Greasy Lake
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Lady and the Doctor
The lady keeps the doctor in a place inside her pocket
The circle made of silver like a wreath
The doctor gives the strange love but the lady she don't knock it
Cause she's glad to get a piece of anything
Cause the lady needs the medicine he brings
And the doctor needs the lady to see
The doctor keeps the lady in a page in a book
on the history of communicable disease
The lady's been to school, she lets the doctor play it cool
He writes the script, she follows his lead
Cause the doctor writes a love story so fine
The lady's learned to read between the lines
The doctor, he takes house calls where he visits the animals in their stalls shoots them full of juice and then go home.
The lady hits the supermart where she rides the aisles in a shopping cart
'till she feels she's played enough of the part to set by ooh,
The lady feels its enough to just be good
But the doctor has his need to be understood
The doctor feels he's so abused and the lady feels she's so unused
and demands the doctor tends her daily farce
Oh, but the doctor just can't do it
cause long ago the lady blew it And they're too old now to make another start
The lady feels the doctor's made of stone
But the doctor's heart, it just ain't found a home

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