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Happy 61st!

Published 2010-09-23
Karsten S. Andersen
By Karsten S. Andersen

As everybody who reads this page is probably well aware, Bruce Springsteen turns 61 today. So here's the official Greasy Lake wish for a Happy Birthday and many more! We and your millions of fans continue to be incredibly grateful for your music and for making our lives better. A new Springsteen release is still one of the greatest thrills we know, and your shows are still our drug and inspiration. We can't wait for your present to us in the shape of that amazing Darkness box, and we can't wait to hear what's on your mind right now through some new music. And most of all, we can't wait to be in the same room with you again when you're ready to return to the stage. But right now, we'll let  you enjoy your special day with your loving family, and then we'll continue our obsessed fan bugging tomorrow!


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gus writes: How lucky we are to be able to enjoy this great life of music this man has bestowed upon us.
Vince K writes: Still the most exciting, charismatic and talented entertainer I have ever witnessed. Not to speak of being just a really good person. Enjoy your day, Boss!
mick parkinson writes: happy 61st Bruce keep on making the great music ( and the great tours ) in times like we now live in we need you more than ever
Doug writes: The fabric of my life.
mick parkinson writes: very well put Vince K couldn't agree more !
Alive (willy) writes: Bruce i still thank god everyday for telling you those 3 words a long time ago: LET IT ROCK!!!!!
Happy birthday Mr Springsteen.
Dawn writes: Happy Birthday and thank you for getting me through the worse times in my life. Seeing your 4 Fall 2009
shows at The Spectrum was a dream come true. I listen to your music every day and thank God for Fall 2009. I would love to do see you at the Stoned Pony next fall! Can you tell me how to purchase tix?
Marile writes: Do you guys realize how lucky you are to live in the same country as Bruce??? I will probably never be able to see him live, never mind be in the same room.
But thank heavens for the internet, YouTube and Greasy Lake!
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