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Bruce to perform at Steinbeck tribute

Published 1998-03-13
Who said Bruce is one-dimensional? One week he kicks serious butt with Joe Grushecky, and a few weeks later, on April 4, he'll be performing from the Rodgers and Hammerstein songbook at a benefit for John Steinbeck's widow Elaine Steinbeck at the Bay Street Theater in New York. If you don't know who Rodgers and Hammestein are, they were the production team behind such musical classics as Oklaho ... Read more

Bruce's "March Assault"

Published 1998-03-03
Finally some action again. Last night (Monday) Bruce took the stage with Joe Grushecky at Nick's Fat City in Pittsburgh. He came on more than an hour into the show, but allegedly jammed for two. You have to look elsewhere for a set list, but he did play on songs like "Murder Incorporated", "Ramord", "Light of Day" and "Brown Eyed Girl". There's a rumor that this was just the first in a series ... Read more

Bruce guests with Steve Earle

Published 1998-02-07
Bruce didn't relax for long after the Basie show a week ago. Last night, Friday, he performed at Tradewinds with Steve Earle for six songs: "Sweet Virginia", "Dead Flowers", "Guitar Town", "I Ain't Ever Satisfied", "Johnny Come Lately", the two first-mentioned being by the Rolling Stones. This is the first time these two stars have performed together and it's definitely a stellar combination. ... Read more

Benefit show a "killer"

Published 1998-02-01
According to all accounts last night's show was a killer. All artists were clearly "on" and seemed to have the time of their lives. You can find a report from the Asbury Park Press here. No set list has been reported yet (at least not one we have access to), but it would be a good guess that the show went pretty much as rehearsed. Bruce did play both "Backstreets", "Born to Run", "Tenth Avenue", ... Read more

Classics played at rehearsal

Published 1998-01-30
Rehearsals for the Patric King Benefit tomorrow night (Saturday), took place on Thursday night. Bruce, Bon Jovi, Little Steven, Max Weinberg, Bobby Bandiera, Southside Johnny, Clarence Clemons and others were on stage and went through a long set list featuring the artists' own songs along with cover versions of others. The Bruce songs performed were the following: "Two Hearts", "10th Avenue Fr ... Read more

Bruce contributes track to Pete Seeger tribute

Published 1998-01-27
According to ICE Magazine Bruce will contribute a track to the upcoming Pete Seeger tribute album. The track is "We Shall Overcome", and Bruce allegedly put a big production behind it using a 9-piece band including Patti Scialfa and Soozie Tyrell. The album, which will be a double, is due on March 17. ... Read more

Album rejected by Sony?

Published 1998-01-18
Did Bruce have an album rejected by his record company? So the word goes in the rumor mill. According to this, Sony wasn't thrilled at all when Bruce turned up with The Ghost of Tom Joad Vol. II instead of a fullblown rock album and potential seller. Remember, this is just a rumor, but if it's true it might be really serious. The record company restricting Bruce's artistic freedom can only lea ... Read more
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