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Tour officially kicked off

Published 2009-04-02

The Working on a Dream Tour was officially launched last night in San Jose, CA. And unlike what we reported yesterday as a silly April Fools joke, the entire E Street Band was present in name and person. Moreover, the band has been expanded with singers Curtis King and Cindy Mizelle from the Seeger Sessions band, allegedly to great effect. The first night offered a generous 26-song setlist stru ... Read more

Tour now billed as Bruce Springsteen & Band

Published 2009-04-01

In an unannounced surprise move, the official billing of the tour has changed from Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band to simply Bruce Springsteen & Band. All posters in- and outside the arena in San Jose where the tour kicks off tonight have had the words "The E Street" crossed out, leaving only the word "Band". According to fans waiting outside the aren ... Read more

Bruce Springsteen unsexy?

Published 2009-03-26

The Boston Phoenix has just declared war on all female Springsteen fans, and a lot of male ones too. In their 100 Unsexiest Men of 2009 list they put Bruce Springsteen in as no. 52, only slightly more sexy than Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson who made it to no. 51. The reasoning behind this absurd decision includes ridiculing his tight black jeans and calling him immobile, all based ... Read more

First rehearsal show in the can

Published 2009-03-24

Bruce and the E Street Band were back last night for their first full-length show since the Magic Tour ended. Billed as a rehearsal show it wasn't really an offical show, but as rehearsal shows goes this had a more finished feel to it than previous rehearsal shows. At least, according to some of those who were there, when it came to the band's energy and tightness and the length of the sho ... Read more

Bruce sneak-attack in Long Branch

Published 2009-03-23

Just as everyone was focusing on the rehearsal shows in Asbury Park and the upcoming tour, Bruce took everyone by surprise and showed up a few miles further up the shore at the Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch. There he joined a band called The Panther Club at a benefit for the Ranney School, a private school in Tinton Falls, NJ. He helped out on three songs: "634-5789", "Mustan ... Read more

More ways to get your Bruce juice

Published 2009-03-22

Greasy Lake is moving even further into the Web 2.0 age. Now we have our very own Twitter feed. So for those of you who have a Twitter account, go to and start following us. You will get little news updates and random Bruce observations served directly to your cell phone or news reader or wherever else you check your Twitter. A ... Read more

Drummer change official

Published 2009-03-21

An official statement regarding the drummer situation in the E Street Band has been published on the official website. The statement confirms that Jay Weinberg will replace his father Max Weinberg at "the few shows Max Weinberg won't be able to appear at". So now that this is settled speculation can begin as to what "few" m ... Read more

Rehearsal shows imminent

Published 2009-03-19

A usually reliable source says that rehearsal shows will take place on March 23 and 24 at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park. Tickets will go on sale this Saturday from Ticketmaster by phone only. An official announcement may come later today. The rehearsal shows will no doubt give us a good idea of how the new setlist will be structured. Don't be surprised to see a show that picks up where the ... Read more

Jay Weinberg is in

Published 2009-03-18

It is almost as good as official. Reliable sources now say that Jay Weinberg is definitely going to replace his father Max Weinberg on drums for most likely the entire European tour. Jay Weinberg has been present during all the tour rehearsals that are currently taking place in Asbury Park. The reason for the replacement is of course Max Weinberg's commitment to his new job as the drummer for t ... Read more

This week's new live performances

Published 2009-03-18

Still no week goes by without the addition of a show or two. This week we got the news that Bruce will perform at Pete Seeger's 90th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden on May 3.  Bruce will share the bill with Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp, Eddie Vedder and many others. Tickets will be sold on March 30 from Ticketmaster. Read more about the event on Read more

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