Greasy Lake
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The Wind and the Rain
Wind and rain slashing at my window pain [sic]
It looks like you have lied again
By now I guess it's just the same
And I am left with the wind and rain

Shattered truth jagged memories of you
Haunting dreams that just can't come true
How long has it been since I started hating you
Now the wind and rain is my only truth

Wintertime memories of when you were mine
Golded [sic] moments lost in time
Now I hear the grandfather chime
The wind and rain is forever mine

Clouded sky it's been that way since you're been gone
I've served my punishment for doing you wrong
So why does the feeling keep hanging on
The wind and rain is my only song

Countless days now my skin has wrinkled up
Yet I haven't had enough
The years have made me far too tough
For the wind and rain is all I love

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