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Live album already available in several countries

Published 2001-04-01
2-3 days before the official release date, Live in New York City was already available in several European countries. In several cases employees in stores in Germany, Italy, Holland, England and probably elsewhere ignored the April 2 release date and were handing the album over the desk to anyone who asked. Reactions from fans who heard the album have so far been extremely positive. ... Read more

Bruce in court again

Published 2001-04-01
It seems to be the case that will never die. Since 1994 a CD worth of songs recorded by Bruce from 1972-74 have been the subject of several court cases. This time London-based Masquerade Records have appealed the decision made 1998 when they were banned from releasing the CD. Bruce himself has not appeared at the court yet, and it is unknown whether he will. The case is expected to be settled next ... Read more

Bruce talks about "American Skin" with Hilburn

Published 2001-04-01
In his first printed interview since Tracks, Bruce for the first time gave his version of what happened last summer when "American Skin" became the subject of a big controversy with the New York police. Bruce claims to have been caught off guard by the strong reactions, especially since none of the critics had even heard the song. In this very exciting interview he also talks about the breakup and ... Read more

Live album on the airwaves

Published 2001-03-26
Several radio stations in the US have started playing songs from the upcoming live album. Among them also some that are broadcast on the Internet. Check out for example If you don't have a strong enough connection for Internet radio, you can also download 30 second sound clips of five different songs from the official Springsteen website. ... Read more

HBO show on Danish TV?

Published 2001-03-20
For all the Danes out there, an allegedly reliable source confirms that Danish TV2 has bought the HBO show. The bad news is that it won't be aired until August or September. ... Read more

"Born to Run" added to the live album

Published 2001-03-16
In an apparently last second decision "Born to Run" has been added to the Live in New York City album and the HBO broadcast. Signs indicate that it will be placed as the last song on Disc 1 right after "Out in the Street". If true this seems like an odd choice considering the fact that it breaks up the flow of the so called "five-pack" of "Youngstown", "Murder Incorporated", "Badlands", "Out in th ... Read more

HBO show on German TV

Published 2001-03-16
As the first TV station other than HBO German ZDF has announced that they will air the HBO concert. Unfortunately it will only be 60 minutes of the show, but this will still be quite a treat to German fans and others in Europe who can pick up ZDF. So get your VCRs ready for April 14 at 11:40 pm. Check it out for yourself. ... Read more

"Born to Run" and "Born in the USA" best Bruce son

Published 2001-03-12
US music industry organization, RIAA, and the National Endowment for the Arts have published a list of what they consider the 365 best songs of the last century. Bruce is represented with two songs, not surprisingly "Born to Run" and "Born in the USA" as number 59 and 135 respectively. ... Read more

Live album cover revealed

Published 2001-03-09
This is what the upcoming live album will look like. On the content side, Amazon now indicates that the first of the two discs will end with "Out in the Street" and the second one start with "Tenth Avenue". The bonus songs have been placed at the end of Disc 2 rather than having been incorporated into their natural positions in the show. The live album is number 18 on Amazon's sales chart even bef ... Read more

Bruce recording with the band

Published 2001-03-09
For those of you who haven't seen it yet, Backstreets reports that Bruce has been recording new material with the E Street Band in the last few weeks. No word on where and exactly what, but hopefully a result will come of it in a not too distant future. ... Read more
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