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Vicky Ludwig writes about 1976-04-09 Hamilton: I was at the Colgate show. Really small venue. I thought he was kind of AM radio, but the show was amazing and I went out and bought his albums.
jerseygirl157 writes about 1976-11-04 New York: This was the night of the bomb scare. They evacuated the theater, we waited in the streets while they check the place (police, fire dept, dogs, etc) and then they let us back in to finish the show. What a memory!
Glen Graubart writes about 2016-09-01 Washington: OK I have to give my review of this one. This was my 20th time seeing him and I was quite ecstatic with this performance. I went with my Brother in Law Ron who is a Dead Head but definitely an aficionado of all music. I think he was particularly pleased with the large share of songs from 1973!!!!!!

In terms of a review - simply the best show I have ever seen. I have seen some great, great American shows - 7/18/99, 7/1/00, 10/4/02, 9/7/03, 9/2/12 and 10/26/12 to name a few of the ones I have seen. I had seen him earlier this year in Baltimore (which was great but the feeling I left was that I have seen this show several times - even though I love side 4 of the River).

What worked tonight - simply everything from the Opening, to Spirit (which was amazing) to Lost in the Flood to the Incident/Rosie combo. My favorite moment was the BITUSA segment of the show and the American Skin / Promised Land part. Just nailed Promised Land which is every bit as good as Badlands! Other special notable parts to the show was Trapped and Secret Garden.

For someone to have seen the performer 20 times -and to get songs that I have not seen like Secret Garden or Does the Bus Stop- it still amazes me. The other thing that amazed me is that the show was totally different than the show that I had seen 4 months earlier.
McMurphy writes about 2016-08-25 East Rutherford: Damn, the man pulls it off again with a night featuring Prove it All Night, Night, NYC Serenade (a killer performance), Lost in the Flood, Darkness, 41 Shots, Cadillac, Tougher than the rest and stellar Backstreets. Take a bow, Mr Springsteen.
Tom Cantillon writes about 2016-08-23 East Rutherford: After scoring to GAs in the parking lot, my wife and I had a blast on the floor for nearly 4 hours, singing and dancing as Bruce and Band played their hearts out.
NYC Serenade was spectacular! Perfect opening song for a summer night. Loved Something in the Night, Independence Day and the early surprise of Santa Claus. Mansion on the Hill, The River and Jack of all Trades were terrific. Great mix of River songs, as well as others from Bruce's catalog: Brilliant Disguise,
Because the Night, She's the One and the epic Jungleland.

The summer that I was baptized - 25 years on

Published 2013-07-25

Two shows, same city, same venue, 25 years apart. One was my first, the other was my 59th. There have been other shows in between at the same place, but 25 years is a good occasion to pause and loo ... Read more

Published 2013-03-24

To many Australians, Bruce Springsteen’s 2013 return to the land down under - as welcome as it was - had a feel of “it’s about bloody time”. It had been 10 years since the l ... Read more

Bruce throws his new sombrero in the ring for Obama

Published 2012-10-14

Which was the bigger surprise is hard to say, but yesterday two announcements were made that were both rather unexpected. One was that Bruce has added a final show for 2012 in Mexico City, and the ... Read more

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2016-09-14, Foxborough
New York City Serenade
Prove It All Night
Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?
2016-09-11, Pittsburgh
New York City Serenade
Into the Fire
Lonesome Day
2016-09-09, Philadelphia
New York City Serenade
Out in the Street
Sherry Darling