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There's something happening in Asbury Park

Published 2009-12-20

Apparently Bruce and part of the E Street Band were assembled at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park last weekend running through all the songs from the Darkness album. The band spent most of last Sunday afternoon there, playing several versions of each song. While nothing is certain or confirmed, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that there could be a connection to the ... Read more

Like 1978 again

Published 2009-12-18

All fall Bruce has been recreating his classic albums on stage to much acclaim. What if he could recreate his classic concerts? Wouldn't that be something? Well, that's not what's going to happen exactly. But the famous  cover band Tramps Like Us is planning to recreate what has been called the single greatest Bruce live performance ever: the September 19, 1978, concert at the Capitol ... Read more

Giveaway contest on

Published 2009-12-09

Our friends at are currently doing a scientific research on what exactly you like about Bruce. Nah, just kidding, they have some shirts to give away and want you to work a little bit for the chance to receive one. But you don't even have to visit their site to participate (although it would be a mistake not to as it's a very us ... Read more

From the horse's mouth: the band is not over

Published 2009-12-01

There's been a lot of speculation this time around about whether the Working on a Dream Tour would be the last E Street Band tour. Well, now we have the official word from Bruce himself: the band plans to continue for "many, many years". The statement is put forward by Bruce in an interview in Billboard conducted before the Nashville show. Of course, Bruce doesn't go into details abou ... Read more

Nostalgia is just another rule broken

Published 2009-11-22

As I'm writing this Bruce and the band are gearing up for the last show of the tour, in Buffalo, NY. It is also by Bruce's own words the last show with the E Street Band "in a while". Some think it will be the last show with the E Street Band ever.

Whatever the case, tonight feels like the end of an era that started 10 years ago with the Reunion Tour. Even if the E Street Ban ... Read more

Buffalo tickets and backstage passes up for auction

Published 2009-11-17

With the Buffalo show being the last show of the tour and, many believe, the last E Street Band show ever (don't believe them!), it is quickly turning into one of the hardest tickets of the tour. But if you are willing to spend your family savings or sell your car, you and three of your friends or family members still have a chance to gain access. And not only to the show itself, but also ... Read more

Bruce's Detroit blunder

Published 2009-11-16

The news media has been full of Bruce this weekend. Google news has registered more than 500 news stories about our man. No, he didn't announce a new album, and no, he didn't get injured in a fall from the stage. He simply forgot that Detroit is in Michigan rather than Ohio. Three times during the first couple of songs of his Detroit show on Friday, he called out to "Ohio" before Stev ... Read more

The first shall be the last

Published 2009-11-16

After many rumors, it has just been officially announced that the last show of the tour, in Buffalo on November 22, will see a full performance of the Greetings From Asbury Park album. This is the first time Bruce's debut album from 1973 will have been played ín full on this or any tour. The lucky fans in attendance will be treated to classics like "Growin' Up" and &qu ... Read more

Contact form works again

Published 2009-11-09

I recently discovered that the contact form wasn't working, so if you have tried to contact Greasy Lake through that contact form in the last few weeks, we probably didn't receive your message. However, the problem has now been fixed and you can once again send along all your thoughts, questions, praise, criticism, etc., and someone will read it and, if necessary, get back to you. You will find ... Read more

The Bruce Librarian: Runaway Dream and The Light in Darkness

Published 2009-11-08

The time when it seemed it was years between Springsteen books are long gone. The last few years have seen an influx of new titles that has made it hard to keep up, let alone read them all. As a librarian and a Bruce fan it is my goddamn duty to try to do something about that. No, I can't read all those books either - nor would I want to - but in this new section called The Bruce Librarian I wi ... Read more

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Dave commenting on this: Really enjoying it so far, but only up to the Darkness sessions. Amazing writing for an amateur!
Charlene Linden commenting on this: I want to read it more than ever. When I saw him play at my university (Clark University, Worcester MA Oct.6 1974, 6 days before my 17th) I was frightened and lonely. I was younger than other students because I had graduated HS early. The tickets were free with our activity fee. I thought - oh he's going to be another self indulgent singer song writer. The 70s were full of those. My room mate could see that I was hesitant, and assured me that I'd love him. And I did. I felt a spiritually uplifting and joyous experience, like no other. This was more than music. This became a transformative event.One I would repeat many times. I am not at all shocked that Bruce is still a tortured soul - more than the bouts with depression that we all know. Along with the late Lou Reed, he is responsible for some of the best American rock and roll. I can't wait until the snow lets up. I NEED this book!
Mikey commenting on this: Interesting thoughts, I even agree with some of them, which might scare you. Thanks for the review