Greasy Lake
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Bo Diddley Rocker

Well now I'm working at the cook as well
Return home to the one I love
Back from nowhere, Utah with
Ten thousand stars burning through the window
Come to the ball, come and roll
Well we got love as hot as sun
Yeah well shake, shake it on tight
And I'm movin' out tonight, oh tonight Jack
And I'm goin' back
I'm goin' back
I'm goin' back
I'm goin' back

Well your white hands turn 'em around, baby
Daddy's coming in an age of crime
I don't wanna hang in the heat of the night
Go straight to the dawn in the firing lights
I'm goin' back, yeah I'm on the right track
And I'm movin' out so don't bug me Jack
Well I'm goin' back
I'm goin' back
I'm goin' back
I'm goin' back
Big Man!

Let me hear sax!
More more more!
Everybody, yeah!
Hey! Fever!

Hey, yeah!
Now you ready?

Red line burning in my baseball cap, hey! Listen!
Rumble in the back wood, in the back wood, yeah! She got me!
I gotta have my old car radio up loud
You gotta watch out, ah baby get mean now
I ain't never done in no more crime
I break my back with the county line
Well I'll make it in the night in the prison, hey!
I'm gonna die down here with the one that love me
Ah I'm goin' back, head on the right track
I'm movin' out so don't book me Jack
I'm goin' back, woah!
I said I'm goin' back
Are you ready boys?

Well, key change!

One more time a change!

Well I'm running in a baseball cap
I'm rumbling out in the back woods
Have the car go burnin' out loud
Stand back right now, baby getting mean now
I'm breaking out in a cold cold sweat
Listening to something more with the one I love
I get up at night and the sheets got wet
There's a million stars shining in the sky above
Burn through the window like I'm the one
I got love like a silver sun
Yeah I got love as hot as the sun
I said I got love as hot as the sun
All right, on the right track
I'm movin' out, ah so don't book me Jack
I'm goin' back
I'm goin' back
I'm alright
I'm goin' back
Hey! Go!

Alright, oh yeah

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