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Win a copy of "The Promise of Rock 'n' Roll" with extra chapter

Published 2013-04-01
Karsten S. Andersen
By Karsten S. Andersen

The nice people at W. W. Norton & Company have been kind enough to offer a copy of Marc Dolan’s wonderful biography “Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock ‘n’ Roll” to one lucky winner on Greasy Lake.

The prize will be the new paperback edition of the book that was originally published in 2012 with an extra chapter thrown in that brings the story up to date. Readers of this site may remember that The Bruce Librarian had pretty high praise for the book when it was first published last year. It has a very unique approach to telling Bruce’s story, putting his music and career in a wide social and cultural context that sheds new light on both the man and the music.

The new chapter is not just an afterthought and an attempt to sell more copies. If anything, the original edition can actually be seen as premature. Because a lot happened between the original deadline of the book and the end of 2012: The E Street Band went on the road without Clarence, Wrecking Ball was released, Obama was reelected, and Hurricane Sandy devastated much of what is known as “Springsteen land”, all of which has influenced Bruce’s recent choices tremendously.

So if you’re looking for a little more insight into how Wrecking Ball came to be, or how Bruce and New Jersey governor Chris Christie became buddies, or you just want to read one of the best Bruce biographies in recent years, sign up for this contest. 

All of you have to do is answer this question correctly: Which of these Bruce songs does Marc Dolan, in his book, refer to as “god-awful”?

Working on a Dream Jack of All Trades Rocky Ground

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Mimi Griswold writes: Um, if we're trying to win the book... you can pretty much assume we have not read it yet.. so how could we lnow the correct answer?
Karsten, Greasy Lake writes: Good question. You'll just have to make a guess. But if I may give you a hint, Marc Dolan is on par with the general public opinion, although he takes it a step further than probably most fans would.
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