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  2. man utd fans don't like the mackems
  3. I think the downturn started during the Clinton administration when getting serviced in the Oval Office by an intern was savagely excused as just sex between two consenting adults. I don't mean to deflect here, but the slide of our social mores occurred long ago, and it was embodied in the actions of the events starting in 1995. Trump and some of his inner circle are certainly culpable of the most egregious kinds of double-speak, half truths and full lies. It's why I didn't vote for him.
  4. mackems going down is he first thing settled in this seasons FA Premier League This week NUFC go up and SAFC go down, it's a good week. Today I'm officially happy as fuck
  5. I should have mentioned that I agree with every word of this article. I wish I wrote the two paragraphs I quoted.
  6. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
  7. For those that didn't get to see the periscope, there's a video of most of it on YouTube now. The picture isn't great but you can hear it ok
  8. This is what you think I am?
  9. Has this been answered? Because I have been wondering the same thing. Thanks for your support!
  10. Gloria
  11. From Hank to Hendrix.
  12. Ok Can he play saxophone?
  13. Doesn't Patti look gorgeous?! I so want her hair Bruce looks alright too I suppose...
  14. Empty Sky
  15. @Ann Jones it sounds like it might be an interesting read, so if you like it please let me know as I might just get a copy for myself!
  16. Drift Away.
  17. Well, your certainty is stronger than mine.
  18. I think alcohol tends to bring out underlying feelings should it be taken in excess. I try to avoid that but obviously I get a bit carefree sometimes, especially when pitchers of blue lagoon are 2 for £12... Oh the teenage life Malibu is usually my drink of choice though, with lemonade and some ice. It's maybe the only thing I can drink casually. But like you Eileen, if I have a few glasses of rosè it's a whole other story! There is sadly a video of me somewhere out there rather drunk singing my head off to Born In The USA on my 19th birthday. It definitely made me realise moderation is key
  20. is this paolo's circus story? maybe waiting on a sunnier day?
  22. Today
  23. Bill O'Reilly: "These are callow, foolish women who deserve to be slapped around" While I'm certain he means figuratively and not literally, I will at least acknowledge the quote.
  24. Not to worry ... halfway down a whisky and orange as I type and I've just added Thunder Road (full band) to my FB page.
  25. Your a wise girl I think I Iearnt my lesson when I was about 15 or 16 Don't get so drunk on something you really like, that you get so drunk your sick To this day I can only handle one glass of red white and from another occasion just the smell of coke (the innocent mixer) has me dry wretching
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