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Devils & Dust Tour ended in Trenton

Published 2005-11-24
For all anyone knows the Devils & Dust Tour is officially over. Bruce ended the tour in Trenton two nights ago by bringing his whole family on stage for a rousing "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town". The tour started in April and consisted of 74 shows covering North America and Europe. What happens next is anyone's guess, but rumors are swirling about Holiday shows in mid-December. ... Read more

US Senate won't honor Bruce

Published 2005-11-22
An attempt by New Jersey's two senators to honor Bruce Springsteen failed when the Republicans voted against the resolution. Honoring men and women who have contributed to the American society in a positive way is quite common in the US Senate and usually the resolutions pass with no obstacles. But Republicans probably hadn't forgotten Bruce's support to Kerry in the last presidential election and ... Read more

Born to Run 30th Anniversary Edition released

Published 2005-11-15
The Born to Run 30th Anniversary Edition box set has been released in North America and most of Europe to lots of acclaim from press and fans alike. If you thought you could do without this release, you are wrong. This is a completely unique look at a crucial moment of Bruce's career. The remastered album is just the icing on the cake. In Australia fans are not quite as enthusiastic. The set has b ... Read more

Bruce interviewed by NPR

Published 2005-11-15
If you're interested in a brand new interview with Bruce in connection with the release of the new Born to Run box set, NPR can deliver. Terry Gross asks the questions, and Bruce provides his usual thoughtful answers. Listen to it here. ... Read more

Springsteen mentioned as future senator

Published 2005-11-10
In a an article in Philadelphia Daily News online, columnist Will Bunch argues that Bruce Springsteen should be New Jersey's next senator after the old one, Jon Corzine, was just elected governor. This is far from the first time Bruce's name has been mentioned in connection with a political seat. In 1992 there were rumors he would run for governor and in 2002 a petition was started to have him run ... Read more

Hammersmith show in movie theaters

Published 2005-11-09
The DVD contents of the Born to Run 30th Anniversary edition can be seen in select movie theaters in the US the day before the official release. Tickets can be purchased now from now. Don't miss this opportunity to see this historic footage on the big screen and hopefully a big sound system. This will be th ... Read more

Light of Day goes to Europe

Published 2005-11-03
Rome in Italy will get its own version of the famous Light of Day benefit show. The fund-raising event that supports the Parkinson's Disease Foundation has been a tradition for several years in New Jersey with Bruce making appearances every year. Now the success will move to Europe with a big event on November 23 at the Big Mama Club in Rome. Don't expect Bruce to show up for this, but there will ... Read more

Ft. Lauderdale postponed again - and moved

Published 2005-11-03
From Due to Hurricane Wilma, the City of Sunrise will not allow the Bruce Springsteen concert to happen this Thursday November 3rd due to concerns for public safety. The hurricane has caused widespread power outages including traffic lights therefore making travel nearly impossible. The show has been postponed and moved to the Seminole Hard Rock Live Arena in ... Read more

Bruce and America's Second Harvest Tampa Bay

Published 2005-11-02
Bruce Springsteen and Landau Management have donated 2 tickets to the November 3rd concert at the St. Pete Times Forum and all proceeds from the on the radio auction will go to the America's Second Harvest Tampa Bay. You can view the details of the concert auction via the food bank's website. Check out the DETAILS section at the bottom of the foo ... Read more

Ft. Lauderdale show postponed

Published 2005-11-02
From Due to Hurricane Wilma, the City of Sunrise will not allow the Bruce Springsteen concert to happen this Thursday November 3rd due to concerns for public safety. The hurricane has caused widespread power outages including traffic lights therefore making travel nearly impossible. The City of Sunrise has assured us that the proper precautions are going to b ... Read more
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