Greasy Lake
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Sailing down the Mississippi
Chewing on a plug of hay
Just ain't nothing like my river
On such a beautiful day

Brother Jim lying right beside me
Everything's feeling just fine
'Cause where as free as the river
We up boat and go faithful by each other side

The sun fields mighty good this morning
Gonna be a good day I can see
Its gently rays are mighty warmin'
Why don't you come along with us Jim and see me

Plenty of fish to make good eatin'
Lots of room upon my the raft
Now that your [sic] friends with the river
Maybe you'll never go back

Put down the load you been carrying
Follow me & don't look back
Jim's just about got supper cookin'
Plenty of room upon the raft

Forget about time for there's no reason
To worry about things like that
The days just melt into seasons
There is no future or past

Summer sky is our roof top
Beds are made out of
Traveling on just another mile
Don't think I'm ever gonna stop
Can't do nothing know [sic] but smile and smile

I'm goin' back to mountain country
Back where a man own brake
I'm back to mountain country
To get my living soul from
The girls they got twice as pretty
Once you leave New York City forever

3rd verse-The sun
But down in town you been sorry
Follow me don't look back
Cotton on a Virginia hillside
Chosen and peer [sic] is this
Dirt hardens before the rainstorm
On such a beautiful day
Supper is just what's cooking
O my mountain woman's mighty good lookin'

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