Greasy Lake
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For Never Asking
Grayish skies chocked with rain
cloud my head and turn away
Even as time passes by
life goes on, from lie to lie
but someday I will fly

The darkened room I dwell within
smiles at me gently - "won't you please come in?"
Then binds me in its iron chains
never to let me go again
my tears will have all run dry

Then I hear a knock on the door
open it to find a Union sword
with a finger pointing straight at me
when everything just ceased to be
"come kill with us, my friend"

The Great Society jumps and screams
but its not really what it seems
it runs down the alley and calls my name
wants me to play its silly games
but no, no, no, not I

Let me hear what I have to hear
Let me see what I have to see
Let me feel what I have to feel
Let me be what I have to be
without you

Man clown, up down
which way am I flowing?
Man clown, up down
which way is my life rowing, rowing?

The circus has arrived in time
children see the funny clown
Find the man behind the grin
he will never let you in
for nothing ever really sinks in to help you

Grayish skies scarred by the sun
scream in anger and start to run
ripped by the spear of its own forgotten lies
it runs for cover but dies, dies, dies
but someday I will fly

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