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DVD and HBO show not the same

Published 2001-01-30
Unlike what we assumed in a story elsewhere on this page, we now hear that the Springsteen show that will be aired on HBO in April 7, may not be the same as what will be released on DVD around the same time. What exactly that footage will consist of then is not known by us, but it will probably still be from the New York City 2000 stand. ... Read more

Live album to be released April 3

Published 2001-01-28
The Point Blank website is reporting that the much rumored live-album from Madison Square Garden will be released worldwide on April 3. According to Point Blank it will be a single disc, but other sources indicate that it may still be a double. What appears to be quite certain is that the focus will be on the new songs performed during the Garden stand such as "American Skin", "Code of Silence", " ... Read more

Garden show on HBO

Published 2001-01-28
Although it's still unofficial, a source has confirmed that HBO will be airing a Springsteen show in April. No other info is known at the moment, but in connection with this, we're also informed that plans are in the works to have Bruce appear on Bob Costa's new talk show on HBO. Looks like now would be a good time to get a subscription to that channel if you don't have one already. ... Read more

DVDs released to mixed feelings

Published 2001-01-18
The Blood Brothers and Video Anthology DVDs are now available in stores in the US. So far the reaction from fans has been mixed. While it's nice to have the videos from the Nineties on the Anthology, many complain about the sloppy liner-notes with several factual and spelling errors, the edits in the "Rosalita" and "Leap of Faith" videos, and the fact that the disc ends with seven rather gloomy se ... Read more

Bruce to Australia in November?

Published 2001-01-18
According to Sydney Daily Telegraph, Bruce will tour Australia in November. They quote the Australian promoters as saying that it's 100% certain. Of course, that's also what the promoters said last year about a tour in early 2001. That tour is definitely down in the drain ... Read more

The web is buzzing with live album rumors

Published 2001-01-12
The signs that a live album is in the works for an April release get better and better. Today Wall of Sound quoted inside sources at Sony as saying that a single live album would be out in the spring, probably April and that it would consist of material culled from the Madison Square Garden stand and focusing on the new songs performed there such as "American Skin" and "Further On Up the Road". Th ... Read more

New book analyses Bruce's work

Published 2001-01-10
A new Bruce book has seen the light of day. "Hungry Heart, the Music of Bruce Springsteen" by Jeff Horn is not your average Bruce bio, but focuses mostly on his songs and albums. The author, a Springsteen fan himself, has been writing about music since 1978, but this is his first non-fiction book. Read more about it on Amazon's site. ... Read more

Lynn Goldsmith gallery on the web

Published 2001-01-10
Now fans of photographer and ex-Springsteen girlfriend (1978), Lynn Goldsmith, can view her some of her work on a new gallery website. So far the site has 20 samples of her work including a cool shot of Bruce in his car c. 1978 along with an audio commentary. ... Read more

Bruce fares well in award hoopla

Published 2001-01-04
It's that time again. Every music media worth the name has its share of "Best of 2000" awards or "Best of the Millenium" awards. In the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine the Classic Pop Song Poll has been settled with "Born to Run" being the winner in the website visitor poll (good job, everybody!). Also "American Skin" makes it to number two in the critics choice for best singl ... Read more
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