turin  Italy  Details

2009-07-23  Stadio Friuli  Udine  Italy  Details

2009-08-01  Estadio Jose Zorrilla  Valladolid  Spain  Details

2012-06-07  Stadio Giuseppe Meazza  Milan  Italy  Details

2012-07-04  Bercy  Paris  France  Details

2012-07-05  Bercy  Paris  France  Details

2013-05-31  Stadio Euganeo  Padova  Italy  Details

2013-06-03  Stadio San Siro  Milan  Italy  Details

2013-07-11  Ippodromo delle Capannelle  Rome  Italy  Details

2013-07-27  Nowlan Park  Kilkenny  Ireland  Details

2013-07-28  Nowlan Park  Kilkenny  Ireland  Details