Greasy Lake
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Until the Rain Comes
Today I sail from the shores of my homeland
reflections upon the water enchant my searching eyes
Across the flaming clouds rides the brave Apollo
until the rain comes leaving silence on the sky

I lay upon the soft green grass and think for many days
voices to my left and right tear me in two ways
Upon reaching the ancient age of 18 I have found
what is round isn't round at all, and what is up may be down

A windy day is running near, the white dove flys alone
broken brothers tear the earth and turn into dried up bones
I ask for an answer and do not hear a sound
lies upon lies again, until the rain comes

The emerald waves lap upon the shore
kiss the naked body of the night before
The sweet young sparrow weeps for things she's never done
and I'll drink her love, when the rain comes

So I cut the ropes that bind my craft to the shore
and sail upon the open sea, where freedom flows so pure
Back upon the sandy beach a child cries with dawn
I'll never return again, until the rain comes

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