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Celebrate 25th Anniversary of East Berlin show and win a book

Published 2013-07-19
Karsten S. Andersen
By Karsten S. Andersen

Twenty-five years ago today, July 19, 1988, Bruce Springsteen went on stage in front of an estimated 300,000 people in East Berlin, East Germany. It was his first show behind the Iron Curtain in the then Soviet dominated Eastern Europe, his first televised show, and last but not least it was the biggest crowd he had ever faced. The show would have a profound effect on not only the thousands of people in attendance, but also on the millions of TV viewers and on the East German society as a whole.

As readers of this site should already be aware (if not, check out some of the recent stories on this blog), Erik Kirschbaum, in his new book Rocking the Wall, makes the claim that Bruce Springsteen’s East Berlin show played an important part in bringing down the Berlin Wall. The power of rock ‘n’ roll helped change the mindset of the East German population and started a lust for freedom that could not be reversed.

Do you find the claim a little far-fetched? Well, reserve your judgment until you have read the book. And now you don’t even have to shell out money for it. You can win a copy right here, and not just any copy. This one will be signed by Erik Kirschbaum himself and none other than Bruce’s manager, Jon Landau, who was also interviewed for the book.

All you have to do to get a chance to win the book is fill in your name and email below and answer the three questions correctly. Then your name will be in the hat from which a random winner will be drawn on August 4.


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Anton van Kouwen writes: This was a great show, wich was part of the TOL-tour. I still have the dvd.
C Boersma writes: I am curios of the book and the importance of the show for the east back then....
jbcarr writes: The "Chimes of Freedom" moment in that concert is still moving to watch.
Katie Charles writes: Sounds like it was a great concert ! Sorry to to have missed it.
Thank goodness all of Bruce's concerts are an amazing experience. Rock on Burce !!!
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