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New interview in The Observer

Published 2009-01-18

Don't miss today's interview with Bruce in the UK newspaper, The Observer. Long-time Bruce-follower Mark Hagan talks to him about politics, the new album, life and death, and a bunch of other things. But perhaps the biggest revelation is what on earth Bruce was thinking when he wrote "Queen of the Supermarket". Apparently a rare trip to the supermarket made him think about sex and doi ... Read more

Bruce sang for half a million people

Published 2009-01-18

Bruce appeared earlier today at the Lincoln Memorial concert for Barack Obama in Washington DC performing for what may have been a crowd of 500,000 people, including the Obama family. He opened the show with an acoustic rendition of "The Rising" backed by a big gospel choir all dressed in red. After performances by Bono, Jon Bon Jovi, John Cougar Mellencamp and other stars, he returne ... Read more

Bruce guest DJ on Sirius

Published 2009-01-17

Bruce will show up as guest DJ on E Street Radio this Monday, January 19. Hosted by Dave Marsh, he'll be playing his favorite songs, from James Brown to Public Enemy, and talk about how he got to know them. Don't expect any big revelations regarding his own music and the new album, but you never know. E Street Radio is part of the Sirius Satellite Radio service and can be heard online or o ... Read more

It's out there

Published 2009-01-13

It had to happen. The entire Working on a Dream album has now leaked and has spread like a California hill fire among the hardcore fan community. Reactions to it are very mixed, to put it mildly. Probably even more so than usual. Only "Outlaw Pete" and "The Wrestler" are somewhat universally praised. The rest have divided the fans in two fractions: those who think i ... Read more

Bruce wins Golden Globe

Published 2009-01-12

For the second time in his career, Bruce won a Golden Globe award for a song he gave to a movie. The song was of course "The Wrestler", which is prominently featured in the new movie by the same name. Bruce himself was present at the awards show that took place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Hollywood. In his acceptance speech he thanked Mickey Rourke who plays the leading role and wh ... Read more

Listen to new album on NPR

Published 2009-01-12

If you have trouble sitting still from anxiety waiting on the new album, you only have to last one more week. Next Monday, NPR will offer an exclusive listen of the entire Working on a Dream album as part of the radio station's "Exclusive First Listen" series. And the best part is, it will be streaming online, which hopefully means that the whole wor ... Read more

Bruce to celebrate Obama

Published 2009-01-08

Bruce is expected to play an active part in the inauguration activities for Barack Obama in just a few days. Strong rumors suggest he will perform in Washington D.C. on January 18 at a pre-inauguration show. The show will be broadcast live on HBO from the Lincoln Memorial at an as yet unknown hour. If you're planning to attend and don't have a place to stay for the night, forget about it. The c ... Read more

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