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    Yes indeed, he gets older today. Thanks for all the hours of work each week, week after week for many years now, to keep this community running Have a great birthday weekend!
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    Thanks, Eileen! It appears that I am one of the oldest of the "old bastards" in "Bruceville" Here are a some of the very few things that I can share and they are mostly tied to the Fall of 1971 I became a regular at the Student Prince in Asbury Park (At the time, I lived in Metuchen, NJ) I was encouraged to come down by Vini Lopez whom I had met earlier via a mutual friend Our musical tastes were very similar We regularly asked the guys to play "Not Fade Away" (Rolling Stones version) The band worked as hard then as they have ever since (ass-bustin', audience-lovin' professionals) I bought Bruce a beer or two during breaks I offered to share a joint with Bruce outside of the Student Prince and he graciously declined. Vini & Steve did not decline. Towards the end of one evening's performance, I gave Bruce $5.00 (1971 dollars) to play a Chuck Berry song ('Round & 'Round). And, I suppose,that made me a patron of the arts. LOL Basically, we were all a bunch of young people in NJ and having the greatest of times! However, out of the nearly 7.3 million people living in NJ at that time, there were only 12 of us in attendance early on. Think about that! In his autobiography, Bruce described us (Student Prince audience) as "hip". Go figure! LOL I went to London, England very early in 1972. When I returned to the U.S./NJ in the Spring, the guys played an outdoor gig at Rutgers University that a bunch/"lot" of us attended. I asked them to play "Not Fade Away", and,unsurprisingly, they did. F'N'A Blessed by dumb luck! Wish I had stayed connected, but life goes on!
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    An absolutely gorgeous version with The Sessions Band, Birmingham, UK, 2006. Knocks spots off of the album version (and that's pretty good in itself). Love and mercy, on Easter weekend. x
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    I've said this here before, but hear you go again. Back in 2014 I bought a ticket to the Pittsburgh show on a late drop, great seat. Got there way early, because it was my first experience with paperless tickets and wanted to make sure if there was a hiccup I had time to fix it. Anyway was in early, got a beer, sat in my seat. after about 15 minutes, a young couple (late 20's early 30's) sat down, got to talking with them. The dude told me he was only there to see Morello. The gal was only there for the night out. At the end of the show, when they were all out of breath and tired, I asked them how did they like it. The answer: The best show we have ever seen, Springsteen fan for life. "we get it now"
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    I was with Ning. (I may have mentioned her from time to time here at GL.) As always happens kids come running up to pet and fawn over her. As often happens they ask "can I have her?" That sometimes prompts a discussion of "what if I gave you $X.XX?" It is fun to see how high they go and I always insist there is no price that would make me give her up. Today a kid got to a million. I declined. Out of nowhere he said "what if I kill Donald Trump?" I'm gonna miss that dog bigly.
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    It's really impressive how in 5:33 they managed to present the greatest song ever written and encapsulate a plethora of moments that sum up why Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band are the greatest act to ever grace God's green earth. "Thanks to all our fans"? Nah, thank you Bruce. Thank you forever.
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    I cannot believe I'd never heard this up until now. This is like a new classic appearing for me. That final few bars...
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    I heard something today that just warmed my heart. It may sound like I'm tooting my own horn a bit, and I guess that's fair, but still, it is a good story. A couple of years ago, I had an old 33-foot motorhome (caravan, for our Euro friends) that I never really used anymore. I had owned it for a long time, and our family drove it on a few vacations, and then parked it on some lake property we own, and used it as a lake house in the summers. Nothing fancy at all, but served the purpose for us. Anyway, our sons grew up, we stopped going to the lake regularly, sold the boat, jetskis and all the other requisite lake toys, but we still had that motorhome sitting there. I began to think the land would be more valuable without that behemoth on it. However, I didn't really want to go to the trouble of cleaning it up and selling it, especially as it sat 1.5 hours away from my home. A man I work with, though, told me about a new program that a woman at his church was starting. She was trying to arrange a little "camper village" as a sort of halfway-house community for abused women. She had the land and the permits, but no campers yet. I loved the idea, and donated mine to the cause. My co-worker and I drove out to the lake, put a fresh battery in the old motorhome, and drove it back, all the way to her land. This was about two years ago, and that was pretty much the last I heard of the camper...just fine, as far as I was concerned. Mine was the first donation the woman had received, and I could only hope she could make her plans come to fruition. Today, though, out of the blue, I got an email from the woman, and she has made it work! My old motorhome is now home to a young woman and her two small children, who escaped an abusive husband/father in the middle of the night. The land is protected, and the halfway-house portion is secured and mostly hidden behind a fence...someone could actually camp in the front part, and never know the back part was even there. I don't know how long the family will stay in my old camper, but I'm so glad it was there for them when they needed it. Like I said, it truly warmed my heart.
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    If this is all we had to worry about in life, we are good. Thank you again for a great place to hang out!!!
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    This is such a great, refreshingly honest topic. Somebody posted that they're asked why they like Bruce. I know exactly what they mean. Or, at least I know what they meant, past tense.... I obviously love Bruce now on a pure musical level, on what the songs mean to me and on the memories and hopes that they evoke but the truth is I got into Bruce for purely selfish and artificial reasons. I'm the middle child (nooooo? You're kidding.....) of a family of 4 kids and my dad was in the navy. He would be away at sea for 6/8 weeks at a time and then home for 2 weeks leave. Me and my siblings would battle incessantly for his attention when he was home. I tried to mimic his hobbies on the grounds that I could manufacture a shared interest to bugger all success - chess (I'm thick), vodka (I was too young, even by Irish standards) and cycling (I don't have the body for it, my arse cheeks would dangle down the side of the saddle and drag along the ground.....) so the only hobby of my fathers that was left for me to parasite was Bruce. My dad had loved him from BTR onwards, and I'll never forget the autumn of 87 - he was away and I spent 5 weeks of my meagre pocket money to buy the vinyl (back in the days before we called it vinyl, back then it was just a "record") of Tunnel of Love and I swear to God, I listened to it 600 times memorising every last line of every song before my Dad came home. The day he walked through the door I near trampled my siblings to death to proudly brandish my dog eared TOL and break into a passionate (and very very very high pitched rendition - I was only 10, people!!!!) of One Step Up. My Dad was gobsmacked, he picked me up, eyes bursting with pride, swung me round, sat me down and asked if I really, truly, genuinely liked Bruce. I, of course said yes..... My Dad said, and I'll never forget this, said, "well if you like TOL, you'll love this, it's my favourite album by Bruce"... and promptly sat me down to listen to Nebraska for 48 fucking hours straight...... Swear to god, I was on Prozac until the mid 2000's as a result of that weekend. Still, at least I denied my sister the chance to impress him with her poxy bronze medal at the art competition. Swings. Roundabouts.
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    I would imagine that Vini Lopez would be the member here who saw Bruce the earliest when he found him playing with his band Earth. They formed the band Child/Steel Mill together in 1968. I first saw Bruce play, not with Steel Mill but, in a late night jam session at the Upstage Club in Asbury Park, New Jersey. That was this time of year (April) in 1970. I had just started playing in the coffeehouse on the second floor of the Upstage, doing my folk music act. About a week later, Bruce was in the house waiting to go upstairs to jam. I asked him if he would play some electric guitar with me and he said "sure". We did some Dylan and other folk-rock stuff. Then he went upstairs to jam and blew the roof off from 4am to 5am !!!
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    I am driving in my truck the other day and my 10 year old son is in the back seat. I am playing Growin Up from the Foxboro show in 2016 and Bruce is telling the story about his first guitar and my son says to me daddy is this the song where Bruce says I Was The Cosmic Kid and I said yes it is so after the story when it was time we both yelled out with him AND I WAS THE COSMIC KIIIIDDDD. Thought it was really cool because I catch him in the back seat humming along to E Sreet Radio (God knows I listen to it every single day), have to get him started early and set him on the right track . Tony
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    It was wonderful. Driving home now. More later.
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    I believe I wrote about this quite some time ago, on another military thread. When that buddy of mine went to Iraq, we remained in close email contact throughout. At one point, I asked him what he needed. What he replied was that he needed toys and gifts for kids! In their patrols, they often encountered kids, and they liked to have trinkets to give them. So, I went to my local Toys R Us store, spoke with the manager there, and told him what I was trying to achieve. We ended up going around the store and getting all kinds of little things, including slow-sellers, open packages...anything he could give me a price break on, as well as a bunch of standards, like soccer balls, dolls, etc. I filled up a pretty sizeable box of stuff, threw in some DVDs and treats for Doug and his buddies as well, and shipped it all off. Spent more on the shipping than the toys! haha I ended up doing that like three more times while he was there. He said it was a big hit with his patrol, and they were in good shape for some time.
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    Dave met an old friend today who had been sorting out his garage, when he found this original Rolling Stone magazine from 1992, which he thought I might like
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    I never made the rising tour so I missed out on Danny and Clarence but after Clarence died I knew I had to go see him now or who knew what the future had in store thanks to the Internet and bootlegs and owning and passionately listening to all the album's I knew all the songs but I'd been so stuck in 1978 I was surprised when the show didn't start with Badlands !! I got knee slides I got Steve and Bruce clowning around I got Bruce playing piano I got him standing on the piano I got that thing he used to do with the microphone stand that's makes him the hottest man pm the planner I got thunder road I got BTR still my favorite moment of my entire life but for at least half the show I was just in awe it didn't feel real there was this huge moon and we were all standing under it together my hero standing right there. flesh and blood right there with his band mates like my long lost uncles and aunty Soozie Soozie ' s hair was so pretty in a slight breeze I hardly missed Patti Nils' BTN solo was awsome Charlie was an unexpected delight but I will never forget the feel of Garry ' s base I didn't appreciate the acoustics at Magnetic hill till my next couple of shows the sound was spectacular the base - the very heart beat of the ESB right through the turf at my feet traveling up my legs and straight to my heart I thought I might be having a heart attack and with my BBB beside me I may not have got prove it with the 78 intro but I got a beautiful river
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    I picked up the photos from my disposable camera today! I've got some major Asbury blues sadly my thumb made several appearances in them and some were blurry. Here are some OK-ish ones They look a lot better in person I promise I'll stop boring you with all my photos now! I'm just happy because it felt like a dream and now I have these to physically hold and cherish and perhaps one day show the grandchildren when I tell them about this really great musician called Bruce Springsteen...
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    How very embarrassing. I tend only to log in every day or two when Bruce is not touring in Europe and have just seen this. Cosmic Kid emailed me Saturday and I was boasting to my son Ben, 20, a big Bruce fan too, on Sunday evening that I had won a T-shirt on Greasy Lake. And trying to tell his girlfriend about the significance of Greasy Lake to Bruce fans - Crazy Jane etc. This morning I was looking at sizes, but then work got in the way and I didn't order. I've just come on the Lake again after reading Max's Rolling Stone interview elsewhere. So I'm thrilled - I'll order tomorrow and the shirt willl have to be for the future - extra large for Ben who played rugby and looks like Bruce 1985. I feel guilty he didn't see Bruce last year - family stuff; he's at uni and I wasn't going to fund him the whole ticket for Wembley. Another son, 24, did go, helped by dad. Thank you Marilla Gorilla for congrats. I was jealous when Ann J. got to meet Bruce at the book signing. Well done though! And getting the special Born To Run book read organised. Trouble is my contribution wasn't massive so I really will have to give again. I really appreciate the efforts of CosmicKid and others to keep this great site going. I was telling my wife earlier that I was noticing all the new, younger people posting. Which is great. So it's right a younger fan will get the shirt as a surprise when it arrives.
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    Hi, Ladies please forgive me posting this on here but I know all the Ladies of the Lake look here so I thought it fitting. I have just got back from a lovely lunch with lovely Ann, I didn`t say too much about my situation to Ann as I really didn`t want to spoil our lovely day together. I don`t know how much you all know but if you did you would know how much all your words of comfort mean to me when you have build a life with someone you think it`s forever but sometimes it`s not and holding on to something just because that is what you have done for so long and you don`t want to let it go is not a good call if their love for you has gone.I won`t dwell on this anymore as this is a happy place but thank you for all your kind words and yes you did make me cry again. NOW MORE PICTURES OF OUR MAN PLEASE!. PS you all look as lovely as you are. Linda x
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    Nobody has remarked on how those "beautiful babies" as Trump called them are the same Syrian babies that we are denying refuge to.
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    Sorry folks, you have to see a picture of Linda and me before you get to see more Bruce!
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    The opening notes of Backstreets always does it for me.
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    This is Bruce and Eddy doing a kind of Born To Run pose. . Eddy
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    I was just thinking what this place means to me and all you lovely people, I have been having a bad time lately, been knocked for six but coming to here has taken my mind off things a little so just like to say thanks for being there.
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    Sending you some lovely German Easter Eggs. The patterns are an old technique (which is quite beyond me). Have a happy weekend!
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    Nobody Winfreys unless everybody Winfreys. There's an Oprah out on the turnpike.
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    Some things to add to my original post: In 1971, the group was primarily a cover band. However, during one of the breaks, Bruce sat at the piano and offered an original song. The drummer, Vini, had the best looking girlfriend (Beth) in the house! Southside Johnny performed during one of the breaks and did a great job. He was nervous as hell to begin with, but then settled in and nailed his song. Bruce's lead guitar work was truly exceptional. Keep smiling!
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    For once, I'm staying on track to congratulate all those who, as we used to say in the Palace, go off on a tangerine. I, and others, have been going off on tangents for the past 17 years or so to the delight of some and the mortification of others. It's great to see so many folk engaging in a similar manner. Keep it up and never be afraid to enter a thread and take the scenic route before, perhaps, getting back on track. Ever onward!
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    I've had a very busy month so I didn't contribute to this topic before because I wanted to do it justice. I've spent two hours or more reading all your posts, and it's been most interesting, revealing, serious and funny and much more. I guess I never asked myself where I am on the introvert/extrovert scale, but it is definitely the former. I happily spend a lot of time on my own, and I mean a lot! The older I get, the more I seem to need it. It is no slight on my husband to say that I enjoy the times he is gone for a few days (he likes to travel much more than I do). I readjust myself to a comfortable level and get reaquainted with some of my more basic aspects. Having cats helps. They are the exactly right kind of creature for me to have around - unobtrusive, friendly and highly independent. I have never been without cats! I became a journalist because I am good at observing people and interpreting correctly what they do and who they are. I was often able to put into words and descriptions what they felt but seemed not able to express themselves. However, I could never be the kind of reporter who shoves a mike into your face and asks you stupid questions. All my life, reading has been most important to me. I learned to read effortlessly at a very young age and have never been seen without a book in my hand since, so to speak. Yet when people ask after my hobbies, the answer "reading" always turns them off and they go on to talk about other things or go to other people with more interesting choices. Needless to say, I am NO good at making small talk. Appreciating Bruce is a very personal thing. I talk about him and his music (boring the uninitiated) but what he really means is too complicated to express - except maybe to you lot, because you UNDERSTAND. The lyrics drew me to him because I thrive on words, but of course it is a feeling as well. When I drive in my car, there is always Bruce on the speakers and it is such an intimate thing that I know his voice so well it's like balm that soothes away all cares. I've never been to a concert on my own but I would go if I had to. Having Mr. B along is ok because he just sits there quietly listening while I sing and scream and dance. Not much introvert behavoir there! Bruce gigs are the highlights of my life! An all-consuming thing. OK, I've rambled on long enough. The cats demand food...
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    There's a sequel.... I was a little bit bold as a teenager (I know, I know, shock horror....) and as a result I got packed off to boarding school when I was 13. Now, those years in school, I goddam loved it, and to this day, some of my absolute best friends are from those years, but there's no way I would ever concede that to my parents, even now, so between 1989 and 1995 any weekend that I travelled home on the 3 hour train journey from Dublin to Cork I would have Darkness & Nebraska on a continuous, perpetual loop on my yellow Sony Walkman to put me in the appropriate mood of teenage anger, disgruntlement, bitterness, misery and despair to absolutely destroy my parent's weekend (I know, I know, even now I still feel maybe 14% guilty) so I'll always feel indebted to Bruce for 1) getting me through my teenage years and 2) facilitating a moral victory over the Raced family...... And that, dear Lakers, is how I got "into" Bruce
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    Here's one I found among some old pics...
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    I like how there's no wrong answer here.
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    David Sancious and Ernest 'Boom' Carter
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    Well hello there
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    Happy Easter everyone - no fighting over the chocolate bunnies!
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    See my Avatar :-) One in the random group happened to have a contact to Nils, sent a message asking if he would / could come over? And yes, we got a reply and about an hour later he was here with his Amy. He stayed about an hour or so with us and a bit longer in the place. Very, very nice persons, both of them. The closest I came to the ESB...
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    And here's another - 'I'm a life time musician; I'm going to be playing music forever. I don't foresee a time when I would not be on stage somewhere, playing a guitar and playing it loud with power and passion. I look forward to being sixty or sixty five and doing that' Or 67 Bruce!
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    Sorry but not everyone knows what "CPM" stands for, so I'll start there. It's contralateral prophylactic mastectomy. It is the option of removing the healthy breast when one breast has been diagnosed with breast cancer. So you have a bilateral mastectomy instead of just removing one breast and having frequent screenings on the other one. It is a personal choice and many factors are involved and there is no right or wrong choice. I speak from experience on this, since I am a breast cancer survivor who chose bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction instead of just removing one breast. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Because the cancer was in all 4 quadrants of my left breast, there was no way to do a lumpectomy, so I needed a left breast mastectomy. Since the cancer was so diffuse in my left breast, my oncologist sent me for an MRI on the right side. They found an area of interest that they wanted to biopsy in order to diagnose. At that point, I just said, "Don't even biopsy it, I want a bilateral mastectomy." And lo and behold - after my surgery, the pathology revealed that I had pre-cancerous cells in my "healthy" right breast. So I am very glad I made that choice. Either option would have been fine with my surgeon, and in fact it was I who suggested the bilateral mastectomy, not him. There were a number of reasons: 1. Women who have breast cancer in one breast are at a very high likelihood of getting cancer in the other breast. About 10 to 15% of women who keep the "healthy" breast are later diagnosed with cancer in that "healthy" breast. That is way too high a risk for me. 2. If you keep the "healthy" breast, you then have to have an MRI with contrast every 6 months. And they will biopsy anything they find. So every 6 months, you are reminded of your cancer, of your mortality, and you get to worry and be stressed while awaiting the MRI (and probably biopsy) results. No thanks, let me just move past the cancer and live my life without going back to that scary place in my mind every 6 months. 3. Breast reconstruction is much more successful if they start with 2 breasts (or mastectomy sites) that look similar. If only 1 breast is removed, then the reconstructive surgeon has to try to make the reconstructed breast match the remaining natural breast. That is not easy and the cosmetic result is never as good as if both breasts are removed. If both breasts are removed, the reconstructive surgeon can then make you 2 great looking breasts and they match. Call me shallow but this mattered a lot to me. To me, the loss of my breasts was almost as bad emotionally as the cancer diagnosis. It's an amputation, although nobody calls it that. But yeah, it's an amputation and that is how it felt. If I could be made "whole" easier with both breasts removed, then that's what I wanted. And may I say that my plastic/reconstructive surgeon is a rock star and my fake breasts look great. They are fake, but they are magnificent. 4. I have a very strong family history of breast cancer. I felt in my gut that if I didn't do the bilateral mastectomy, I'd surely get cancer in the other breast, and who wants to go through all of this twice. So there you have it. One woman's choice. The troubling thing to me isn't that women are choosing to remove the opposite breast as a precaution. The troubling thing to me is the disparity in geographic areas. It suggests that doctors are recommending one course of action in one state, and another course of action in another state. The doctor's role should be to present the patient with all the facts and statistics, and then let the patient choose. Neither choice is right or wrong in this situation, and doctors should not let their possible bias show. FWIW, they get paid double if you have a bilateral mastectomy but I'd hate to think that enters into medical advice given any patient. Breast surgeons are plenty busy, what with 1 in 8 of us getting this diagnosis during our lifetimes. Personally, I couldn't live with the risk, the additional stress, the frequent MRIs, or the worse cosmetic result. Other women do not feel the same. Both options should be freely available to all women. Under Federal law in 2009 when I went through all this, health insurers were required to pay for breast reconstruction for mastectomy patients. I hope that remains the case because the emotional aspects of mastectomy cannot be stressed enough. I cried a river of tears over that loss.
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    Simple answer to both your questions. 1, The heating in the cafe was off, it was friggin' freezing 2, The sun shinning right into his eyes, in fact he'd be blinded by the light if he didn't have the shades on.
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    I am booked! I am excited! I will be bringing the following: A) Me B ) Irish delicacies (whiskey.... I'll be bringing whiskey C) Sarcasm about your city and customs (or as, I think it was @Bosstralian who termed it... "piss & vinegar...." ) D) No concept of outstaying my welcome Thank you so much for the invitation - we have 6 months to learn how to periscope for the rest of the Lakers!
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    Is this not just the cutest thing?!
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    Our azalea bush out front is looking spectacular this year, best it's ever been.
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