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Balcony survived but roof blown off The Apollo

Published 2012-03-10

Television appearances are one thing, but last night we got the first real impression of what Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band will be about post-Clarence. In a 2½ hour show last night at The Apollo Theater in New York City, they went through what will probably to a large degree be the core show on the upcoming tour. The show was a special event to celebrate the 10-year-annivers ... Read more

The morning sun is breaking: Wrecking Ball review

Published 2012-03-05

After the longest break between new studio albums since The Rising (not counting The Promise), Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball is finally hitting the shelves worldwide. The longer the wait between albums, the higher the expectations, and Wrecking Ball is indeed one of Bruce’s most anticipated albums in the last ten years. And it’s not just ... Read more

A day in the Promised Land

Published 2012-02-26

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s landmark exhibit, From Asbury Park to The Promised Land: The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen, recently made its own epic journey from America’s heartland to Bruce countryRead more

To listen or not to listen, that is the question

Published 2012-02-19

If you’ve already played “We Take Care of Our Own” to death and you’ve had the four song snippets from the Paris press event video on repeat all weekend (unfortunately, that video now seems to be gone from YouTube), and you just can’t wait any longer for new Bruce juice, now there’s hope for more. Read more

While we're waiting for the wrecking ball, Nils has something to say

Published 2012-02-12

Since joining the E Street Band in 1984, Nils Lofgren has never been one to wait around the phone for Bruce to call and announce the next tour. He always seems to be working on an album of his own or touring the States or Europe either by himself or with a band. Although his loyalty to Bruce is never in doubt, you sometimes wonder if that call from his boss is a little inconvenient.

Tak ... Read more

It takes five

Published 2012-02-09

Three days before the first public appearance of the E Street Band sans Clarence Clemons (they will appear on the Grammy show this Sunday... don't miss it!), the veil was lifted for how Bruce intends to carry on the legendary band. The answer is: add lots of people. That's right, no less than five horn players will accompany the E Street Band. In other words, a full-blown horn section. The saxo ... Read more

Exclusive show announced for March 9

Published 2012-02-01

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band will be making an appearance a little sooner than expected. On March 9 they will be on stage at the Apollo Theater in New York City for an exclusive performance and live broadcast on Sirius XM. The performance - apart from probably being a good rehearsal for Bruce and the boys - is part of the satellite radio's 10-year-anniversary celebration. Thus, for ... Read more

US tour dates announced!

Published 2012-01-24

Another wait is over. After weeks of speculation, the dates for the US part of the Wrecking Ball Tour were announced today. The result is 19 shows in 11 states plus Washington DC, starting in Atlanta, GA, on March 18 and ending in Newark on May 2. As is usually the case, Northeasterners have plenty of shows to choose from, including three in New Jersey and two in New York City, while the rest o ... Read more

Hit by the Wrecking Ball

Published 2012-01-19

When things happen in the Bruce world they happen fast. Twenty-four hours ago we were clamoring for news about the new album. Now we've heard the first song, seen the video, analyzed the lyrics, read the official press release, and felt that rush of excitement that comes with a new Bruce release.

For the few of you who've missed it: Bruce Springsteen's new album is called Wrecking B ... Read more

Bruce warming up for the tour at Light of Day benefit

Published 2012-01-15

It was unannounced but hardly a surprise when Bruce showed up for last night's annual Light of Day show at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park. Since their beginning more than 10 years ago, he's only missed a few of these Parkinson Disease Foundation benefits, and with him being in town on Friday to shoot a video for the upcoming album, most observers would have been more surpised had he chose ... Read more

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David R. commenting on this: I'm still confused between this announcement and the Mastered for iTunes release of some of these same albums. Are the overlapping albums identical? Or, are they further remastered?
pauldt1969 commenting on this: A good read but some of these things are highly subjective. The Promise (18 Tracks version) happens to be my favourite Bruce recording of all time...
Al O'Hare commenting on this: Great read, incisive and fair points made too. Lose a bit of cred' for this though: "Not to mention “Secret Garden”, which didn’t utilize the E Street Band properly"... says who? The story was great until you cast artistic judgement. Stick to the facts for this kinda' thing. The fact that I think SG is beautiful and Clarence's sax is utilised EXACTLY how it should be, has no bearing on this comment :-)