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New North American leg announced for the fall

Published 2012-04-13
Karsten S. Andersen
By Karsten S. Andersen

The Wrecking Ball Tour will continue beyond the European leg that ends in July. The news doesn't come as a surprise, but it's still nice to get confirmation. On August 18 Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band will kick off the new North American leg at Gillette Stadium in Boston, MA, After that the tour takes a swing to Canada with shows in Toronto and Moncton before returning to the eastern half of fhe US with shows in Vernon, NY, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC, and three shows at Giants Stadium's successor, MetLife Stadium.

So far those are all the shows that have been announced, and fans west of the Mississippi have once again reason to be disappointed. Hopefully the announced shows are only the beginning, but no word as of yet.

See the complete Wrecking Ball Tour schedule.


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CrazyJaney writes: "fans west of the Mississippi have once again reason to be disappointed." - what about us in Australia! It's a nightmare! Come on, Bruce!
steve writes: Moncton is very close to New England, only an eight hour drive north of Boston, We are really happy about having Bruce play here.

Angel of the Interlake writes: Being from New Jersey, I know how blessed I am to have been able to have seen Springsteen as often as I have!

Three times so far this tour (Izod, MSG, and Prudential), with 4 more to go (Boston, NJ, NJ, NJ, NJ)... I do not take one second for granted!!

While it's not a lot by any fanatics standards...the last show at MetLife (NJ) will be #68.

He has been absolutely outstanding (well, I say that after every show/tour, but this tour he has outdone himself), and I cannot wait!!!!!!!!

If I get to hear Janey Don't You Loose Heart once more, my happiness will know no bounds :)

Penfold writes: I listen to Bruce at work for 40hours a week painting the fences round my home town in the uk so far I have worn out an iPod shuffle a nano and four sets of headphones all in 7 months and still have miles of fence left is this some sort of record I wonder from penfold from Wolverhampton uk
rob curtis writes: I hope texas is on this next leg. maybe Houston or Austin. if not shame on him.
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