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Springsteen & I to hit shelves and iTunes, plus special offer to Australians

Published 2013-10-25
Karsten S. Andersen
By Karsten S. Andersen

 Since the Wrecking Ball Tour was wrapped up more than a month ago, it seems like the whole Bruce world - including, I must admit, this newsblog - has gone into standby mode. We still have those Downunder shows to look forward to in February and March, and there are constant rumors of a new album in early 2014 and rumors of more tour date announcements being imminent.

But you don't have to wait for those things to get a little shot of Bruce Juice. On November 1, the Springsteen & I documentary is scheduled for release on DVD and Bluray, and if you don't care about a physical products, you don't even have to wait that long. As early as on Monday, October 28, the producer, Eagle Rock, will give a head start to iTunes users, who will be able to purchase and download the movie to their iTunes gadgets.

Those of us who still like a good old-fashioned disc, in a box, with a cover, will have to wait a few more days. For our Australian readers, however, that wait may be sweetened by the special offer we have for you. Starting today, you can get a special 10% Greasy Lake discount if you order your DVD or Bluray through All you have to do is enter GREASYLAKE when prompted for a discount code. This offer is valid through November 15.

The rest of us will have to wait patiently until November 1. In return, the disc should include the bonus footage shown in at least some movie theaters this last summer: six songs from the infamous Hyde Park Show in 2012. If you for some reason weren’t too fond of the documentary itself, these songs alone should be worth the price of the disc, especially viewed on a really big TV with the sound coming through a stereo.

Here's a little appetizer in case you need a reminder about what Springsteen & I is all about:


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