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  2. I know that But it's making news now and Trump is in the oval office Either way I don't think the blame is actually with who is president But in police policy and training and the selection process
  3. Little Willie (The Sweet)
  4. Everybody's Somebody's Fool, Connie Francis.
  5. Devils and Dust
  6. Falls Church, VA.
  7. Linda Eastman McCartney
  8. Endodontist's office (root canal )
  9. Can't Buy Me Love, The Beatles.
  10. But apparently he's retiring.
  11. Bitch (Stones)
  12. Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.
  13. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Bob Dylan.
  14. The author, Kara Swisher of ReCode, poster the link to her blog on her twitter feed that I follow. The some male posted this reply: Mario Nogueira Ramos‏ @marionogueira Replying to @karaswisher how lovely! now we can hardly wait for her next grand act: actually BUILDING something remotely as important as Uber from the ground up KS reply to that: "Hey Mario. Go away." I wanted to ask him how it felt to be Exhibit A for the losing argument but let it go. He wasn't worth the effort.
  15. As long as we are going disco... Zat's The Way (I Like It) - KC & The Sunshine Band
  16. As opposed to......... with tRump.
  17. Images 2017/Money/May/CR-Inline-CDC-chart4-06-17 How do we think these trend lines will move in the future?
  18. Chelsea, London
  19. I'm sure as shit glad you'll be able to "afford" healthcare (as if you don't have it now), because if this bill passes I and another several million people will be fucked every way from Sunday. Fuck anyone who supports this monstrous bill. Literally. Including the people here. Fuck you all. THIS IS PERSONAL.
  20. Agatha Christie
  21. Hillbilly Willie's Blues (Blind Willie McTell)
  22. That last river tour was magnificent Hearing the songs he in sequence and hearing them grow every night they just took on more and more meaning How lucky any of you were to get to that tour and to gear the full album I love long walk home the best though !!
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