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jules27 writes about 2016-06-01 Glasgow: Great show . I was in pit and still got the echo, particularly for the slower songs.

Don't know why they continue to use Hampden as a venue?
Lori Kirchoff writes about 1975-02-19 Penn State University: I had never heard of Springsteen before this show. I saw a poster in the HUB (Student Union building) with a picture of him performing with his guitar that included the quote by Rolling Stone magazine's Jon Landau "I saw Rock and Roll future and its name is Bruce Springsteen". Tickets cost $3.50. I thought he looked interesting and found a friend who worked as a disc jockey at one of the campus residence halls' radio station to go with me as he had free tickets to the show. We sat in the nose bleed seats way up in the balcony by the EXIT door. Had no idea our lives were going to change that night. When he took the stage along with the E Street Band and started in on Incident on 57th Street he half sang half talked his way through it draped over the mic stand and I turned to my friend and saw his eyes were as big as mine - who is this guy?! He and the band did 14 songs and left the stage but the crowd's screams and clapping brought them back for 5 more songs as encores. When asked which of the 5 Springsteen shows I have been to was the best, I always say "The first one when I had no idea who he was or how he would change my world that night." Simply magic in the night.
Martina writes about 1993-05-22 Milton Keynes: Didn't particularly like the venue but the gig was brilliant. Weather was lovely which helped. Wouldn't class it as one of his best gigs but still enjoyed it.
Martina writes about 1988-07-07 Dublin: Brilliant concert, great sound. Bruce in sombre mood. Never forget it.
Martina writes about 1988-07-07 Dublin: 2nd Bruce concert. Different vibe but still brilliant. Great sound, great atmosphere. One of the best

The summer that I was baptized - 25 years on

Published 2013-07-25

Two shows, same city, same venue, 25 years apart. One was my first, the other was my 59th. There have been other shows in between at the same place, but 25 years is a good occasion to pause and loo ... Read more

Published 2013-03-24

To many Australians, Bruce Springsteen’s 2013 return to the land down under - as welcome as it was - had a feel of “it’s about bloody time”. It had been 10 years since the l ... Read more

Bruce throws his new sombrero in the ring for Obama

Published 2012-10-14

Which was the bigger surprise is hard to say, but yesterday two announcements were made that were both rather unexpected. One was that Bruce has added a final show for 2012 in Mexico City, and the ... Read more

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2016-06-25, Gothenburg
2016-06-27, Gothenburg
2016-06-29, Oslo
2016-07-03, Milan
2016-07-05, Milan
2016-07-09, Werchter
2016-07-11, Paris
2016-07-13, Paris
2016-07-16, Rome
2016-07-20, Horsens

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2016-06-22, Copenhagen
Out in the Street
Cadillac Ranch
2016-06-19, Berlin
Adam Raised a Cain
Out in the Street
2016-06-17, Munich
Prove It All Night
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