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Bruce's busy December

Published 1997-12-19
Bruce has performed on at least three occasions in December. First on the 7th at the Kennedy Centre Honors which was a tribute to Bob Dylan. Here Bruce did a rather rough version of "The Times They Are a-Changin'". Snippets of the performance have been shown on various news broadcasts, but the whole thing will be aired on December 26th on CBS. The next time Bruce appeared on a public stage ... Read more

Bruce-related artists to perform benefit

Published 1997-11-07
On November 20, many of the artists that appeared on the double release One Step Up/Two Steps Back will perform together at Beacon Theatre in New York for a benefit for the World Hunger Year. The concert, which is also called Hungerthon 97, at the same time looks like it's going to be a tribute to Bruce Springsteen. The night will feature such names as Southside Johnny, Nils Lofgren and the Ma ... Read more

"Streets of Philly" on Diana tribute

Published 1997-10-30
Bruce is going to contribute "Streets of Philadelphia" to the upcoming Diana tribute double CD which is set for release on December 1. Apart from Bruce the participiants are all the obvious: Sting, Elton John, Eric Clapton plus many others. So unless you want to support the good cause or just have to listen to two hours of tearjerkers, this is one you can easily skip. Apart from that there ... Read more

Quiet before the storm?

Published 1997-10-11
No real news, but rumors that something big is imminent around the end of November. Suggestions span from a box set to a week of benefit shows in Asbury Park. Still, don't hold your breath that something will happen. ... Read more

Bruce guested with Bobby Bandiera

Published 1997-09-27
Bruce performed last night (Friday) at Cheers Bar in New Jersey with Bobby Bandiera. Together they performed "Mustang Sally" and a long version of "Lucille". This week has also seen the release of the One Step Up/Two Steps Back albums. They have been received with mixed feelings, many people arguing that the artists involved are mediocre at best, but that the set is still altogether worthwh ... Read more

Bruce at the MTV Music Video Awards

Published 1997-09-19
Sorry for not keeping you up to date, but most of you of course will know that Bruce performed with The Wallflowers at MTV's annual music video awards on September 4. Bruce, sporting an unusually short haircut, played guitar and sang a verse on the song "One Headlight". Prior to that he also performed at a club with a band called Jimmy & the Gigolos. Backstreets has more details about that. Th ... Read more

College tour in the fall?

Published 1997-08-21
Bruce did not turn up at Tradewinds or anywhere else last weekend (at least not publicly). In return, there are now rumors of him planning more solo acoustic shows this fall at American college auditoriums. If it's true, certainly no one can accuse him of commercialism, touring for an album which hasn't been near a chart for 18 months and for an audience who will now no doubt mostly consist of ... Read more

Club rumors flourishing

Published 1997-08-02
Rumors have been circulating for a while about Bruce appearing at a Joe Grushecky/Nils Lofgren show at Tradewinds on August 15th. Also quite likely is an appearance the next night at Cheers in Long Branch where Elliott Murphy is going to perform with Joe D'Urso. Whether there's more to it than the fact that it would be natural for Bruce to attend these gigs, is not known by us. ... Read more

"Secret Garden" nominated

Published 1997-07-23
"Secret Garden" has been nominated for "Best video from a film" for MTV's annual Video Awards which will take place on September 4th. No word yet as to whether or not Bruce himself will be present, let alone perform. Bruce won this prize with "Streets of Philadelphia" in 1994. ... Read more

Double tribute album out in September

Published 1997-07-19
Bruce has remained inactive since the end of the European tour. The biggest news is, for those of you who haven't heard it yet, a double album of other artists covering Bruce songs called, respectively, One Step Up and Two Steps Back. The albums will be released on Bruce's birthday, Sept. 23, and will feature such artists as Joe Grushecky, Nils Lofgren, John Hiatt, Maria McKee and lots more. B ... Read more
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Dave commenting on this: Really enjoying it so far, but only up to the Darkness sessions. Amazing writing for an amateur!
Charlene Linden commenting on this: I want to read it more than ever. When I saw him play at my university (Clark University, Worcester MA Oct.6 1974, 6 days before my 17th) I was frightened and lonely. I was younger than other students because I had graduated HS early. The tickets were free with our activity fee. I thought - oh he's going to be another self indulgent singer song writer. The 70s were full of those. My room mate could see that I was hesitant, and assured me that I'd love him. And I did. I felt a spiritually uplifting and joyous experience, like no other. This was more than music. This became a transformative event.One I would repeat many times. I am not at all shocked that Bruce is still a tortured soul - more than the bouts with depression that we all know. Along with the late Lou Reed, he is responsible for some of the best American rock and roll. I can't wait until the snow lets up. I NEED this book!
Mikey commenting on this: Interesting thoughts, I even agree with some of them, which might scare you. Thanks for the review