Greasy Lake
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Candy's Boy
In Candy's room there are pictures of her saviours on the wall
But to get to Candy's room, you gotta walk the darkness of Candy's hall
Strangers from the city call my baby's number, and they bring Candy toys
But when I come knocking, she smiles pretty, she knows tonight I'm gonna be Candy's boy

Well in the olden days when the Mongolian gangs rode out on Route 9
We'd go ridin' in the rain, running south, way down through the pines
Weekends in the sun in that cheap motel down by the dynamo
We loved each other 'till there was nothin' left and drove that old car as hard and fast as she would go

Well like a cold wind blowing in babe I needed you
But Candy's got a man who takes care of her better than I do

Well there's machines and there's fire waiting for us on the edge of town*
And there's some boys for hire and they're waitin' to blow me and Candy down
It's alright 'cause they can't touch us now, they'll never destroy
My sweet love for I will forever be Candy's boy

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