Greasy Lake
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Upon This Day (Eurydice)
The golden winged butterfly
flutters by her hair. One-thousand
lullabyes sing through her eyes
without speaking I listen

Down from the whitest cloud
that may have once held heaven
she comes wandering on the hand
of love. I've lost my eyes but I
see her around me

Up from the bottomless pit that
may have once held a lion she
comes roaring but so gently
I've lost all sound but I hear her

I've caught her stealing from
the treasure so long been sacred
she buys her forgiveness with
sunlight from her hair. I'll
take her forever and ever

And like the green summer
leaves the morning's rain left
crying I'll catch the teardrops
left flowing from her eyes
I'm wondering about her

And she comes running into
my chamber maybe frightened
she begs me to warm her and
we melt into love. I've touched
her with silence around us.
I've found us and we gaze upon
the earth as we would a flower

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