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#2168038 Bruce Vinyl

Posted by Brucefaninnyc on 15 August 2012 - 01:43 AM

Hi All,

I have vinyl copies of The Rising, Tunnel Of Love, Greetings From Asbury Park and 2 Copies of Born In The U.S.A..

My old stereo had a turntable but my replacement one did not come with one, so these are not really of much use to me.

I bought the Rising vinyl new when it came out and listened to it once or twice before my stereo with a turntable broke, so as far as I know that one plays fine.

I was given the rest by a friend who knows I'm into Bruce, but as they were give to me after the stereo was replaced I have never been able to listen to them, so I can't vouch for there quality, although the records look to be in good condition.

I'm looking to get these to a good home where they may get some love. I'm really only looking for someone to cover shipping and perhaps a few bucks for the rising as I can pretty safely say that one works. As I can't vouch for the others and did not pay anything for those I would not look for anything for them except shipping with the rising.

The cardboard packaging is in good condition with some sign of age on Greetings, but they are all in decent shape, I have them in the closet, but I think Tunnel and at least 1 copy of USA has shrink wrap on them (just opened along the side to access the record).

If anyone is interested please pm me and we can work something out.

I also have 2 of those old peter pan star trek story records that were give to me as a kid, don't think I ever listened to them but if anyone wants them it should only be like $3-4 bucks to ship and there yours. I believe one is sealed and one is opened along the edge, but the cardboard sleeves are a bit bent. I can get them out and give more details if anyone is interested. Again, pm me and we can work something out.

#2268582 Vintage Bruce Posters, Vinyl & Promo Apparel

Posted by bossman78 on 11 June 2013 - 09:18 PM

Backstage Auctions currently has a "Rock & Pop" auction going on that contains over 700 lots, including several that are dedicated to The Boss.




In addition to art proof prints and unique promotional posters, there is an attractive offering of promotional swag and collectible 7" singles.


If interested in having a look at any of these items, here's a direct link to the Springsteen items in the auction:



#2269584 Born to Run SBM-MASTER SOUND - 24K GOLD CD, MINT & SEALED !

Posted by Gerk on 13 June 2013 - 10:22 PM

***FOR SALE*** Check out the eBay link below if interested...



Bruce SPRINGSTEEN - Born to Run


See the eBay page for all the details here: http://www.ebay.ca/i...984.m1555.l2649



Thank you for visiting! :)







#2273587 Backstreets back issues F/S

Posted by RichieFlip on 21 June 2013 - 03:14 AM

Selling off my Backstreets back issues.  I have it posted up on Craigslist.  Link is below.  A total of about 23 issues.  Reach out to me if interested.  Prefer selling the whole lot at once but will do individually.  You would also need to pay for postage if you can't pick up/meet.  I'm in Parsippany, NJ.




#2166864 'Like This' Button

Posted by BrilliantDisguise on 11 August 2012 - 04:54 PM

I only tried clicking on it a few times, but every time I do it says "you reached your quota for positive votes for the day". How could I have reached my quota if I never used it or is this function disabled? Not a big deal, just wondering.

#2277576 Backstreets Magazine Issue one

Posted by islandbrucefan on 27 June 2013 - 11:38 PM

Hi there,


I placed my Backstreets Magazine Issue one ( original issue) on ebay if anyone is interested.  it's in amost mint condition. 




thanks for looking.


#2269519 Posting Picss

Posted by nelly springsteen on 13 June 2013 - 08:00 PM

I might be a complete melon and missing this but how do you upload pics to posts? Can't work it out!

#1515131 Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

Posted by L.B. on 19 July 2008 - 06:37 PM

Mostly when I'm in the Lake, I'm listening to Bruce at the same time.
Right now I am listening to New York City Serenade from The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle.



Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

#2149577 What happened to.....?

Posted by gsquare on 30 June 2012 - 09:15 PM

What happened to the media icon to import and display clips from Youtube etc.? Used that a lot to post clips but now it's not there. :-( Please bring it back.

#2083395 Anyone know simple way to split pdf file?

Posted by jessy on 08 December 2011 - 05:46 PM

I need to split a 2 page pdf file into 2 pdf files.

#1661355 Songs that link

Posted by Horley2 on 17 February 2009 - 03:19 AM

Tomorrow Never Knows

#2252927 Jungleland down?

Posted by pssturges on 29 April 2013 - 06:34 AM

Anyone else having trouble getting on to jungleland? Seems to have been pretty flaky over the last few days. Now I can't get on at all. Any one know what's going on and when it might be sorted out?


#2119971 Trayvon Martin Blues

Posted by JustDan on 20 March 2012 - 03:14 PM

A black kid walking around in a gated community. Rent-a-cop with a history of making false-alarm 911 calls immediately suspects the kid is "up to no good". Calls it in to the local cops...Local cops tell him to lay off, they'll handle it. Guy follows the kid anyway, approaches him, they get into a scuffle. Kid screams for help, rent-a-cop pulls his gun & shoots & kills the kid. Rent-a-cop says "self defense". No charges brought against rent-a-cop [yet]. Turns out the kid wasn't loitering. He was walking back from the store to his Dad's fiance's house where he was staying. The assumption being, if you're a black teenager walking around in an exclusive neighborhood, you're alkways "up to no good". There cant possibly be any other explantion for it.

"Lena gets her son ready for school
She says "On these streets, Charles
You've got to understand the rules
If an officer stops you, promise me you'll always be polite
And that you'll never ever run away
Promise Mama you'll keep your hands in sight"


#2271774 Wembley 06.15.13 On Jungleland

Posted by riverdude2 on 17 June 2013 - 08:20 PM



Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Wrecking Ball Tour
2013-06-15 - London, Wembley Stadium

Taper: loftarasa
Taping position: Block 126

Lineage: SP-CMC-4 > SP-SPSB 11 @107 Hz > Tascam Dr2D > Magic VPX 5 (+6db) > WAVE Editor > FLAC


Land Of Hope And Dreams
Jackson Cage
Radio Nowhere
Save My Love
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
sign collecting
This Hard Land
sign collecting
Lost In The Flood
Wrecking Ball
Death To My Hometown
Hungry Heart
introduction to "Darkness On The Edge Of Town"
Adam Raised A Cain
Something In The Night
Candy's Room
Racing In The Street
The Promised Land
Streets Of Fire
Prove It All Night
Darkness On The Edge Of Town
Shackled And Drawn
Waitin' On A Sunny Day
The Rising
Light Of Day
encore break 1
Pay Me My Money Down
Born To Run
Bobby Jean
Dancing In The Dark
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
encore break 2
Twist And Shout
encore break 3
Thunder Road



Despite being way at the side of the stage the sound is pretty good. I think the battery settings make the voice sound clearer in my opinion.

You will notice some slight volume changes here and there. This is because of some *insert swear word here* people who cannot survive 3 hours without getting something to drink or eat. How about preparing yourself BEFORE THE CONCERT? And also, how about GOING TO THE TOILET BEFORE THE CONCERT, too? I had to get up/turn to the left to let them pass me.


The bootleg sounds really, really good on the more quiet songs btw.

PLEASE do not upload this to other trackers, I will do this myself.

PLEASE mind your karma and don't sell this recording.

3 samples in the comments.


Yet, some personal remarks. THANK YOU Bruce for playing my favorite record of yours, which includes two of my all time favourite songs, Something In The Night and Racing In The Street - the latter being some of the best 10 minutes of this year for me; I didn't really dare to hope for it as it's not really one of the "big" albums that you expect to get played in a city like London. And well, music can help you get through a lot. I was remembered by this that night when the whole stadium sang "Hard times come, and hard times go" together with Bruce.

#2251915 Wembley June 2013

Posted by NarlsJunior on 25 April 2013 - 06:56 PM

Never started a topic before so here goes. I'm going to Wembley and of course cannot wait. I'm going alone and would like to hook up with other Lakers before the concert and during it...would be so nice to meet some of you people!!

The other reason is simply because I want to have a shot at getting into the Pit area......something I've never even tried before and I'm thinking some of you reading this will know a thing or two about that process......I wouldn't even know which gate/door to hang out at to archive this!!

Any feedback on this would be so much appreciated by yours truly, so many thanks in advance.

Kind Regards
NarlsJunior....aka Neil

#2312663 My review from my very own badlands (Argentina)

Posted by Marķa Alejandra on 15 September 2013 - 06:59 AM

My review from my very own badlands (Argentina)


I swear I NEVER thought I had the chance to make a review about a Bruce show in Argentina. I never thought he would come, but he did. I just came back from the show, my body is in pain, but I am SO happy with the show, feeling so inmensely fortunate that I just couldnt go to sleep, I had to write to you.


The night is very cold, but very cold and I was able to get almost in front row, so I got a really good spot! The band enters and last Bruceeeee, came front and saluted us, saying the name of my country, MY COUNTRY, Argentina! My hard, bad, critical, desperate and contradictory Argentina, singing to my people, to us, to Argentinians. I couldn´t believe what was happening!! Tears coming out, a lot, as songs went by.


I had a good Bruce spot so I inmediately was caught by the show that is Bruce only himself. The way he closes his eyes when he sings, very tight, the way he stands up, he laughs, his beautiful and heart fealt solos, his hair, his skin, his wrinkles and hands, the shape of his arms, the way he slowly shapes the air with his hands as he sings. Everything about Bruce is special, he is a show himself. I was trying to convince myself I was in front of the guy I dreamed about as a child, my familiy, friends, everyone was in my heart.


¿What can I say about the setlist?? Not even a soul complained about the songs he chose to sing, we received them as a gift to us, with love and dedication. Lots of Born in the USA, and the very very special Something in the Night! People crying beside me, me crying, letting the music invade me, not losing a thing, Bruce totally concentrated, eyes closed, voice to the top, magic. Thunder Road, everyone sing with their hearts, still can´t believe Clarence was not playing that last solo. Hungry heart!! Then comes 41 shots!!! Bruce can u imagine how many of the people you were singing to last night dreamed about living an american skin?? Can u imagine the paradox of that scene? Then comes Glory Days, we jumping and jumping, singing, Bruce seemed happy with our response, very happy, Steve very active, following him a lot, a lot more than in Chile! He really is great! Then comes 10th Avenue and the images of Clarence, everybody shouted a lottt, more tears, and as I stayed looking to C´s image and directly to his eyes, I swear I could feel his presence in the show, he definetely was there, with us, I even said to him "you are here tonight". If someone was here, it was Clarence, the coolest, nicer, incredible biggest man!


Almost at the end, come some memories from Amnesty show (many people last and only saw him in 1988) from Bruce and the idea of singing a song related to our desapeared. He was supposed to sing an argentine song, he told us, but didn´t want to “fuck it up” so he promissed to put it in the website only for us. We all feel it was “Solo le pido a Dios” a classic and very beautifull argentine song from Leon Gieco! Perfect for Bruce, he heard it before in Buenos Aires in 1988 by its author.


My final words are, I have never been so happy of staying hungry and alive! Seeing him lead the band, play that guitar with his soul, feel the music in his heart, There was something incredibly special about seeing him in my hometown, this time he was singing to us, only to us, only to our hearts. His music always made me feel safe and like home, just where he was tonight, at home. 


Kisses, from my heart! 



#2205648 2013 Official Announced Dates thread....

Posted by AMIW on 28 November 2012 - 12:58 AM

OZ 2013 
Thu,Mar 14 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Dec 14,9 a.m. 
Sat,Mar 16 Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, AUSTRALIA Dec 14,9 a.m. 
Mon,Mar 18 Allphones Arena Sydney, AUSTRALIA Dec 14,9 a.m. 
Wed,Mar 20 Allphones Arena Sydney, AUSTRALIA Dec 14,9 a.m. 
Fri,Mar 22 Allphones Arena Sydney, AUSTRALIA Feb 4,9 a.m. 
Sun,Mar 24 Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, AUSTRALIA Dec 14,9 a.m. 
Tue,Mar 26 Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, AUSTRALIA Dec 14,9 a.m. 
Wed,Mar 27 Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, AUSTRALIA 9am 
Sat,Mar 30 Hanging Rock Victoria, AUSTRALIA Dec 14,9 a.m.
Sun,Mar 31 Hanging Rock Victoria, AUSTRALIA Dec 14,9 a.m.

 EURO 2013
Mon,Apr 29 Telenor Arena Oslo, NORWAY Dec 13,9 a.m.
Tue,Apr 30 Telenor Arena Oslo, NORWAY Dec 7,9 a.m.
Fri,May 3 Friends Arena Stockholm, SWEDEN Dec 7,9 a.m.
Sat,May 4 Friends Arena Stockholm, SWEDEN Dec 7,10 a.m.
Tue,May 7 HK Areena Turku, FINLAND Jan 28,9 a. m.
Wed,May 8 HK Areena Turku, FINLAND Jan 28
Sat,May 11 Friends Arena Stockholm, SWEDEN Dec 14,9 a. m.
Tue,May 14 Parken Copenhagen, DENMARK Dec 10,10 a.m.
Thu,May 16 MHC Messecenter Herning, DENMARK Feb 4,10 a.m.
Thu,May 23 Piazza del Plebiscito Naples, ITA Dec 7, 10am
Sun,May 26 Olympiastadion Munich, GER now
Tue,May 28 AWD Arena Hannover, GER now
Fri,May 31 Stadio Euganeo Padua, ITA Dec 7, 10am
Mon,June 3 Stadio San Siro Milan, ITA Dec 1, 10am
Sat,June 15 Wembley Stadium London, ENGLAND Dec 7
Tue,June 18 Hampden Park Glasgow, SCOTLAND Dec 7
Thu,June 20 Ricoh Arena Coventry, ENGLAND Dec 7
Sat,June 22 Goffert Park Nijmegen, NED Dec 1,10 am 
Wed,June 26 El Molinón Stadium Gijon, SPAIN Feb 28
Sat,June 29 Stade de France Paris, FRA Dec 5

NEW:Sun,June 30 Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London, ENGLAND Mar 8, 9am

Wed,July 3 Stade de Genève Geneva, SWITZERLAND Dec 6,8 a.m.
Fri,July 5 Borussia Park Mönchengladbach, GER now
Sun,July 7 Red Bull Arena Leipzig, GER now
Thu,July 11 Ippodromo delle Capannelle Rome, ITA Dec 10, 10am
Sat,July 13 Rock Werchter Werchter, BEL Dec 1
Tue,July 16 Thormond Park Limerick, IRL Dec 6, 9am
Thu,July 18 Páirc Uí Chaoimh Cork, IRL Dec 6, 9am
Sat,July 20 King's Hall Belfast, N. IRELAND Dec 6, 9am
Tue,July 23 Millennium Stadium Cardiff, WALES Dec 20,9am
Wed,July 24 Leeds Arena Leeds, ENGLAND Feb 22,9am 
Sat,July 27 The Wrecking Ball Weekender, Nowlan Park Kilkenny, IRL Feb 7,9am 
Sun,July 28 The Wrecking Ball Weekender, Nowlan Park Kilkenny, IRL Feb 7,9am 



Thu  Sept 12 Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile

Sat   Sept 14 Estadio G.E.B.A, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wed Sept 18 Espaco das Americas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sat   Sept 21 Rock in Rio Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


USA 2013

*** NO SHOWS ***

#2397019 A Nashville Perspective (includes a review)

Posted by bill horton on 22 April 2014 - 05:00 AM

I don't really feel like doing this. Real life has once again intruded to
claim its attention, and lately it has been anything but pleasant. But I
said I would, so. . .


And now I'm a little embarrassed, because it's obvious this is partly an ego
thing. I mean, like I really have much of any insight, or like
anyone really cares much about my own concert experience. Just yesterday I
was reading the Backstreets story of the fan battling ALS and I felt so
utterly humbled and inspired by his story, and then so annoyed with my own
feelings of unsettlement and how they really pale in significance. But I
said I would, so. . .


So, I guess this account just is what it is. Just an account. And except
for a couple of white lies (will get to that later), an honest account.


The Background


I'm been a fan since '81, saw the burning bush on that River tour, and have
remained a solid disciple of the faith. Living in the deep South and being
not particularly a man of too much means, my show count is probably modest
by most standards - now 16. I don't consider myself to be a setlist snob,
but I have in the past checked in on them and do find them interesting.
However, for me now, I'm just at a zen-like state of grace stage with Bruce
shows. Translation: I'm good with whatever Bruce chooses to play because I
will probably like it.


One thing that I have found over the years that is interesting to me in
retrospect is how the intersection of where Bruce is at and where I am at in
my life's journey affects my experience of one of his shows. Like for many
of us, my first show was a situation where I had NO idea what I was in for.
I was just a music fan who actually was put off by the "Born to Run" hype (I
just plain didn't "get it" at the time) and bought The River album because
my musical tastes had started to change and because I had heard "Hungry
Heart" on the radio and loved it. Combine ferocious Bruce still not too far
removed from his Darkness frustration with my relatively innocent emerging
rock sensibility, and I walked outta that Starkville, MS show feeling like
I'd been shot up with adrenaline and then dazed by a thunderbolt.


After that first one, there's, uh, a level of expectation for the next
one(s), lol. You have to go back to see if that really did happen. And
probably for most of us, we find that, wonder of wonders, it DOES happen
again, or at least close enough to happening again to provide confirmation
that this is one of the best things we have ever encountered, and, damn it,
we are NOT going to let go of it."It" being many things, different things for different people. It could be
connection, reassurance, strength, ecstasy, enlightenment, wonder, faith,
catharsis, passion, inspiration, a fun time, or a number of other things in
myriad combinations. But you just know that whatever it is, it is real.


There was a period in my life where I NEEDED a Bruce show to a point that
was just not healthy. Like when I was much younger back during the BITUSA
tour, when he was breaking into an entirely new level of popularity and my
life was hitting a low point involving my own self-esteem and a girlfriend
breakup at the time. It was almost as though I thought that show in Memphis
was going to save me. (As it turned out, it was only a high that made the
fall a few days later that much more precipitous.) I wanted to get lost in
that rock'n'roll and drift away, but even a Little Steven guest appearance
wasn't enough.


And there have been tours where maybe Bruce was feeling unsettled (Tunnel of
Love tour) in a similar way (trying to avoid saying "in some fashion," lol)
to what was going on in my own life, or trying to embrace a new start (HT/LT
tour with a new band) in a similar way to what I was trying to do at the


Bruce's music/concerts and I have been partners with one another, and it's like we
check in on each other periodically.


I wish I could report that we are both growing old like fine wine, peaceful,
graceful, still full of fire, as good as ever. HE is, I am glad to be able to report now.  I am not. I find myself
feeling cut loose and trying to find my bearings. Unsettled and not knowing
what my future brings. My old future is gone, and some of the things I
fought hard for and desired so much are now in tatters. I just have to
take a deep breath and feel hopeful that I'll get back to that place in the


The Show Day


I'm going broke and I've got to go through this bankruptcy, something I
never dreamed I'd ever go through, by myself since my wife has decided not
to, and the divorce mediation fell apart except for the custody issue, but,
damn it, she and nobody else is going to stop me from going or guilt me out
of going to see just one fucking Bruce show in the closest city he's going
to come to on this tour. 17-year-old son needs to decide what he wants to
do because I need to know whether to hang onto the ticket I got for him, and
I've got another ticket (since I bought 2) that I also need to get rid of
because a friend is going to let me use one of his 2 tickets to help me out.
I cannot eat close to $300 in tickets just 3 weeks post-bankruptcy. He
decides he'd rather not go this time, that's fine, make sure he'll be okay,
now definitely have 2 tix I can't use.


At least one prayer answered. Wow, had no idea 53E was even in the area and
looking to see the Nashville show! he's looking for a GA? don't have GA, but
would love to help out if good seat is ok, it's yours until you tell me
otherwise, yes! great! will text/call/arrange to meet, son's school
fundraiser product deliveries to take care of, work arrangements, still no
takers on my other lower, just gonna have to try to get rid of it right
before the show, no way I'm going to recover close to what I paid for it, oh
well, gotta make arrangements to meet up with my friend and the fan he's
riding with, on the road, damn, didn't bring buncha Bruce music, only one in
car is Magic, still love it though, have listened enough to High Hopes, to
know the songs now, yes, it IS gonna be a long walk home, 25 miles outta
Nashville now, just parked at a lot on Demonbreun and 6th, turning onto
lower Broadway now, will call ya to arrange exact meeting spot.


Me: "I'm standing directly beneath the Bridgestone arena sign and am wearing
an Atlanta Braves cap."


5 minutes later - and after over 10 years of trading posts with him at the
Underworld - I am greeting and welcoming, in person, for the very first
time, the man who served with distinction and made it out with honor not
just in Iraq and Egypt, but also in the pit in Nashville during the solo for
"Darlington County" many years ago, now returning to the scene, the one and only 53E!

I hope I haven't already embarrassed him too much, but I just want
to stop here and say that meeting Eric was a real highlight for me. I
couldn't have asked for any better pre-show company, and I genuinely enjoyed
the brief time we had together. The 3-D version is just as good, friendly,
generous, and intelligent a guy as the cyber version.


So anyway, after exchanging welcomes and "wow, so cool to finally meet
ya's!," we find a bathroom and a place to sit down and eat and drink until
the doors open, and we end up at a nearby Margaritaville. We get a table in
a back room and order and wait for our other two-some to arrive (Bliss and
Judith), which they do a few minutes later. There's also a woman on stilts
walking around the place doing funny balloon creations (that's right, on
stilts! Ha, top THAT Balloon Man!). We have a great ol' time talking away
and working on the Volcano nachos, and a little while later Patty C comes by
and we get to meet her for a couple of minutes. Nice to meet you too, Patty


I found out during our conversation that Eric and I have seen the same
number of Bruce shows, with this one being our 16th, and I hear some cool
first-hand accounts about European shows that he and Judith have seen.


6:05, and the doors have opened, so we all leave to walk the couple of
blocks back up to the arena. My old friend Bliss has his two tickets, his
friend Judith has her 1 ticket, and I have the two that I bought, one of
which is for 53E. So I show my card and walk in, get my tickets, give 53E
the ticket he is buying from me, and get the ticket that Bliss has held for
me. So I gotta try to unload the one ticket I have left that I can't use.
Except I find out that I'm not allowed to leave the venue and come back in.


So I lied bigger than Terry in Sad Eyes "Backstreets."


I told the arena security person I was directed to that I had to go back out to get some
medicine I forgot that I had to take. Like any decent person would, he
bought it.


So I'm now out in the street and just kind of standing around looking for
someone who has that look of someone hoping for a single ticket to be
available at a reasonable price. I feel a little sleazy, but I guess I'm
not at Harry's level just yet, and eventually find a lost gambling whore
thief looking to climb aboard the train and get his faith rewarded, all for
the price of "would ya take $25 for it?"


I then made sure to go back into the arena past the same ticket taker who
admitted me the first time around so that it would be someone who recognized
that I had come in previously, and then found 53E, Bliss, and Judith nearby.
After chatting for a few more minutes, we were off to find our respective


I gave my usual pre-concert warning to those seating in my immediate area,
and they were cool with it. This warning is along the lines of how I will
be standing up for the entire show, I will be very excited, I will be a
dancing, air-guitaring, air-drumming, yelling, singing, fist-pumping fool
for the next 3+ hours but will otherwise remain non-violent and polite.
Chatted with some of them, one couple who has seen over 70 shows, including
some recent ones in Australia, and another couple who had driven down from
Lexington, Kentucky and had seen the Cincinnati show. Gee, we're all
getting older now, aren't we?


53E was almost directly across from me on the other side of the lowers. I
don't know if he knows this, but there were at least a couple of times
during the show where a spotlight from one of the lights hit directly at the
small area where he was standing, and during those times I could see him
quite easily, up and arms pumping, lol.


Lady Next to Me: "Do you think I have time to go to the bathroom?"
Me: "I'd hurry. I've heard he's been starting much earlier than usual


I look around and take in the entire arena. I'm encouraged that it looks
pretty close to full, with even the upper level filled out nicely. (I'd seen
a show in Birmingham where that wasn't necessarily the case.) I sneak in a
couple of texts, and even a calI to Skin2Skin. I am so ready.


The Concert


We get "Stand By Your Man" as the play-on music, and there's that feeling of
"god only knows what he might open with!" but I recognize "High Hopes" right
away. Is that Everett on the single drum? Man, is he ever going to town on
that thing. Just based on this opening song, I'm thinking that he is going
to be featured a lot somehow during the show, but that doesn't really end up
being the case. Since I haven't seen a show this tour (my last show was in November 2009) I take in the stage
positions of everyone. No Patti tonight. No Stevie. And look, Nils is
taking Stevie's old position. Oh, so THERE's where Jake is positioned.
Max's hair looks different now. My first Morello show. And my first E
Street Band show ever without Clarence.

"Badlands" - so different moved to this part of the set. I was to later
notice that this one and a couple of others are being performed with less of
an epic, sort of encore/blockbuster feel to them than in previous tours
(DITD being another example).


"No Surrender"-wasn't sure at first, but then recognized it quickly. As the
night progressed, it became obvious that this was a big one for BITUSA
material. I enjoyed this one more than I have in several tours. Nice!


"Death to My Hometown" - okay, so this is the first one of the show that
knocked me out. LOVE that stomp-down beat, and that key change kicks that
mother up even more. Yes! First time to hear it live, and thought it was
definitely a keeper.


"Hungry Heart" - okay, it's lost its original charm for me through sheer
repetition, but it WAS fun watching it as the sign-gathering-while-crowd-surfing song. The way the surfing started out, I
thought it was going to take a loooong time for him to make it to the stage.

"Spirit in the Night" - oooh, I love me some "Spirit in the Night," baby!
Now, Bruce gets the director's chair on the in-the-crowd ramp to slump down
in and rest in while he sings, with Jake lurking over his shoulder as
sidekick. Very cool.


"Burning Love" - well, he IS in Tennessee for the only time of the tour, so
how 'bout some good Elvis? (as opposed to bad Elvis). I enjoyed it, as much
for grins as anything else, but not as much as. . .


"Satisfaction" -- sure, whenever there's a little kid on the stage (and
I've got nothing at all against having little kids onstage), there's the
possibility of the cuteness factor overwhelming the sheer musical/rocking
out qualities of the song, but that wasn't the case for this one. Loved it,
and I'm sure my life's mood had something to do with it, lol.


"Atlantic City/Johnny 99" - this two-fer from Nebraska just blew me away,
and was one of the highlights of the show for me. Totally loved every
single solo by Soozie and the horn section on "Johnny 99." Can there be a
greater discrepancy between musical mood and feel and lyrical content than
on this one? What the hell am I doing? Having a romping, Nawlin's
celebration of the murderer himself, or of his sentence? Is this BabyFace
Nelson parading to the chair in O Brother Where Art Thou?


Everything dies, baby that's a fact, but maybe everything that dies someday
comes back.


The second one sure did contrast with the first one. I'm actually still
working this one out in my head.


"American Skin" - somewhere along the line way after its controversial debutand the debate about it, this one has settled into a plea for simple
humanity for me instead of a merely polemical piece, and the version on High
Hopes is stellar. As was the live version I witnessed.


"Promised Land" - I always enjoy this one. More than any other song, this
one made me think of Clarence.


"Because the Night" - Yes! And Nils!


"I'm On Fire" - never been a live fave of mine, but not complaining.


"Downbound Train" - Not sure, but I think this one was played especially for
me. A very welcome surprise, and was totally into this one!


"Shackled and Drawn" - not one of my favorites from Wrecking Ball, but
really dug Cindy's vocal solo at toward the end.


"WOASD" - by my count, there were 7 stage guests in total this night. 4 on
"WOASD," 3 on "DITD," and 1 on "Satisfaction." This is now the kid song. I
actually look forward to the kid performance and interaction with Bruce and
hardly even notice the song itself anymore. I wonder what my old Clash/Sex
Pistols/Ramones friends would think of me now, lol.


"The Ghost of Tom Joad" - cathartic for me, and I just ride right along with
Morello's guitar on this one. It has become almost darkly anthemic for me.
I do agree with 53E that the wah-wah pedal thing at the end was hokey,
though. I mean, after THAT solo?


"The Rising"/"Land of Hope and Dreams" - cannot put it better than 53E did.
And then to follow this up with. . .


"The Wall"/"Point Blank" -- to open the encores. "Point Blank" hit me the
hardest, for deeply personal reasons related to what is going on with me
right now. I've never felt so sad at a Bruce show. I can only say that one
of the hardest things to deal with is trying so hard to save someone that it
nearly kills you, and then coming to realize that you will never be able to
save them. And then, the broader


"Born in the USA" - snapped me out of it and reminded me that I'm not even
close to being the only with who has that story to tell. It was necessary
for this to be the full-band version tonight, and though it was less angry
and drawn out than in the old days, it still does the job plenty.


"Born to Run" - is there anything else that can be said about this anymore?
I mean that in the very good way. Books and scholarly articles have been
written about this one, so what am I gonna say? It's like another review of
Beethoven's 5th or Hamlet.


"DITD" - this is where I know I need to be, and I'm sure I'll get there
eventually. That little boy was a serious (demeanor) fan, as Bruce said,


"10th" - pardon another tangent here, but I sure hope I can have Bruce's
flexibility when I get to be 65. I didn't know that the Clarence tribute
was coming (see how out of it I've been?), and thought it was a very nice


"Shout" - I saw signs for "Ramrod" throughout the show and would have
certainly love that one, and the "Detroit Medley" ending from my first Bruce
show will forever be legendary in my mind, but, man, this was just freaking
GREAT!! Sometime in a Bruce show, I want to feel completely, totally wiped
out. Like I just cannot take it anymore (doesn't the word "orgasm" actually
mean "little death"?). Well, this one does the trick for me, baby. He can
do this one anytime as an encore song for me as far as I'm concerned.
Danceable, exhilarating, funny. "Did I mention Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame members?"  "Did I mention Viagra-taking?" How can you NOT feel ALIVE after this one?


"Thunder Road" - thought it was going to be "Dream Baby Dream" when they
brought the organ out, but then he put on an acoustic guitar and they hauled it back
out. And, as a fan of it on video (never seen it live of course), I would
have been good with that. I can recall only one other Bruce show of mine
where he closed with a slow one, and I think it was on the other band tour.
Not sure, but it may have been "My Beautiful Reward" at the old Spectrum in
Philly. That one just didn't do it for me. But THIS one certainly did. He
did some. We did some. He did some with us. We did some with him. We
took turns, we shared, we did it together.


It was our relationship with Bruce and his music made manifest. It's not
JUST his, nor certainly just yours and mine, but ours, and we're in it
together. We climbed in, and the relationship worked out all right. Where
"Point Blank" had me in tears of sadness, "Thunder Road" had me in tears of
joy and gratitude. When I was looking for the words to describe it, and I
have to laugh a little at how cringe-worth this may sound, but file this
under "you had to be there, and you had to be me," but the best I could do
was this:

It was the sweetest ending to a concert I've ever experienced.


I know - "awwww."


Really, though. It was. I walked out of there smiling and at peace.




It was late, and there were real miles to travel. 53E had to be at work the
next day by around 9:00 and had a 3+ hour drive back to Birmingham, and I'm
sorry we couldn't get together after the show, but I was very glad to read
his review and to see that he had it in his personal Top 5, so he obviously
had a really good time. As for me, it was a pleasant 1.5 hour drive back
with Bliss after talking some with Judith, as we compared notes and shared
highlights. Sorry about phone tagging so late, Diane.


But the whole experience was re-affirming, as I had hoped it would be. I
don't know how many more of these shows I'll be lucky enough to have, but
I'll always feel lucky for the ones I've had. There will come a time when he just can't do this kind of thing anymore.  Treasure every single moment.


I write these things more for myself than anything else, and this one feels more than a little
self-absorbed, but I wouldn't share it with anyone except you folks because
I figure if anyone can understand or put up with it, it's you. So I'm just
gonna throw it out there. Wishing you all the Bruce you could ever want and
better days ahead. Me, I'm gonna be okay, and I'm gonna get through whatever.


May your love bring you love,


#2217026 Milano Always Primo 2012 DVD On Jungleland

Posted by riverdude2 on 27 December 2012 - 07:58 PM





multicam by amos99

Bruce Springsteen & THE E STREET BAND
7 June 2012

Video sources (all in 1080x1920 full HD):
LastViolator, Misskaleid, Finikoki, Ioluko, NB, CasonP, Recunond, Lorenzo Castelli, Meolopulos74, Ben Radley, Matteo Bovio, acrobat269;

DVD version = 16:9 PAL;
Blu-ray version = 16:9 full HD 1080x1920.

Audio source:
Godfather Records The Italian Promise
DVD version: AC3 stereo;
Blu-ray version: PCM stereo.

Here's a preview:


Thanks to all the tapers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DVD 1 / Blu-ray

01. Intro (Once Upon a Time In The West)
02. We Take Care of Our Own
03. Wrecking Ball
04. Badlands
05. Death to My Hometown
06. My City of Ruins
07. Spirit in the Night
08. The E Street Shuffle
09. Jack of All Trades
10. Candy's Room
11. Darkness on the Edge of Town
12. Johnny 99
13. Out In The Street
14. No Surrender
15. Working on the Highway
16. Shackled & Drawn
17. Waitin' on a Sunny Day

--- DVD 2
18. The Promised Land
19. The Promise (solo piano)
20. The River
21. The Rising
22. Radio Nowhere
23. We Are Alive
24. Land of Hope and Dreams
25. Rocky Ground
26. Born in the U.S.A.
27. Born to Run
28. Cadillac Ranch
29. Hungry Heart
30. Bobby Jean
31. Dancing in the Dark
32. Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
33. Glory Days
34. Twist and Shout


#2462499 My 30 years burning down the road

Posted by CmonMrTrouble on 08 November 2014 - 06:28 AM

For most 17 year old kids in my town, it was just another Thursday night.  For me it was the night that confirmed that music and Bruce would be a big part of whatever the rest of my life brought me




Born In The U.S.A.
Prove It All Night
Out in the Street
Atlantic City
Johnny 99
Reason to Believe
Mansion on the Hill
Johnny Bye Bye
Darlington County
Glory Days
The Promised Land
Shut Out the Light
My Hometown
Thunder Road
Cover Me
Dancing in the Dark
Hungry Heart
Cadillac Ranch
Downbound Train
I'm On Fire
Stolen Car
Pink Cadillac
Bobby Jean
Racing in the Street
Born to Run
Detroit Medley
Sweet Soul Music
Twist and Shout
Do You Love Me
Santa Claus is Coming to Town




I had been introduced to Bruce's music in early 1980.  In fact, I had friends who invited 13 year old me to go to the Springsteen show most refer to as "Heart and Soul" or "Tempe 1980" and right now today, at 47, I am still angry with my folks who (correctly by the way) were not letting their son go to a concert at a college venue when he was 13 years old.   Of course I agree with their judgement today, but it doesn't mean I don't still resent it.


So when Bruce released BIUSA I was already a fan, bought the record on release day and felt like I knew every word of every song he ever played.  


I slept outside overnight at a department store and got my 4 tickets for myself and my friends and started counting the days to November 8th


Too many highlights for me to discuss them here, but I spent the whole show soaking in the music, the crowd and the energy shared by the people in the audience and the people on the stage.  To this day, I still remember the power of the music and how it reached me.  The words of the songs were already memorized, but then he played the early Nebraska songs.  I had heard them before of course, but never like that.  Then Shut out the Light,  a song I couldn't understand how I had missed it, and then a run of songs I had spent many a night listening in my room in the dark, hoping one day to see them played live and in person......and then tonight, there he was singing them, seemingly only for me.


Of course during the show I sang along and shouted until my voice was shot for the next two days, I sat mesmerized when he played two of my favorites Racing and Jungleland back to back and finished with songs I never would have imagined Bruce Springsteen would play in concert (Detroit, SSM, Twist and Shout, DYLM)  and today I laugh at how little I knew and how big a fan I thought I was. 


I remember Bruce's last words to the audience that night, after talking about Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays, he wished us all a "Happy rest of your life"


In the car on the way home, I began a ritual most fans (not you guys I bet) don't understand.  While my ears were still ringing, I wondered why he didn't play Rosalita, how could he have skipped Something in the Night........never satisfied no matter how amazing the show I just witnessed.  30 years and who knows how many concerts later, I still find myself doing the same thing.


Eventually I found a few bootlegged albums and paid a king's ransom for them.  Always hoping someday I would find my first show, but never having any luck.  When the internet started to reach the general public, I found these forums and found tape traders and then CD traders and I amassed a ridiculous collection.  Even now, I know I will grow old and die and never listen to everything I have accumulated.   Fast forward to 2005-06ish and I was talking with another GL Member (help me Jim, 2005?) and he mentioned that he thought he remembered recording the show.  After some profuse begging and offering of nearly anything he would ask, he promised to look.  I wasn't optimistic at all, I had asked many many times, even contacting some of the "uber traders" and having no luck.  But Jim came through and found the (most excellent) tapes and was generous enough to share them with ones who know how to make them better.  I can't thank him enough, nor can I guess how many times I have replayed the show, smiling the entire time.


Somewhere in 1999 I found this place.  I registered with another name and floated around the forums, amazed that others shared the passion I felt and surprised that people from EUROPE had heard Bruce's music and felt the same (again, silly me thinking he was a Jersey singer and only Americans were fans)    After a year or two, a group of us had grown close and we actually opened a thread suggesting a "bruce related" name for me....and CmonMrTrouble came to be.  Since then, Karsten was kind enough to offer me the chance to help out with this website and because of that generous offer, I have met hundreds of you over the years, and have heard your Bruce stories and the way this forum effected your lives.  I have been glad to hear every story, every experience and most all of the complaints along the way. Nothing has made me happier then having strangers share a minute of their lives with me and have us both talk about something we are so passionate about.  Just a few minutes later and I have another "Bruce Friend" as my wife refers to you and I have another great memory. 


More than just a few of you have become friends I hope to keep for the remainder of my life.  Some of you have stayed in my home for concerts, some of you have let us stay with you.  We have stood in lines with GA hopes for days on end (Sacramento 03) waited for shows in the sun, the rain and the snow ( did all of that in 1 day in Seattle ) and we have shared our triumphs, our joy and with many of you, our pains and our misery.  We have lost some of our long time members in death and I miss them, even the ones I never met in real life, only here on the screen.  Others have drifted away from the community for any number of reasons and occasionally they touch base in an email and I am glad to know they are fine and happy.  Somehow, no matter how different we are in other ways, the love for this music and this musician has bonded us......and for that I am grateful


Grateful that this 17 year old kid started on this 30 year journey and have had so many amazing experiences because of that first show, that first night and the power of this music