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    I've been struggling over the last few weeks. It's been a chore to just get out of bed. Even going to bed has been a tough one. I'd say the majority of my sleeping has been getting done on the couch. Just bad times. Anyway, today I think, right, I'm going to put some Bruce on, stick my head phones on, and at least have that on my side. I put the phone on shuffle, and I myself shuffled out into the garden. First song, Badlands, Uniondale, New York 1980. The Once Upon A Time In The West intro, gorgeous, sad, and to me, filled with my regrets and sadness right now. And then that song. The vocal alone is enough to smash a depression into the corner of a room and leave it winded, but those words are like a spell, and that sax is like a wand. and that depression is getting more than a winding. Max just stomped it through the floor with his kick drum foot and Steve's shouting a curse down that hole after it. Then...Born To Run, studio version. Oh god, this recording, the job they did with the remaster, this song is actually the guard of all dreams and visions, and even the thing I thought I'd given up on, love; suddenly I am actually hearing it mean something again, when he's singing that he wants to know if love is wild and if it's real, I'm singing it too. And then it ends, but Rochester 2016's Born To Run counts in, and he sings it like a young man. the guy still has the need. There's no bullshit when he's breaking that trap, he means it, and so he makes me feel it. And then, as if that wasn't enough, Rochester, Dancing In The Dark, comes up. Literally my life. Even the upside down days and nights. This guy is on my side. That's who he is. He's the guy that's on your side when it's gone wrong and it looks like it's only going to get wronger. He never gives up on you. "Lights out tonight trouble in the heartland...let the broken heart stand as the price you've got to pay...keep pushing till it's understood that these Badlands start treating us good.. I want to spit in the face of these Badlands...it's a death trap it's a suicide rap...let me in I want to be your friend I want to guard your dreams and visions...I want know if love is wild I want to know if love is real...we're going to get to that place where we really want to go and we'll walk in the sun but till then tramps like us baby we were born to run...I get up in the evening and I aint got nothing to say, I come home in the morning, I go to be feeling the same way, I ain't nothing but tired, tired and bored with myself...Radio's on and I'm moving round my place, I check my look in the mirror I wanna change my clothes, my hair my face...I ain't getting nowhere living in a dump like this, there's something happening somewhere, I just know there is...you can't start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart..." Tattoo that over my heart please.
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    had a drink with Kiwiprofessor and Mrs Kiwi definatly better than going back to an empty hotel room and getting the Bruce Blues ok last things first I'm sure you heard him but he said they be back I'm prepared to take that lltterly Kiwi and his Mrs were heaps better company than a bunch of rick drunk bitches it was way better going to see a concert not right off of Mum's funeral the crowd actually knew the songs Jake is awsome on the cow bell Nils got to shine and the crowd got to appreate his amazing talent Bruce looks delectable up close 41 Shots is unbelievably powerful and sobering in person candy's room should be 16 min long I love Youngstown it was as good as it was on LINYC oh man I'm tired ....
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    I traveled to hell to see Bruce Springsteen, it cost me my soul. But to be fair the sunderland show was very good.
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    it might look like that on paper and it might have been the last night of the tour but Bruce certainly brought plenty of energy to Auckland I have followed ever set list from this continuation of the river tour except one I have almost all the downloads Bruce is never disappointing Badlands BTR 10th Av promised land love love love them unquestionably and unconditionally these are stadium shows in front of a mixed crowd my shows have never been in arenas yet every show has had its highlights for me we got candy and 41 Shots I love Youngstown I'll get over the fact prove it had no intro by the time I have the nugs release it's impossible to please everyone think pack to Perth 1 with that to do for setlist and the crowd didn't buy into it (bastards) I wish my sister could have been at this show tonight I always want them to be longer because I never want them to stop but we are where we are and there is nothing we can do about it except remember to be greatful Bruce came on tour this far south to begin with
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    Well I've made it to work in time (just). I know there's not long left of the show but I hope you all enjoy the rest of it. Thats it folks. Can you believe it! The past few weeks have flown by haven't they? Well, the past year, actually. It's been a pleasure to spend many a sleepless night and early morning with you all. And now we wait for what's next! Whatever that might be and whenever it may be. It makes it a little easier for me knowing I have my pilgrimage to Asbury Park to look forward to in a few weeks however but whatever happens, I look forward to what's next with you all. Thank you again for your company. Now I'm off to work 9-5 and somehow survive until the night! X
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    Thank you everybody for all the posts and threads on this tour, sure has been fun! I didn't manage to be here for this particular leg, but I loved being here with you guys to witness dozens of memorable Bruce concerts: The first full 'The River' performance of the tour in Pittsburg (I'll always remember how nuts we went when they played the "Here She Comes" intro to I Wanna Marry You) with a stunning Backstreets and a David Bowie tribute; How we complained when he kept playing the same setlists over and over again (still great sets!); The Greensboro no-show was probably the most talked issue I remember in this forum; Purple Rain was amazing with all the purple lightning - and this was just the first leg! We did talk a lot about them now playing 'The River' album in Europe, and I too wished they had, but when I did get to go to a E Street Band show I couldn't care less about what he played. My first Bruce concert!! I was so excited and it was just an amazing day I will never, ever, forget. We watched a couple of Santas on stage in Manchester (in May ), three amazing Gothenburg concerts featuring amazing performances of Tunnel Of Love, Shackled And Drawn, Lucky Town and a full 'The River' on the third night; Two amazing concerts in Paris with a fantastic Reason To Believe, Into The Fire, Nebraska, Iceman and the first ever 'The River' in Europe. Remember when he played New York City Serenade in Rome and we thought that may be the only performance on the tour? How wrong were we haha! When the first leg started with New Jersey's 4 hour show(s) we were so thrilled! Great performances including a brilliant Jack Of All Trades and a firework-filled Jersey Girl which had me in tears. And then... Metlife's 3rd night. Probably the most surprising show I've ever seen and how awesome was that?! Then the rest of the tour was filled with highlights and I couldn't ask for better company to follow the tour. Unfortunately, as I said, I wasn't able to follow this leg with you guys but I think you were fine without me haha! Great setlists and pretty cool shows as far as I can see! I'm really happy for @Daisey Jeep on this two last shows, I hope she had a good time! And maybe on the next tour @Paolo's Circus Story's sources will tell the truth! Finally (sorry for the long post), thank you all for the company. We'll be here when Bruce decides to tour again and we'll have a lot of fun again! Can't wait!
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    I just got another text from my sister saying how much she loved the concert (chch) I mean how wonderful to decover Bruce like Cecilia Sweden did and all you '78ers did - live we have talked more and been more friendly since .... maybe the last 40 and a half years - there is 5 years between us and we never got on right from when my parents brought her home from Queen Mary maternity hospital maybe that was what this tour was about, not about getting prove it with the intro or Kitty's Back (although I'm still envious of those of you that got those setlists) Bruce is my constant in a life lacking in constant I read his book and he seemed to talk about forgiveness and moving on with his early family difficulties I survived my mother's funeral with hardly a trace of bitterness or the chip that was permanently on my shoulder Bruce did that His book that made me buy my sister a ticket at the very last minute to my sister's credit she did do a little homework and many of the songs she recognized (probably not as many as the OH knows ) and the songs she didn't know didn't matter because she was in a good crowd in her stand who did know the words and weren't drunken out of their trees so she got to appreate the shear spectacle and all the energy and wonder and magic that is Bruce Springsteen and the ESB she understood the importance of C and Danny during 10th Av and knew that Jake was his nephew she knew that Soozie wasn't Patti she knew Steve and loved Max when he comes back we have to take my neice because she loves the drums and my sister said she would have loved Max plus my sister liked Nils and I'm a big fan of Nils so I am teary but maybe a little of that is just sweat summer has arrived and maybe it's time to play the wild the innocent and E Street shuffle (the remasters are the best) after all
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    Now, there is something that I missed. Something that i think that I should mention. As we left the show, we were waiting behind the Western Stand, the path was blocked by security. I could see a cop car with flashing lights. I thought,'Oh crap, someone is in trouble' then the cop slowly inched forward passed us where it paused, then it hit me, this is no emergency, this is an escort, and in the black SUV behind the cop, was the man himself. The window was down, as he went he waved out to us!! Then came the SUV with Roy and Garry, both waved but by then the motorcade drove pass. Even for a brief moment, the man that I admire so much actually saw me! It may never happen again. And even if he could stay longer, what could I possibly say to him? I had plenty I wanted to say, but where do I start? It was better that the motorcade sped away. I will take a few seconds of a meeting than nothing at all! And all this was done with out a selfie, phone or someother device, it simply was The Moment, that no device could capture.
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    Start-time: 6:25am, GMT / 19:25PM, Daisey's time / 1:25am, EST / 0:25am, CST Darlo County Working on the Highway Glory Days Johnny 99 Prove It All Night My Love Will Not Let You Down Out in the Street Hungry Heart My City of Ruins Wrecking Ball (River Tour Rarity) The River Youngstown American Skin The Promised Land Candy's Room Because the Night The Rising Badlands It’s time to answer the questions of the evening! And they are as follows: Does the hero get the girl? Does her mama come down and stop her? Does her daddy come down and ring his neck? Does he end up broke, busted and disgusted! The answer to these mysteries and others will now be revealed... ROSIE COME OUT TONIGHT! Backstreets Born to Run Dancing in the Dark (THE STORY OF A BAND!) Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (E-FLAT) Shout Bobby Jean (YOU THINK IT'S ALL OVER) (LIVE RARITY) Thunder Road (SOLO ACOUSTIC) End-time: 9:19am, GMT / 22:19PM, Daisey's time / 4:19am, EST / 3:19am, CST Show-time: 2hrs54mins What a crazy morning. I never imagined it would be so enjoyable while not having clear Scopes to watch. It shows the power of the community that we're all able to get along in troubled times when a lack of Bruce and a stop-start Scope stream could have had us in a really bad way. As far as end of tour 'thank yous' go... Firstly, @AMIW, many thanks for consistently night after night making these SLV's for us to converse in. Your hard work to find content to post and facts about cities doesn't go unappreciated! The rest of you Lakers, it's been a fantastic month talking to you all before, during and after shows. It's been great following journeys whether that be surviving the dangers of animals in Oz, or the journey of baking cakes, or getting ready for work, or even getting/staying up for a show. I guess there's been memories made despite not even being at a show for a lot of us! Here's to the next tour (and many more to come!) and here's to the next SLV! Raise your Espresso Martinis! Keep tuning into Greasy Lake because my sources tell me there's a Greatest Springsteen Covers poll on the way starting tomorrow! It's gonna be a hoot!
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    So, that's it then. Have truly loved following this tour from afar, some of the best and funniest SLV's, great photos of the band and, perhaps more importantly, fellow Lakers having so much fun. Let's hope it's not too long before we are all doing this again.
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    I know we all think that this set list is a bit random, but let's be honest, who wouldn't give their left arm to be there right now???
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    I never got to meet The Big Man properly, i did come close, he breezed by me and many others outside The Merrion in Dublin, he gave lots of high fives to us fans as he breezed by us mere mortals. I was about two feet away from the man, his smile and aura was just fucking beautiful, having met Roy and Garry a few minutes earlier my bottle had well and truly gone by then as i made a tit of my self so i didn't say anything. If only i could have had a moment with him, just one or two seconds just to tell him how much i love him. I miss him. Jake has done the impossible, he has done good, very good, The Big Man will be proud.
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    I make a bit of rock jewellery as a hobby, mostly Bruce related but anything is considered when people request it, I thought I'd try a bit of 2 level etching over the last few days and this is the result of a few practices...3mm thick stainless steel, roughly one and half inches in length...the best thing I've done so far
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    You're right. I will. I need to get a few things in order first workwise, and I promise a series of reviews. But first let me tell you what happened to me yesterday. After a solid final show at Mt. Smart the night before, we (Ms. Bear and I) rose early to get a quick breakfast with Grace and see her off. She is spending a couple of weeks travelling around NZ, and so she needed to be on a bus to Taupo at 9:00. Breakfast over, we had organised a late checkout prior to our 3:25 flight home. Now I should say that for the past few weeks I have been struggling with the pit lurgy, and probably due to many appalling lifestyle choices, I have not been able to shake it. Yesterday it was particularly bad but I was looking forward to returning to a life of normality, and hopefully, a reasonable state of health. We packed, checked out and headed out to the airport. Sitting in the cab I had a sudden thought. Not a good thought either. I am a frequent traveller and I have learned the value of routine and organisation. I always keep my passport in the same place in my travel bag, which I guard with my life. Passport. I don't remember putting it in it's safe place. Check. It's not there. Remain calm. Go through the other compartments in my bag. Nope. Ms. Bear, did you pick up my passport for some reason? Nope. Are you sure? Yep. Oh. This is going to be interesting. Knowing my daughter pretty well, I surmise at this point that my passport is probably on a bus on it's way to Taupo. This is later confirmed to be correct. We arrived at the airport and got out of the cab. Had a careful check through the suitcases, all the while knowing that it wasn't going to be there. No problem, I just have to get home to Melbourne without a passport. How hard could it be? We had plenty of time. So I thought I would ask the woman at the information desk. Oh, you can't travel without a passport! You need one! Really? But what if I don't have one? You need one! I quickly realised there was nothing for me there and decided to go and have a chat to the Air New Zealand desk. The first women I spoke to was very doubtful, and helpfully suggested that as the Australian Consulate is closed on Sundays I might be best to start thinking about an extended stay in Auckland. But she agreed to seek higher counsel, and soon I was in the hands of a very capable supervisor. Do you have any photo ID? Yes, I have a Victorian Driver's licence. In that case, we might be able to swing it. First, a phone call to Customs in Melbourne to see if they will take in the prodigal son travelling on a driver's licence. It turns out they will. All I had to do was tell them my mother's maiden name. A lot of people wanted to know my mother's maiden name yesterday. Then a call to NZ customs to see if they would let me leave. They couldn't wait to get rid of me, so that box was ticked. Then the departure gate had to be told that I should be let on the plane sans passport. Thunderbirds are go, so I headed up to customs. Blank looks ensued but a supervisor was called. Yes, I know about this. Come with me. sit there. What's your mother's maiden name.? Much typing into a computer followed, and while I was waiting a very small pianist wandered through the departure line - just another tourist on his way home. We have bumped into various band members a few times during the odyssey, and I am always struck by how short they all are. I have considered making a sign for Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work we go, but I figure that would be a bit mean. Customs are happy and send me on my way. Into the departures area and I find Ms. Bear and we get some lunch. Won Ton Noodle soup which is not too bad. While we are eating Ms. Bear points out that Steven VZ is buying something at the shop across from where we are sitting. He is dressed in his pajammies of course, but no-one is bothering him. A very small guitarist who sometimes like to spin around when soloing, then wanders over to the rubbish bin next to me to put something in. He notices me do a double take and smiles and asks how I'm doin'. I tell him I'm good and I thank him for the shows. He tells me no problem and wanders off on his way. Lunch is over and we have a couple of hours to kill, so as I always do, I wander over to the newsagency/bookshop to browse for a while. I'm standing in front of the non-fiction section, holding a copy of Insane Clown President by Matt Taibi, when I realise that a little guy in a brown leather jacket has shuffled up next to me and is checking out the magazine rack. It's the same little guy that has caused me all this trouble over the past few weeks by playing all these shows in different places. I'm six inches away from Springsteen. What do I do? Should I interrupt his magazine browsing to say hello, or just leave him be? I decide to leave him be, put Matt Taibi back in the rack and start flipping through SPQR - A history of Ancient Rome by Mary Beard. In the end, I decide that my iPad already has enough books on it for the moment, and so I head out of the store. We move upstairs for more waiting and catch up with Pat, who is heading home on the same flight. As we are drinking coffee and chatting, Bruce, Steve, Nils, Charlie, Soozie and Max all walk past us in a group on their way to Gate 6. It's a little surreal. No-one at all is bothering them. Off to the gate and more explaining. I was a little disappointed that no-one wanted to know my mother's maiden name, but soon I was on the plane, and about four hours later, I was confidently striding towards the Australian Border Protection Services. In Australia they have this tv show - Border Security - that shows all the stupid things people do when trying to enter the country. Usually it's a whole lot of snake eggs, or "health" supplements, or such things that make for interesting tv viewing, but I was wondering if they might be looking for some fool trying to enter Australia armed with nothing but a driver's licence and his mother's maiden name. Turns out they weren't Another blank look. Another supervisor. Another maiden name. I was through. Home. It's Fitz-George, by the way.
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    Where do I start? Well, the Mrs and I loaded up the car on Saturday morning and headed up to Auckland from Marton. This is about a 6 hour drive. we stopped at Taupo for something to eat, and contuned with our trek. As we arrived on the Southern Motorway in Auckland, we hit the traffic and crawled along at snail's pace. What seemed like an eternity, we arrived at our off ramp, and had an easy run to our hotel. After refreshing ourselves up, we walked down to Britimart (the train station), and I was impressed. Let me say, that before they built the train station at Britomart, this place was a dump. It was nothing more. It use to remind me of the dirty 1970's cop shows look. But now, very upmarket, and they even had a Tiffinays. The trains were free, if you had a ticket, and after a 15 minute trek (and listening to some fans on the train singing Dancing In The Dark) we walked about 10 minutes to the stadium and found our way to our seats. By this time, the band Jet had finished. Feeling a bit parched, I asked Mrs V is she would like a coke, yes, so I looked at the queue in front of me, not moving to the bar tent, I shrugged and went to the back. Mrs V yelled at me and she was told if I go to the oppoiste side, there are plenty of more bars, so I quickly walked, keeping an eye on my watch (it was 7pm by this time) found a Mr whippy (Ice cream truck) that was selling coke, got them, and high-tailed back to our seats. At 7.30, it started. Bruce gave us ride to Darlington County and reminded us that there is plenty of work on the highway to get there. (I wondered if he had driven up from Marton that day as well, because we saw plenty of road works) then we told about our glory days on the road. We were told about the tragic life of Ralph, better known as Johnny 99. Bruce wanted us to prove it all night and that his love would never let us down, and lets find some fun out on the street where some have a hungry heart. But we can't forget fallen friends in the city of ruins, but it will be okay because that wrecking ball will changes things for the better. We were told about the teen angsts of teen pregnacy down at the river, then Bruce reminded us that all is not well in the US with Youngstown and 41 Shots, even with an idiot in the White House, but he told us to believe in The Promised Land, Candy was there, because the night belongs to lovers, and no matter what, put your hand in mind and we will go up to the rising. Even in these Badlands, Rosie will still come out tonight, and we wont' forget that bond we made when we were out on them backstreets. Born to Run reminded us that we can find that place,even if we have to dance in the dark, and Bruce told us his story and the band's story, and lets' shout in celebration, we liked the same music and we can find what we are looking for down Thunder Road. After the journey, we moved in masses back to the train, walked back to our hotel, slept, drove back to Marton, but taking a detour to Rotorua and seeing the mud pools, then bringing it all home again. This moring, I reflected on what we saw. It was a show of hope, anger, redemption, faith, love and frienship. You simpluy can not ask for more. Thank Bruce, for visiting our little part of the world. We never got to see you in the 1970's or 80's or even the 90's, but it was well worth the wait. See you next time. Mark
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    Bobby Jean played between Shout and TR. Bruce last words from stage: "SEE YOU NEXT TIME"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    "There's nothing more important than playing in Bruce & The E Street Band" "There's still nothing I'd rather do than play "Badlands" or "Darkness on the Edge of Town." http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/max-weinberg-on-bruce-springsteen-health-scares-slipknot-w470361 "If Bruce called today and said, 'We're going to do another six months,' I would have let out a yell of exhalation," Weinberg says. "I'd be happy to do it." - I'd be pretty happy with that too. I really do love Max.
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    I grabbed the poor man twice at the last Sydney gig, sat in the front row a few feet from him at one of his solo gigs, talked to him (along with a dozen others) after that show and the next one, had him twice point to me and laugh when I was the only person in my section on my feet (i.e. pretty much always!!!) but my favourite interaction was non-verbal and at a distance of at least 10 metres. I was two rows behind the pit at Hope Estate, dead centre on top of the ‘bump’ with a fabulous view and thought I was right in his eye line. I was being my usual dippy self and started doing weird movements above my head with my hands. Bruce took both hands off his guitar and did them back to me and laughed. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE been so pleased to have someone laugh at me. Very sad but true.
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    Auckland Status update It's mid morning here in Parnell (an inner suburb of Auckland). I have sitting in a cafe, having just polished off a very nice omelette with tomato, mushroom and swiss cheese on ciabatta. Vegetarian for those that care (although I am a confirmed omnivore). We have a mixed household. One vegetarian, one vegan and three meat murderers. Dinner times often see various styles of meals served. Anyway, back to it. It's Saturday morning and I have a little time to myself. Ms Bear and Grace have headed into the city to pick up some of that most essential commodity - shoes. No Andrew, they didn't drive all night for them - it's a five-minute walk. It's 24 and sunny here. A glorious Auckland day. This really is a beautiful place. In a couple of hours we will be making our way down to the harbour to meet the extended crew for lunch and a few pre-show lubricants. We did the same thing for the last show here three years ago, and I hope today will be just as much fun as that one was. I managed to avoid the big night last night, (I was expecting a "Harden up Princess" from the patron of the SLV), and have tried to call some of the others. No-one is answering yet, so presumably they are catching a few late Zeds before a big day. It's tempting to start reflecting on the tour as a whole, but I'll resist until it's over. It's going to be great fun today, but it would be nice to have a few more of the gang along with us. When Bruce strolls out tonight and says "Good Evening Auckland. This is for Daisey..." and launches into that cat song, I'll be thinking about you all - Karen, Nige, Jo, Barb, Ellen, Hannah, Eoin, Sian, Ian and all the others along the way that were a huge part of my campaign, but fell along the wayside. I am advised that shoes have been acquired, and Grace is off to the Art Gallery. Plans for lunch have now been made. All is in order I'm going to have another coffee, and catch up on the news back home with a quick perusal of The Age. Sleep well in Euroland. Once more unto the breach, dear friends. Once more.
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    In case you'd like to hear it and haven't..... beautiful
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    I posted a 20 min version of this and it was deleted a few weeks ago. There's a new version just come online. Download if you can. I've watched 15 mins, it's fascinating.
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    I haven't commented on the setlist, but I've got nothing better to do so I may as well kill some time until Sunderland concede against Everton... I didn't find anything wrong with it honestly. I've seen 16 of the 26 songs today played live myself, 15 if you differ the solo Thunder Road from the full-band, so the way I look at it; My Love Will Not Let You Down, American Skin, Candy's Room, Because the Night, Rosie, Backstreets, Bobby Jean etc. I'd love to hear these live, they're class in my opinion. I know what people mean in their dissatisfaction though, it's two-fold: 1) it's the last show of the tour, so people are expecting something extraordinary. My mind's been thinking of the Uncasville show of 2014, where fans were treated to six tour premieres and a world premiere. I've said this before, I'll say it again though, that's the Wrecking Ball/High Hopes tours raising expectations of spontaneity massively, because let's be honest towards the end of 2013 leading into 2014, Bruce just said 'fuck it' and played anything and everything. So with that said, when you're expecting something spectacular tonight, Darlo County and Working on the Highway starting didn't exactly fill everyone with glee. On subject of those two songs... 2) Today I read the words random and non-sensical a lot, but at the end of the day, if those first 4 songs were played after Candy's Room, it'd just be a standard set-list, it was all just a refreshing change of position - something I've seen people recently comment on relating to songs being played at certain points. Oh, and one more thing, this whole E Street Band touring thing, it's not going to last forever, in reality (here's the scary, sad, negative part) there's 10 years at max left for this band to give us magical moments, so just enjoy it while you still can. In 15 years time when you're gutted because the greatest thing to ever happen to you music-wise is gone, you don't want to be looking back thinking, "fuck, I wish I'd relished them properly when I had the chance."
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    Sooooooo.... I go to Asbury Park TOMORROW
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    Saw this on the Twitter. Thought it might interest The Lake. https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/mary-487-thunder-road-neptune-nj
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    A new live album. Live 1985-2017 A ten CD super duper deluxe release with an additional unseen DVD.
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    Excellent post, it puts things into perspective very well. First of all I'll lay my cards on the table, I'm a veteran (unfortunately in the true sense of the word as well as Bruce terms) of 90 shows and according to my stats taken from MyBosstime 276 different songs in those shows, so new songs are now relatively few and far between for me. This year's been a good year for new songs, in 9 shows covering US/UK/Europe, Meet Me In The City, 7 off The River, Travelin' Band, Iceman, None But The Brave and Jole Blon, so 12 in total. Today's set list would have been a personal disappointment if I'd been there BUT I'd put a lot of money on the fact that the audience had a blast. Unless they've travelled, Kiwis have had only 5 (that's FIVE) opportunities to see the band since 2003 with 4 of those being relatively recently, 2014/2017, and none before that. The fact that this show was a tour closer is in practice irrelevant for people expecting a rarities show, it's a show for people who want to see the best band the world's ever seen (my opinion and I'd argue the toss with anyone) and have had few oportunities to do so. I've been critical of a lot of this tour's set lists to friends who are long term fans but it's always been a personal gripe. I've come away from some shows on this tour somewhat underwhelmed but that's probably been more a case of familiarity breeding a low level of contempt on my part than anything else. I've accepted the fact that while the band plays stadia rather than arenas, which I can't see changing anytime soon, "popular" setlists are what we're likely to get and I can live with that if it means this train keeps on rolling. I've been spoilt in the shows I've seen and can't begrudge other people getting great pleasure from what's given me great pleasure in the past --- I remember when these setlist "warhorses" were new and we all loved them. As you say Paolo, enjoy the ride while you can, they won't be there forever and for someone every song played is the one they've waited a lifetime to hear.
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    They closed down the Wi-Fi in Auckland late last night Lakers went out looking for Scopes but they couldn't find none
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    Daisey is scoping but in keeping with the average technical competence of us Lakers it's just old recorded episodes of CSI:Miami and some local weather forecasts.
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    My name ... very nervous when I first signed up, panicked and put my name in the wrong place. Photo was taken the day before the Glasgow concert in '93 - at rehearsals at the SECC. We were having a meal when somebody suggested heading over to see if a rehearsal was going to take place - we stood about in the rain and then saw 'the' white van coming in. Bruce got out, went in and then a stable-door-type-thingy opened ... Bruce ...Bruce was standing there. I've gone all peculiar just thinking about it. Unforgettable.
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    Bruce is at stage number 2 on the road to dressing classy. Stage 1, all black, very cool look just missing something Stage 2 all white, very cool look, still just missing something. He'll eventually suss out Stage 3, mix the two of them together Stage 3, Black and White stripes Cool as fuck
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    Thanks all. I'm not easily stopped. I'll get there. The real thing is that that's what he gives. That feeling that you're not ready to stop yet. You ain't beat. His writing lives though the acknowledgment of the trials, and the absolute refusal to give them the day. He's not about simplistic, 'positive thinky' sloganeering, there's a refusal to ignore the sadness and the badness. That's why it resonates when he tells you about the 'land of hope and dreams' or the 'place in the sun' or ' the promised land'. They're real because he allows living with the sadness, the train carries whores and thieves and refugees and everyone else too. I've never listened to his music and felt I didn't measure up. He writes with a magnanimity that is rare. I value that more than pretty much anything in song or literature, that I've come across.
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    Those of us who have seen dozens and dozens of shows should think about those 30+ year fans who might be seeing their first or second show and are having their own dreams come true.......I remember my first show 30+ years ago as a 17 year old kid, and the recording of that night still gives me chills.....(thanks Jim!) Sometimes we think "OMG Glory Days again" while someone right next to us is losing their mind, because they have waited 30 years for that same moment I couldn't be happier for those of you catching your first or one of your very few shows you have been privileged to see, your experiences this last month reminded my of my original passion for this music, and I thank you for that.
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    ....next time it's close and has a 24 hour front desk as I'm on my own here . staff very smiling and friendly I'm moving to Italy! his mother must be so proud oh you gave me such wonderful advice thank you also about the pushing you were right to the letter this girl rushed up behind me in a mist impolite way with an arm on either side of me. please let me touch Bruce she kept screaming I unwrapped her arm unceremoniously from around by right side and dumped it on my left side so I resisted and stood my ground
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    it wasn't Bruce by numbers the greater crowd loved it it had a few numbers for the seouse fan who had not been to the previous 20 shows Bruce taylors it to the crowd it must be nice for him to see different faces he looks so happy playing darlington county and working on the highway I was in the presence of greatness last night it's Bruce's show he gets to deside what he plays it was fun I admit I looked for those violin music stands and wondered why ? but he put plenty of effort into the show
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    I have only been fortunate enough to see 5 shows all have involved expensive travel I have only ever had stadium setlists It's unfair to compair then with arena shows I am saving my pennies to go to NJ next time
  41. 15 likes
    Hokey was watching for a while got a bit bored with the set list then reverted to his normal position first thing in the morning
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    Please don't let us have setlist complaining on here. When Daisey, Mark and others get back to read this, they will not want to hear moaning. It is very deflating when you have had a great evening, as I am sure they are doing.
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    I seriously think Bruce should consider doing a 2 night spell. First night stadium, play all the hits for the casuals, second night arena and people only allowed in after they have passed the Bruce knowledge test and promise never to talk through a song!
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    Every Scope dies, baby that's a fact, but maybe someday a Scope'll come back.
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    He probably has the best Bruce Springsteen bootleg collection in the world.
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    I had no idea as to the severity of his health problems. 13 hour open-heart surgery where his heart was removed, cancer surgery, hand surgery, and he states that he doesn't really tire at the end of the night, his body seems to adapt. You're a beast, Max, a terrific beast.