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Satellite channel filled with exclusives

Published 2005-11-02
The new Bruce Springsteen satellite radio station, Sirius, is on the air with lots of exclusive features on the E Street Radio channel. They include hitherto unreleased and uncirculated Born to Run outtakes and alternate version, an interview with Bruce himself, and even bootlegs, which is quite sensational considering this station is clearly sanctioned by Springsteen's organization. Whatever the ... Read more

Boston show filmed

Published 2005-10-31
The fans at the two shows in Boston, last night including former presidential candidate John Kerry, were equipped with a note at the entrance informing them that the show was being filmed. A number of cameras were present and when asked, the camera crew said it was for a DVD. Whether it will actually be released or will end its days on the shelf like the Fenway 2003 footage, remains of course to b ... Read more

Vini Lopez writing a book

Published 2005-10-29
Danny Federici is working on one, and now Vini Lopez is too. The former E Street Band drummer is working on a book about life in the E Street Band in the early Seventies to be called The First Beat from E St. No info about when it can be exspected to hit the ... Read more

New all-Bruce radio

Published 2005-10-29
Soon you'll be able to listen to Bruce 24 hours a day without changing CDs in the player or buying an iPod. Of course, you'll need to be able to receive satellite radio, because Sirius satellite radio plans to launch an All-Bruce, All-the-Time program beginning Nov. 1 and continuing through Jan. 31. The commercial-free program, dubbed E Street Radio, will feature rare tracks and interviews. ... Read more

Rumors and speculations

Published 2005-10-29
Rumors surrounding the two Boston shows have been swirling on the Internet for months. The first show last night didn't offer any insight, but there's another chance tomorrow. The rumors have been everything from Bruce being joined by the E Street Band to play the entire Born to Run album to the show being filmed for commercial release. Other rumors not connected to Boston suggest that the E Stree ... Read more

Hammersmith show to air on television

Published 2005-10-26
If you can't afford the Born to Run box set with the Hammersmith DVD or just don't want to shell out the money, you may still get the chance to watch the show on your TV screen. PBS will allegedly air it in December, and it may even air in the New York metro area this weekend. Contact your local PBS station at t ... Read more

E Street rumors swirling

Published 2005-10-23
Holiday shows with the E Street Band? Born to Run promotion shows? New album in January? The rumors of E Street Band activities are swirling in cyberspace. So far nothing concrete has been offered, but we would be surprise if there wasn't at least some truth to some of this. We'll keep you posted. ... Read more

Springsteen and Sinatra equally big in Jersey

Published 2005-10-23
In a recent popularity poll in New Jersey Bruce Springsteen and Frank Sinatra finished in a tie. Both artists' albums are owned by 36% of the population in New Jersey, and 16% of the New Jersians consider themselves big fans of Springsteen whereas 17% call themselves big fans of Sinatra. Read more in the ... Read more

Bono talks about Bruce

Published 2005-10-23
In a big interview with Rolling Stone Bono of U2 talks about his relationship with Bruce Springsteen. Go buy the magazine or read the Bruce part here. ... Read more

Bruce joined U2

Published 2005-10-18
Bruce and Patti joined U2 at the Irish band's Wachovia show last night in Philadelphia. During the encores Bono called for another guitar player and out walked Bruce. Together they did a wild version of "People Get Ready" that ended in an extended jam. Bruce first joined U2 in 1987, also in Philadelphia, and Bono and Bruce have inducted each other into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. ... Read more
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Dave commenting on this: Really enjoying it so far, but only up to the Darkness sessions. Amazing writing for an amateur!
Charlene Linden commenting on this: I want to read it more than ever. When I saw him play at my university (Clark University, Worcester MA Oct.6 1974, 6 days before my 17th) I was frightened and lonely. I was younger than other students because I had graduated HS early. The tickets were free with our activity fee. I thought - oh he's going to be another self indulgent singer song writer. The 70s were full of those. My room mate could see that I was hesitant, and assured me that I'd love him. And I did. I felt a spiritually uplifting and joyous experience, like no other. This was more than music. This became a transformative event.One I would repeat many times. I am not at all shocked that Bruce is still a tortured soul - more than the bouts with depression that we all know. Along with the late Lou Reed, he is responsible for some of the best American rock and roll. I can't wait until the snow lets up. I NEED this book!
Mikey commenting on this: Interesting thoughts, I even agree with some of them, which might scare you. Thanks for the review