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"Sad Eyes" as first single

Published 1998-12-22
It seems there will be a single from Tracks, at least in Europe. The A-side will be "Sad Eyes". No B-side has been announced yet, but we can only hope that it will be "The Fever" as Bruce himself indicated in the interview he did on the Charlie Rose show in November. The single will probably be released in the beginning of 1999. No date has been set yet. If you can't wait that long you can ord ... Read more

New cover version

Published 1998-12-15
If you have too much money and are crazy about other people covering Bruce songs, you should check out Des'ree's new album Supernatural which features a version of "Fire". ... Read more


Published 1998-12-14
Unlike what we wrote on this spot yesterday, Bruce did not go home to the States in anger. There was indeed a problem in Holland, but continued his European tour as scheduled by flying to Spain where today he gave an interview in which he said he would play in Spain before the summer... ... Read more

Bruce wins in court

Published 1998-12-13
For those of you who didn't hear it yet, Bruce won his legal battle against a record company who thought they owned the rights to some of Bruce's early songs. They didn't. Read about it on SonicNet. ... Read more

Four songs in Paris

Published 1998-12-11
Bruce played the following songs at the Amnesty International concert last night in Paris: The Ghost of Tom Joad Born in the USA Working on the Highway No Surrender (courtesy Julien Denoulet) The doors of Bercy opened at 5:30 p.m. We arrived in the arena to see the end of the soundcheck. As soon as I'd found my seat, guess who's coming on stage? Yep, Bruce himself! He said hello to ever ... Read more

Rumors already swirling

Published 1998-12-09
Bruce's tour plans had hardly been revealed before rumors of where and when had started to circulate. One of the more curious ones is that he will perform at the Midtfyn Festival in Denmark in July. This would be his first festival appearance probably since the Steel Mill days. Let's hope Bruce is not considering changing his principle of not playing those types of events. ... Read more

Bruce on Canal+

Published 1998-12-09
(Courtesy of Dominique) Bruce gave a 15 minutes interview on French show Nulle Part Ailleurs on channel Canal+. He spoke mainly about Tracks and his younger days. After a short break, he played a live and bluesy acoustic version of "Born In The USA", on the 12 strings guitar and a glass bottleneck. Bruce should arrive on stage at the Amnesty concert around 2300 CET on Thursday. No word about w ... Read more

Greasy Lake on TV

Published 1998-12-09
Greasy Lake was featured last night on ZDTV's Internet show "Internet Tonight". It will be repeated today. Check out your local TV schedule. Also see what they wrote about us on their site. Don't miss it! ... Read more

Get the champagne!

Published 1998-12-08
Jon Landau Management released the following statement today: Bruce Springsteen Planning Worldwide Tour with The E Street Band to Begin Summer 1999 Jon Landau Management has confirmed that Bruce Springsteen intends to begin a worldwide tour with The E Street Band in the summer of 1999.The concerts will mark the first time since 1988-89's "Human Rights Now! Amnesty International Tour" that S ... Read more

Wall of Sound story

Published 1998-12-06
The online music magazine Wall of Sound is passing on rumors of an E Street Band tour kicking off in Europe in April, or Scandinavia to be more specific. If this is indeed true - and with all the indications we're getting from everywhere, we are inclined to believe so - an announcement is expected before Christmas. Perhaps even next week during Bruce's press tour to Europe. ... Read more
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GERNER TEIL NIELSEN commenting on this:

I went to my first Springsteen concert in Copenhagen just after his concert in East Berlin. DDR-TV sent later from East Berlin concert I recorded on videotape and later put onto Youtube.
Katie Charles commenting on this: Sounds like it was a great concert ! Sorry to to have missed it.
Thank goodness all of Bruce's concerts are an amazing experience. Rock on Burce !!!
Mike commenting on this: A musician, as an artist, is no more obligated to put out music deemed appropriate by the masses then is a painter required to cover a canvass with themes imposed on him or her. Springsteen's choice to release an album of material he either created earlier or covering another songwriters material simply expands his musical horizons for himself and those fans who truly enjoy his music. If you have been a fan for as long as I have, starting with 1973's The Wild....etc, then you come to expect different textures and approaches to what he releases. Sit back and enjoy, take in a show, compile a playlist and enjoy the songs Bruce puts forth, there are after-all hundreds to choose from.