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More indications of MSG release

Published 2000-12-28
According to a post on the LuckyTown Digest, one of Bruce's attorneys, Larry Shyer, is investigating the possibilities of having a two-hour concert film from Madison Square Garden sold to HBO or a network channel. And another post confirms what we have previously said on this page about a Bruce Springsteen, Live at Madison Square Garden CD release on March. ... Read more

"Sad Eyes" in new movie

Published 2000-12-21
An article in the December issue of American Cinematographer suggests that "Sad Eyes" will be used in upcoming low-budget independent movie, A Million Miles. The Jersey Shore filmmakers, Ben Carney and Brian Sipe, allegedly got permission from Bruce to use the song, just as Little Steven may also have contributed to the soundtrack with an as yet unknown song. ... Read more

Live CD in March?

Published 2000-12-21
A Sony representative has allegedly revealed that March 2001 will see the release of Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Live at Madison Square Garden. Whether this is the much talked about DVD or a normal CD is not known, and altogether this should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. ... Read more

The other DVDs are official

Published 2000-12-21
Sony Music has announced the DVD releases of Video Anthology 1978-00 and Blood Brothers. The release date for both these discs is January 16, 2001. Video Anthology will be a double DVD featuring all Bruce's promotional videos plus several never before seen items. At the same time Sony has re-launched the official Bruce Springsteen website where you can read more about the DVDs. ... Read more

John Wesley Harding releases duet with Bruce

Published 2000-12-21
In 1994 British singer-songwriter John Wesley Harding was playing at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. In the crowd was none other than Bruce Springsteen. He agreed to come on stage to help out, and together the two did a beautiful duet of "Wreck on the Highway", a song Bruce had not performed for almost ten years. Now their duet is released on a re-issue of Harding's 1998 album, Awake. The so ... Read more

Second night same as first

Published 2000-12-19
The second night at the Convention Hall featured the same setlist as the first night. Only difference was that an extended soundcheck ended after the crowd had started to enter the hall, so a few lucky people got to hear "Jambalaya", "Hey Good Lookin'" and "Mystery Train". Later we'll have some more eyewitness accounts from the show. ... Read more

"Rosie" and "Kitty" are BACK!

Published 2000-12-18
Let's just say it and rub it in: it was a show to die for (and no, we weren't there either). Every song (except "Bobby Jean") was a surprise and not just that, many of them were long awaited gems. First of all, "Kitty's Back" made its first appearance since 1978, and "Rosalita" returned for her first performance since her one-night stand in 1999. Other interesting songs included a slowed-down "For ... Read more

Bruce a no-show at Holiday Express benefit

Published 2000-12-17
As announced by Holiday Express themselves, Bruce did not appear at last night's show at the Continental Airlines Arena. The top-names remained Gary US Bonds, Bobby Bandiera and Mary Mary. They performed for a more than half empty arena, and there was absolutely no Bruce involvement of any kind. ... Read more

Get set for new DVDs

Published 2000-12-17
In the midst of the sudden live activity by Bruce, we must not forget to tell you that the two "other" DVDs, Blood Brothers and Video Anthology, are now more or less official. January 16 looks like it could be the release date, but that may change. However, it seems certain that it will be around that time. The Video Anthology will include a second disc which will bring the set up to date with all ... Read more

Tonight's the night

Published 2000-12-17
The few lucky people to have tickets for the first of the two Convention Hall benefits may be in for something extraordinary. Rumors are circulating that the entire E Street Band (perhaps minus Nils) will be on stage, and there is also speculation that the show may somehow be linked to the Sorprano shooting taking place in Asbury Park this week. If you don't have tickets, there is always the possi ... Read more
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Dave commenting on this: Really enjoying it so far, but only up to the Darkness sessions. Amazing writing for an amateur!
Charlene Linden commenting on this: I want to read it more than ever. When I saw him play at my university (Clark University, Worcester MA Oct.6 1974, 6 days before my 17th) I was frightened and lonely. I was younger than other students because I had graduated HS early. The tickets were free with our activity fee. I thought - oh he's going to be another self indulgent singer song writer. The 70s were full of those. My room mate could see that I was hesitant, and assured me that I'd love him. And I did. I felt a spiritually uplifting and joyous experience, like no other. This was more than music. This became a transformative event.One I would repeat many times. I am not at all shocked that Bruce is still a tortured soul - more than the bouts with depression that we all know. Along with the late Lou Reed, he is responsible for some of the best American rock and roll. I can't wait until the snow lets up. I NEED this book!
Mikey commenting on this: Interesting thoughts, I even agree with some of them, which might scare you. Thanks for the review