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Bruce Springsteen unsexy?

Published 2009-03-26
Karsten S. Andersen
By Karsten S. Andersen

The Boston Phoenix has just declared war on all female Springsteen fans, and a lot of male ones too. In their 100 Unsexiest Men of 2009 list they put Bruce Springsteen in as no. 52, only slightly more sexy than Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson who made it to no. 51. The reasoning behind this absurd decision includes ridiculing his tight black jeans and calling him immobile, all based on his Super Bowl performance. One can only wonder if they saw the same thing we did. Only comfort for Bruce is that Joe the Plumber and Rush Limbaugh are way more unsexy than he is. See the list.


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gus writes: I'm a hetrosexual guy and have a man crush on Bruce. He's so cool.
Unsexy Obama writes: Not so comforting is the entire Obama team is #53 and called idiots in the article.
Brroooooce writes: This is madness! He may be 40 years my senior but his shmexy!
emily writes: he 46 years older than me, but bruce is still hottttttt!!
boss bro writes: I am also a straight guy and i have a man crush on bruce
BruceInventedSexy writes: This is the most laughable thing I've ever heard. I'm 24 years old and I think Bruce Springsteen ABSOLUTELY SETS THE STANDARD for sexy. He is the absolutely the sexiest man on the entire planet, and I really mean that. He's handsome, charming, energetic, intelligent, confident, bold, talented, and BUILT! What could possibly be sexier? Besides. . .I LOVE his tight black jeans!
terri writes: the craziest thing i ever heard ,that guy only has to breathe and hes sexy
Judy writes: Bruce IS sex on legs!!
RamblingRose writes: this is so ridiculous, why do you even see the need for mentioning it?
Jill writes: YAH.....the BOSS is Wayyyyyyyy Sexy!! I don't think any of us were ask to vote on the stupid list!! What does the news folks know anyway!!!
ThunderRoad writes: Man, I'd give anything to look like Bruce... especially as he looked 72-75 :P

PS. And I'm trying to. DS.
Mission Man writes: You dont sound straight to me, but bruce is defo sexy in a totally non gay way. lol.
jersey87 writes: I'm a 22 girl and I say "Bruce is still sexy!!!"
ParadiaseTramp writes: I took my 15+ year old daughter to see the boys on 08-18-08 in Richmomnd, VA and I made her a "TRAMP IN TRAINING" t-shirt, as this was her 1st show and she got pulled up on stage, by Bruce, for the entire "Mary's Place" song. She sang along with him (they shared the mic), word-for-word and they danced and did the bump and he picked her up and swung her around and cradled her in his arms...My daughter was TOAST after that...She's DEFINITELY a TRAMP now. All the way home all she could talk about was "How sexy he is and how he has a "BANGIN" body and she is sooo honored to have been a part of one of the MAGIC shows...OH YEAH, and WHEN can I take her to see another show??? That's my girl!!!
kats writes: i think bruce is so sexy, i'm 20 and ive been to 7 concerts every time he blows me away.i think he's the sexiest man alive this is coming from a girl who watched legends of the fall twice in one day to look at brad pitt!!
verinder sund 41 writes: come on anybody who has one good eye will tell ya that bruce like a good full bodied red gets better with age, these are better days baby ...
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