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Poll of the week: Food banks is the number one Bruce cause

Published 2010-06-07

Last week's poll was a little different. It had nothing to do with his music or bands or time periods. We simply lined up a selection of the causes Bruce has supported over the years and asked which one you liked best. It was probably, to me, the most unpredictable poll we've had on here. I had no idea how it would turn out, except I didn't figure supporting DoubleTake Magazine or John Kerry wo ... Read more

Poll of the week: Working on a Dream

Published 2010-05-31

What does time do to people's opinion of a new album? That was the question of last week's poll. I thought it would be interesting to see how people's opinion about the Working on a Dream album had changed in the year after its release. The conclusion is: not very much. More than 50% said that their opinion was unchanged. This didn't say anything about whether they liked it or not. Only that th ... Read more

Bruce continues his Tour of Benefits

Published 2010-05-22

Seems like Bruce is attending every benefit concert he can find these days. Last night he was in New York to participate in the Gateway´s Gala Benefit Concert, supporting an education center for children with learning problems... and paying tribute to Jon Stewart who was an honoree. He performed a mini-set of seven songs and was joined by Patti Scialfa for two of them. His performance har ... Read more

Poll of the week: Why even bother?!

Published 2010-05-17

Yes, that's the question one could ask after last week's poll. "Because the Night" was so merciless to the other options that it was hardly even worth it. I don't think in the Greasy Lake poll's history that there has been such an undisputed winner. Here's the final result:

Which of these officially released song collaborations is your favorite?
Be ... Read more

Bruce has gone GaGa

Published 2010-05-14

I wrote the other day that Bruce was laying low. I apologize for that since it's so obviously not true at all. Three performances in a couple of weeks is not exactly laying low. And the one last night at the Carnegie Hall must be candidate for most surreal Springsteen performance ever. The occassion was Sting's annual Rainforest Benefit, which Bruce also took part in back in 1995. That was all ... Read more

Poll of the week: Bob Dylan more popular than the Beatles

Published 2010-05-10

At least among the voters of last week's poll. Dylan won the poll among Bruce's musical influences with a fairly big margin to the Beatles on the second spot and Elvis on the third. Question is, of those artists who has actually influenced Bruce the most? Is it Bob Dylan with his emphasis on lyrics, or is it the stage show of James Brown? Or perhaps the whole rock 'n' roll attitude of an early ... Read more

Win a copy of "For You"

Published 2010-05-09

.... the book, that is. Yes, you know which one we're talking about. The first Bruce book by Lawrence Kirsch where fans talk about their Bruce experience. It's actually sold out and goes for high prices on eBay, but one copy can be yours for free. Well, not quite for free, because in order to enter the contest you need to donate money to the Montreal Heart Institute. You can read all about it o ... Read more

Little Steven interview in Crawdaddy

Published 2010-05-09

For those of you who can't get enough of the coolest guy in the world, Little Steven, legendary music magazine Crawdaddy put an interview with him on their website. If you didn't already know, Little Steven is a busy man. These days, apart from doing his Underground Garage radio show, he's involved in a rock 'n' roll high school, a record company, and trying to put rock 'n' roll back on the TV ... Read more

Bruce the poetry reader

Published 2010-05-08

For someone who's laying low, Bruce has been mighty busy this last week. First he attended the New Jersey Hall of Fame and on Thursday he was at the Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey to read poems by Robert Pinsky and sing a few songs. His performance, which was done in collaboration with Pinsky and old friend John Wesley Harding, was part of the Word and Music Festival (WAMFEST ... Read more

Bruce inducted Danny DeVito

Published 2010-05-06

Bruce is laying pretty low these days, but even so, he couldn't help showing up at the New Jersey Hall of Fame induction ceremony on May 2 where he handled the induction of his friend and fan of his actor Danny DeVito and performed "Glory Days" for good measure. He also posed for a few pictures, including the one below with Rusty Paul (left), son of legendary guitar maker Les Paul, an ... Read more

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David R. commenting on this: I'm still confused between this announcement and the Mastered for iTunes release of some of these same albums. Are the overlapping albums identical? Or, are they further remastered?
pauldt1969 commenting on this: A good read but some of these things are highly subjective. The Promise (18 Tracks version) happens to be my favourite Bruce recording of all time...
Al O'Hare commenting on this: Great read, incisive and fair points made too. Lose a bit of cred' for this though: "Not to mention “Secret Garden”, which didn’t utilize the E Street Band properly"... says who? The story was great until you cast artistic judgement. Stick to the facts for this kinda' thing. The fact that I think SG is beautiful and Clarence's sax is utilised EXACTLY how it should be, has no bearing on this comment :-)