Greasy Lake
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A Love So Fine
Well there's sparklin' angels on your fire-escape tonight
They line them up for you trying to keep you safe
But with them fire alley burglars on a midnight vamp
You lost your heart on Main Street to a beautiful tramp
That's all right, I don't mind
`Cause I got (you got) a love so fine
A love so fine, me and my baby
A love so fine, me and my baby
A love so fine

The rat's traps are filled with soul crusaders
Everybody's popping and hopping and jumping
At Little Melvin and The Invaders
You're out on the floor and you can't get up
Your baby's out there dancing and struttin' that Continental Strut
She looks so good, she looks so fine (she blows your mind)
Oh we (you) got a love so fine
A love so fine
A love so fine
A love so fine

Everybody's reeling when the band hits the ceiling
Don't you know you just wanna go
The boys start (joint gets) rockin', your knees start knockin'
Everybody party, go
Let's go

The bar's closed down (It's 3 o'clock and the bar's closed)
You walk to the shady side of town all alone (Well you walk along with your)
Papa's screaming at you, he wants some cash (baby to the dirty side of town)
Mama's chewing you (me) off about hanging out with (alley) trash
That's all right, oh you don't mind
'Cause you've got a love so fine, oh me and my baby
A love so fine
A love so fine
A love so fine

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