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John Stewart writes about 1985-03-31 Brisbane: Whoops...correction. The 2014 Brisbane show was in late February. I echo the comments of others: maybe the best show I could ever imagine.....
John Stewart writes about 1985-03-31 Brisbane: It seemed like the biggest thing that had ever hit Brisbane. Well, the biggest thing that had ever hit me in Brisbane, anyway - which amounted to the same thing. Somebody else has commented here about the whole city being "abuzz with The Boss", and it was. There was a kind of collective excitement in Brissie that would be pretty hard to replicate these days, when the internet age has splintered and pigeonholed us all into so many worlds in one town. But in 1985 - on July 31st - Bruce was the biggest show in town. He was the ONLY show in town (though funnily enough, I seem to remember an ex-Genesis drummer doing a concert at Festival Hall that same night, in an event which must have caused some backstage discussion on scheduling...).

Those years at high school trying to explain to my ignorant classmates who my musical hero was ("No!! Not Rick Bloody Springfield!!!!!")... It was all coming to a head.

Forty-something thousand of us lined up. The gates opened and I dashed, one in a sea of thousands, as fast as my teenage legs would carry me...dashed up through the stand, tore down the stand, leaping over the railing onto the field for that last, desperate run to the front.

Made it.

Then a long wait. It got dark. Some bloke in a dinner suit appeared. I thought he was going to be an announcer. But then his friends turned up, and they sat down to play: a string quartet! (Or was it a quintet?? I wasn't counting.) Anyway, they played. Maybe they were testing the treble in the stadium sound system. The crowd was bemused, the natives became restless. The chant arose...."Bullshiiiiiiit!!!! Bullshiiiiit!!!" I think a tomato or two appeared. Fruit, anyway. People leave the stage, looking cross, waving violins in indignation*. The crowd exalts. Lights go down.

Out of the darkness "One, Two, Three, FOUR!!!!!"

Garry Tallent's baseline hits me like a sonic boom square in the chest and we're away....

I could write a lot more, but you get the picture. I have never managed to find much footage ever of this show. I found a local news report on Youtube, and what came back so strongly was the incredible shrieking noise in the air when Bruce and band kicked into "Born in the USA". It was like an aeroplane taking off. The crowd was nuts.

Anyway, what has got me here writing all this is
that this evening I am sitting reading Bruce's autobiography. In it, he mentions Slane Castle in June 1985 as his first stadium concert. Bruce - I guess you'll never read this, but what about QEII Stadium in Brisbane that March?? Little ol' Brissie was your first stadium concert, wasn't it?

First concert I ever saw. What a start. Hard to say what has been the best... but Bruce in March 2014 in Brisbane would probably top my list.

Roll on the 2017 tour!

*Oh, and our belated apologies to the quartet/quintet. It was nothing personal, and I am sure that what you were playing was lovely.

David Vallieres writes about 1976-04-09 Hamilton: I was at the Colgate concert. I lived in Utica (near Hamilton), was just 18 and loved Bruce's songs... it was an incredible performance. I can't remember how many encores he came back for but is at least 10...he just coming back and back. One of the best concerts I ever saw.
Michael Harris writes about 1976-04-24 Boone: It was April 24 1976, I remember I went with my roommate and his girlfriend. The girl I was dating didn't want to go. She said she would stay at the apartment and watch TV (shouda known there was something wrong with that girl right off). We had heard the album but hadn't seen Bruce live. If you're a Booner of the '76 era you know the gym was a fairly small venue. We were able to get right down on the floor not far from the stage. His performance was incredible. We spent the next 3 hrs. jumping up and down, pumping our fist, singings chorus to some of the songs. When we got back to the apartment my girlfriend wanted to know if we were on drugs. We said, "Yes, it's called Springsteen, and it's a high like you've never experienced in your life. Ever since then I've been hooked, and I've made it a generational experience. My little boy came running out of his first Springsteen concert yelling, "BTR baby, BTR." As Clarence has said many times before, "This could be the beginning of something big."
Darrel Leach writes about 1992-12-03 St. Louis: This was my wifes first time seeing the boss and e street and it was instant love at first note! What a great time! We were on the mezzanine right off of the stage, will never forget it!

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