Greasy Lake

Lyrics & Chords

This section contains all the songs that Bruce Springsteen has been known to write or perform. A lot of them include both lyrics, release and live performance information. This is also where musicians will find perhaps the largest collection of Springsteen chords on the internet.


Though Springsteen has never been known for a high release frequency, over the years he has put out a substantial amount of albums, singles, DVD's, box sets, etc. Here you will find details about most of them.

Live Performance

Other musicians write great songs and play guitar well, but a Springsteen concert is what sets him apart from everyone else. Since he joined his first band in the mid-Sixties, he has performed thousands of times, not only during his own marathon tours, but also his numerous appearances in bars and at benefit shows.


Get an overview of Bruce Springsteen's career, year by year. When did he win an Oscar? When were his children born? Here's an up-to-date list of all the important events.

The Bruce Map

Bruce's history told through an extensive Google Map. Always wondered where all the famous locations from his songs really are? Well, if they really exist, you'll find them on this map.


Tons of books have been written about Bruce Springsteen since the first one was released in the late Seventies. In this section we try to list and describe as many of them as possible.

New & upcoming releases

The Essential Bruce Springsteen
compilation, 2015-10-16
American Beauty
maxisingle, 2014-04-19

Latest live performances

2016-08-23, East Rutherford
New York City Serenade
Wrecking Ball
2016-07-31, Zurich
Prove It All Night
My Love Will Not Let Me Down
The Ties that Bind
2016-07-28, Oslo
Meet Me in the City
The Ties that Bind
Sherry Darling