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Bruce played at the Stone Pony

Published 2010-07-24

In his first stage performance in two months, Bruce joined Alejandro Escovedo at the Stone Pony last night. They did three songs together. "Always a Friend", "Faith" and a cover of Rolling Stones' "Beast of Burden". The performance was a return of the favor Bruce did to Alejandro two years ago in Houston when he invited the Texas singer/songwriter to ... Read more

Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame show to be released

Published 2010-07-21

Back in October Bruce and the band participated in the two Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary shows at Madison Square Garden. Apart from performing a few of their own songs by themselves, they also worked as backing band for artists like John Fogerty, Sam Moore, Darlene Love and Billy Joel. Much of it was shown on TV, and it's that broadcast which is now set for official release. But t ... Read more

Poll of the week: The fireworks are hailin'

Published 2010-07-12

4th of July is a very special day to most Americans. Barbecue, family, relaxation, fireworks on a bright summer night. It is of course also a celebration of American freedom and independence and everything that implies. It's a day full of symbolism and show, and as such, it's the perfect backdrop for artistic expression. And for someone like Bruce, who embodies America like few other artists ... Read more

Greasy Lake Review: London Calling - Live in Hyde Park

Published 2010-07-02

When the London Calling DVD was announced a couple of months ago, it was met with a collective sigh from many fans. It wasn’t the release we wanted. We wanted the Darkness box. It wasn’t the show we wanted. We wanted one of the Italian shows or one of the Madison Square Garden shows. By many accounts, the Hyde Park show had stood in the shadow of the exertion of Glastonbury the prev ... Read more

London Calling released

Published 2010-06-22

The long-awaited DVD/bluray release London Calling: Live in Hyde Park has now been released in most of the world. Reception so far has been overwhelmingly positive with even many skeptics being swayed by the picture and sound quality. Fears that the show was sub-par, with a tired and out-of-voice Bruce, also seem to have been quenched. Bruce is as energetic and powerful as he always is ... Read more

Little Steven talks about "Jungleland"

Published 2010-06-22

As if Little Steven didn't have enough to do already with his radio and TV projects, last week he gave a presentation to eMusic members at City Winery in New York.  One of the people in attendance was former Sony Music Chairman Don Ienner who asked about how the song "Jungleland" came to be. Here's Steven's interesting answer:

Read more

Poll of the week: Born in the USA isn't half bad

Published 2010-06-14

Sometimes you can be really surprised by one of these polls. I always had the impression that Born in the USA wasn't terribly popular among the "real" fans... the kind of fans who are crazy enough to frequent a Springsteen website like this. It was the album that broke Bruce to the masses and forever killed whatever was left of the illusion that Bruce was "our littl ... Read more

Poll of the week: Food banks is the number one Bruce cause

Published 2010-06-07

Last week's poll was a little different. It had nothing to do with his music or bands or time periods. We simply lined up a selection of the causes Bruce has supported over the years and asked which one you liked best. It was probably, to me, the most unpredictable poll we've had on here. I had no idea how it would turn out, except I didn't figure supporting DoubleTake Magazine or John Kerry wo ... Read more

Poll of the week: Working on a Dream

Published 2010-05-31

What does time do to people's opinion of a new album? That was the question of last week's poll. I thought it would be interesting to see how people's opinion about the Working on a Dream album had changed in the year after its release. The conclusion is: not very much. More than 50% said that their opinion was unchanged. This didn't say anything about whether they liked it or not. Only that th ... Read more

Bruce continues his Tour of Benefits

Published 2010-05-22

Seems like Bruce is attending every benefit concert he can find these days. Last night he was in New York to participate in the Gateway´s Gala Benefit Concert, supporting an education center for children with learning problems... and paying tribute to Jon Stewart who was an honoree. He performed a mini-set of seven songs and was joined by Patti Scialfa for two of them. His performance har ... Read more

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