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Forget about your complaints: live album include

Published 2001-02-26
It's official. Today Shorefire Media announced the release of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Live in New York City for April 3. But the best part is that the double CD will include six tracks that were not included on the infamous list that was leaked to the fans a couple of weeks ago: Lost in the Flood, Born in the USA, Don't Look Back, Jungleland, If I Should Fall Behind and Ramrod. This ... Read more

Bruce at the KACF benefit

Published 2001-02-25
Last night Bruce attended the Eighth Annual Winter Semi-Formal benefitting the Kristin Ann Carr Fund. The event took place at the Fifth Club in New York. Only other E Streeter was Max Weinberg. The evening raised lots of money for research in sarcoma cancer, which in 1993 cost Bruce's friend and daughter of Dave Marsh, Kristin Ann Carr, her life. Read more about the cause here. ... Read more

Clarence says new album is planned

Published 2001-02-25
In an interview with the Swedish radio station Rocket FM, Clarence Clemons said that there was definitely plans of a new E Street Band album and tour, but that he couldn't reveal any details. You can listen to the interview at Whether you believe him or Max Weinberg, who recently said that nothing was planned, is up to you. ... Read more

"Ramrod" on HBO and DVD

Published 2001-02-21
According to Max Weinberg the footage that will be shown on HBO on April 7 and the contents of the upcoming live DVD will be identical. The good news is that among that material will be a killer version of "Ramrod", which will set it apart from the rumored track list of the live CD. Weinberg revealed this information to the attendees of a lecture he gave in Huntington, PA, the other day. ... Read more

Live at MSG delayed?

Published 2001-02-21
Things have been quiet in the official camp since the track list of the live CD leaked out, but maybe the furore that followed the leak hasn't gone unnoticed. Rumors indicate that the March 27 release date may have been scrapped and that we may have to wait a bit longer. At this stage we're only talking loose rumors, and even if it's true it may have nothing to do with the criticism of the track l ... Read more

Live CD track list leaked out

Published 2001-02-14
A list of songs that will allegedly make up the upcoming live CD has started circulating on the web. The list (check it out here) contains only 13 songs or about 100 minutes worth of music. It's basically the first half of a standard reunion tour show with the addition of "Land of Hope and Dreams" and "American Skin" at the end. Moreover, the version of "American Skin" is allegedly a studio versio ... Read more

Bruce lost domain battle

Published 2001-02-09
According to a verdict by the World Intellectual Property Organization a Canadian fan website can keep its domain The majority on the dispute panel ruled that the owner, Jeff Burgar, had ''demonstrated that he has some rights or legitimate interests in respect of the domain name and (Springsteen) has failed to demonstrate that that the domain name was registered and has been ... Read more

Bruce in Portland to finish soundtrack

Published 2001-02-09 reports that Bruce was in Portland on Thursday to put the finishing touches on the soundtrack for the upcoming HBO special. The event took place at Bob Ludwig's Gateway Mastering Studios, which Bruce has frequented on several occassions before. Read the full story. ... Read more

HBO show is official

Published 2001-02-06
Earlier today HBO announced that they will broadcast a Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band concert event on April 7, 9 pm ET. According to the press release the broadcast will include footage from Bruce's two final shows at Madison Square Garden last year, June 29 and July 1. Read the complete Associated Press story. ... Read more

More live album indications

Published 2001-01-30
If you're still not convinced that there is indeed a live album in the works, Backstreets is reporting that it has now appeared on an internal Sony release schedule. ... Read more
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