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New Bruce Springsteen album in January

Published 2013-11-25
Karsten S. Andersen
By Karsten S. Andersen

After the usual weeks of rumors and speculations, the new Springsteen album has now been announced on Bruce's official Facebook page, and a detailed entry appears on  The album will be called High Hopes and is slated for released on January 14. It will include 11 songs (although rumors are already indicating there will be a hidden track) that are a mix of cover songs, previously released songs in new versions, and outtakes (probably re-recorded).

Most of the songs are done with the full or part E Street Band lineup... and Tom Morello. The Rage Against the Machine guitarist is featured on eight of the songs, including the re-recording of "The Ghost of Tom Joad" that will no doubt resemble the explosive, guitar-driven live version that has been performed live on several occasions in recent years.

The album also contains Springsteen-penned songs that - although originally recorded for earlier projects - haven't even been rumored to exist, such as "Down In The Hole", "Heaven's Wall", and "Frankie Fell In Love". We also get to hear Bruce's version of "The Wall" that was written for Joe Grushecky, but performed live by Bruce on a few occasions.

As a bonus, has announced that you can buy a limited edition of the album that includes a DVD of the Born in the USA album as performed at the Hard Rock Calling show in June of 2013.

Check out the complete track list of the High Hopes album.


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Bill Lane writes: Ugh! It should be called Bruce and Tom Morello. I can take Tom Morello in about 3 minute intervals. I might not be in a hurry to get this new release.
Jeff writes: This album will work well and finish (hopefully) with the last two duds, the trilogy of the "I cant write anything new of quality so I will put out songs I wrote years ago along with these crappy new ones." But then most Bruce fans around here do not have discerning tastes to reject anything this man spews out. I think after riding this train for over 35 years I'm jumping off.
Jo writes: High Hopes is such a great song. It is absolutely awesome! I cannot wait to listen to the whole album.
Matthew writes: Heard the new album and love it! hope there's an irish tour this year
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