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Jeff C writes about 2009-05-15 Hershey: A great show and a beautiful night. In addition to Jay W. playing, Patti was not there either because it was their daughter's prom night !
andrew whaley writes about 1985-07-07 Leeds: First time to see the greatest live act in music history
Since then seen the boys ( and girl ) in manchester
Paris and brisbane to name a few places over the last
30 years since roundhay park, still as good in 2015 as
In 1985.
Tom Cantillon writes about 2016-03-28 New York: Watching the E Street Band in synch, effortlessly performing their magic for over 3 hours is a real treat. They make an ordinary moment extraordinary by simply doing what comes naturally to them. The rockers: Crush On You, You Can Look,
Two Hearts and Ramrod are pure fun. Point Blank, I Wanna Mary You, Independence Day, Stolen Car, Price You Pay & Drive all Night are easily some of the highlights throughout the night. Bruce and band were firing on all cylinders during this show and blasted through killer versions of Badlands, Because the Night and Jungleland! Thanks for a stellar show and an amazing performance of The River album.
Ralph, Kristina, Faye & Alyse writes about 2012-09-21 East Rutherford: What a night! A family affair with Bruce rockin' and playing his heart out. Tears streaming during Wrecking Ball - thinking about the memories of the ol' Giants Stadium. We had seats right over the big M and it was a beautiful night. Nothing like a Bruce show - and probably Ralph's 125th or so, but who's counting. My love to my nieces and my wife-to-be...forever friends!
MIKE G writes about 1975-12-16 Oswego: My first of many Bruce experiences. I've been a fan ever since

The summer that I was baptized - 25 years on

Published 2013-07-25

Two shows, same city, same venue, 25 years apart. One was my first, the other was my 59th. There have been other shows in between at the same place, but 25 years is a good occasion to pause and loo ... Read more

Published 2013-03-24

To many Australians, Bruce Springsteen’s 2013 return to the land down under - as welcome as it was - had a feel of “it’s about bloody time”. It had been 10 years since the l ... Read more

Bruce throws his new sombrero in the ring for Obama

Published 2012-10-14

Which was the bigger surprise is hard to say, but yesterday two announcements were made that were both rather unexpected. One was that Bruce has added a final show for 2012 in Mexico City, and the ... Read more

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2016-05-14, Barcelona
2016-05-17, San Sebastian
2016-05-19, Lisbon
2016-05-21, Madrid
2016-05-25, Manchester
2016-05-27, Dublin
2016-05-29, Dublin
2016-06-01, Glasgow
2016-06-03, Coventry
2016-06-05, London

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2016-04-25, Brooklyn
Meet Me in the City
The Ties that Bind
Sherry Darling
2016-04-23, Brooklyn
Purple Rain
Meet Me in the City
The Ties that Bind
2016-04-20, Baltimore
Meet Me in the City
The Ties that Bind
Sherry Darling