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Gman writes about 1974-02-12 Lexington: Final concert of Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez as official drummer. Argument before the show escalated into Lopez punching road-manager Steve Appel (brother of band manager Mike). Lopez "asked to resign" after show. Next few Ohio dates cancelled as band returned to NJ. Next gig about 2 weeks later in NJ had Ernest "Boom" Carter debut on drums.
Phil Ash writes about 1981-06-01 London: Still the greatest gig my wife or me have ever been to - I had waited 6 years to see them after turning down the chance to see the band at Hammersmith in '75, we had 4th row seats down on the floor and from the rocket-blast opening of Ties That Bind to the epic Detroit Medley we were transported to a higher plane that brilliant warm summer's evening. Can't imagine we'll ever witness anything better!
T.Cantillon writes about 2016-01-31 Newark: The portion of the show containing the entire River album was an intense, heartfelt, emotional 2 hour ride. Highlights: I Wanna Mary You, Point Blank, a powerful Drive All Night, Stolen Car and Fade Away. The rockers were great: You Can Look, Cadillac Ranch, Two Hearts and Ramrod were fueled with a lot of guitar-driven energy.
I was hoping the second portion of the show would have presented some surprises for the NJ crowd, but the set turned out to be a pretty standard one.
Atlantic City, Human Touch, Badlands and Shout added some kick to the last portion.
Overall, a fantastic show. Hoping as the tour continues, he shakes up the set after The River portion with some spontaneous surprises. That was the one thing missing from the show, the one thing you come to expect and truly appreciate about a Springsteen E Street Band show.
Barry Galvin writes about 2014-04-19 Charlotte: Interesting show, I took both of my daughters to this show! Tom Morello completely blew me away, especially in the Ghost of Tom Joad, I really loved his solo on Born in the USA. My favorite song of the night was The Wall, so haunting and powerful!
Barry Galvin writes about 2009-11-20 Baltimore: Absolutely a delightful show! I believe that was Clarences final public performance of Jungleland! One of my favorite shows! Stevie on Long Walk Home was fabulous!

The summer that I was baptized - 25 years on

Published 2013-07-25

Two shows, same city, same venue, 25 years apart. One was my first, the other was my 59th. There have been other shows in between at the same place, but 25 years is a good occasion to pause and loo ... Read more

Published 2013-03-24

To many Australians, Bruce Springsteen’s 2013 return to the land down under - as welcome as it was - had a feel of “it’s about bloody time”. It had been 10 years since the l ... Read more

Bruce throws his new sombrero in the ring for Obama

Published 2012-10-14

Which was the bigger surprise is hard to say, but yesterday two announcements were made that were both rather unexpected. One was that Bruce has added a final show for 2012 in Mexico City, and the ... Read more

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2016-02-10, Hartford
2016-02-12, Philadelphia
2016-02-16, Sunrise
2016-02-18, Atlanta
2016-02-21, Louisville
2016-02-23, Cleveland
2016-02-25, Buffalo
2016-02-27, Rochester
2016-02-29, St. Paul
2016-03-03, Milwaukee

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2016-02-08, Albany
Meet Me in the City
The Ties that Bind
Sherry Darling
2016-02-04, Boston
Meet Me in the City
The Ties that Bind
Sherry Darling
2016-02-02, Toronto
Meet Me in the City
The Ties that Bind
Sherry Darling