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    Oh dont be fuckin stupid FFS He's nearly 70 years old for crying out loud. Let him do what he wants, he's earned it. The only " shame " is from "fans" who moan about every fucking damn thing he does. "disheartened " fans like you make me "disheartened" How the fuck can you moan about Bruce Springsteen ?? disheartened my fucking arse !!!
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    On this day in 1972, Bruce Springsteen signed to Columbia Records. Thanks John Hammond and Mike Appel.
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    This happened on this day in 1985 and here in 2017, it remains THAT moment for me. I could write an 20,000 word essay on why, but I'll not bore you. It was just the perfect moment for me.
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    Bruce gets up in the evening and he hasn't got a lot to say.
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    This time last year I was gearing up to seeing Bruce live for the first time ever! Honestly one of the best experiences of my life! MY SIGN GOT PICKED!!!!! HE OPENED WITH WAITING ON A SUNNY DAY!!!! (And yes I love it!) I came out of the concert slightly delerious and exhausted but so so so happy! Queuing from two o clock and navigating the asiles at Hampden well got me and my friend amazing spots in the pit (Though I'm coming for the roll call next time!) Here's some photos I took from that wonderful day
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    Following a rare moment of lucidity, I have another small piece to add to my earlier recollections. On the first visit to the Student Prince in 1971, Vini Lopez introduced me and my friend to Bruce and Steven as they were leaving the bandstand for a break following the first set. For all intent and purposes, the place was nearly empty. I remember about a dozen, and in his autobiography, Bruce had the figure at 15. At any rate, we were introduced as Bob and Bob from Metuchen. Obviously, we shared first names and resided in the same town. So what did Bruce say to us? Now remember that the place is nearly empty and the $1.00 a person cover jar is not overflowing with money. There are Bruce, Steve, Vini, Gary, Danny, David, 2 or 3 back-up singers (colored girls), and one or two horn players to split the meager till that evening. Bruce just smiles and says, "How you boys enjoying the show"? Those were his exact words! The band continued to play through the rest of the evening and never once did they lose their enthusiasm or professionalism. Unbelievable! After nearly 46 years, I'll never forget his/their sense of mission and perseverance when lesser beings might have called it quits or half-assed their way through the rest of the performance. Thanks for indulging me.
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    Miss you Big Man six years ago today 18.6.2011
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    Praise be the lord ! I wished and prayed for a lotto win to get me to theses shows and FFS I did it i got a lotto win tonight ..un fuckin',, believable ! Broadway here i come...how far can £25 for 3 numbers get me btw
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    Bruce is getting older just as we all are. It's a sad thing really. But I believe he will play for as long as he can in one way or another...and however he does it will be pure class.
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    So Bruce has a friend who's not a very a big baseball player
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    Hi again folks Here is some more photos from our tour with Stan. I'm on most of the photos mycket daughter is the photographer. My wife is also on some of The photos Ulf
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    So pissed I didn't get tickets for this show. But a friend of mine was there so I'm happy for her.
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    As was already said, this could of been any of us, we've seen Bruce at that arena , but whether its in Manchester, Paris or anywhere and regardless of which type of music we enjoy , we are all one big music loving family ! so we will continue to follow our passion and love of live music, continue to enjoy gigs and remember our fallen fellow fans. The scum that carried out this cowardly attack will NEVER win ! RIP all the fans lost last night, and may God be with their friends and family at this awful time . xx.
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    My Bruce pics aren't that good, so,I'll settle for a very happy Jones family shot!
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    I would never criticise decisions he takes about performing/touring. There may be many reasons why he is choosing to do this, but I would imagine staying close to home would be a big part of it. As has already been mentioned, he will be 68 when these shows happen and I'm sure being on the road takes a heavy toll on ones health, plus we know his mom is unwell and we know how important family are to him. Of course, I would love for him to bring this show on the road, and maybe he will. But, at the end of the day I am thankful that he has enhanced my life in ways I could never have imagined, whatever he chooses to do with the rest of his life, it's fine by me.
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    This was not an earthquake or a hurricane. This was a result of council cuts, fire brigade cuts, privatization of public housing, and the immunity and impunity of private landlords and of everything and everyone private in this system we call capitalism. When you put profits above humans you will someday reap pure, unadulterated and uncensored death and it won't be a physical phenomenon.
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    I haven't posted here in a while. Layla is almost 2, I can hardly believe it. We are having a heat wave....here is Layla girl in her pool. (The pool is 6 feet in diameter, just for reference.)
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    I'm trying without success to make an intellectual reply to say how important that day in 1972 was...i can't So I'll just say what i was thinking.... Thank fuck for that day in 1972
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    Hi folks Just returned after The 4 hour trip with Stan. Amazing tour we even met Bruce in his Range Rover leaving Red Bank. My wife's brother lives in Long Branch married to a jersey girl so we'll be staying at their house until friday when we go back to sweden. The highlight so far is the tour with Stan and The concert at Stone Pony with Keifer Sutherland. Also a big tanks to all the friendly locals we met during our stay. We've been travelling a lot mostly in Europe but I'm honest when I say that I've never met so many nice, polite and friendly People befordran. I enclose one photo of me at Stone Pony and more will be uploaded when I've sorted the photos from today Take care Ulf Sweden
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    I hope you don`t mind me posting this here but this is baby Luna she is getting stronger every day and is now doing well. I think she is in very good company on this thread, don`t you!
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    Borrowed a 100mm macro lens over the weekend. Only got 20 shots or so due to a lot of wind (makes impossible to shoot) and an upset tummy The best shots...
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    I think this is what the OP was referring to and it is indeed one of THE most glorious things I have ever seen. Could watch it all day.
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    This is hell on earth. I can not comprehend the fear of all the young children and adults who were there. The pain and suffering the families of lost loved ones must be heartache I could not imagine. My thoughts go out to all those who are going through this nightmare right now. And my hatred of the evil fuckers who did this atrocity continues to grow.
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    Taken today. Looks like Bruce is trying to figure out the best way to keep everyone happy.
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    Hugging people thef irst time you meet them? Unless there has been a fair amount of correspondence ahead of time and a relationship established of some kind, I would never hug someone I just met. ex - the first times I met S2S, mis, E, PT and many others here, I hugged them....but we had *known* each other for years by then.....just the first time meeting in 3D. But no way I am hugging someone that I have never had any prior interaction with....
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    I brought The Complete 72 Demos to work with me today. My co-workers are thrilled.
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    Here's Lulu, my sister's shih tzu, on her hols with us in Scotland last week. Oh, and the tortoise came too
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    RIP Chris Hunt (1951-2017), co-author of the first UK Springsteen book, 'Blinded By The Light' (1985) I first met Chris through fellow Springsteen fans and his mutual friends Neil Gibson and Julian ‘Max’ Soden, and went with Max to visit Chris at his Solihull home in 1980. Chris seemed to live on black coffee and cigarettes, always with his jacket and boots on – very rock’n’roll. You were immediately struck by his cool, laid-back, quiet manner, which drew you in and made you pay attention. Then he’d break the spell with a mischievous joke and a cackling chuckle; you quickly learned you could never take Chris too seriously, as he never took life too seriously himself. Painstaking as an artist and carpenter, however, Chris always impressed. Once in 1987, he remarked casually that he’d made his bed, and when I asked why he mentioned it, Chris clarified that he’d MADE his bed – he’d built it himself from scratch, and a beauty it was, too. As a Bruce fan, I was in awe of this veteran fan who’d not only seen one of the legendary Hammersmith Odeon shows in 1975, but along with Neil, seemingly alone amongst UK fans at the time, he had connections with major collectors in the US, and a staggering collection of vinyl, bootlegs and tapes at the time. He was the first fan I ever met who showed me a gold disc for ‘The River’ he was looking after for another collector. Chris designed tape covers in his own unique style, together with Max under the name ‘J.C. Enterprises’ (Julian and Chris). Some of these were featured in his amazing document, truly ahead of its time, ‘The Bruce Files’, an illustrated chronology of every known Springsteen performance and track listing, together with a family tree and notes of major events from E Street history. It seemed like the Holy Grail for collectors, even more stunning as it was compiled by a guy from the UK who’d never been to the US. Chris was as generous as he was meticulous in his research, and personalised copies he gave away, including one for me… one drawing in my copy featured Bruce holding up a sign saying ‘this one’s for you Dan’, as I imagine he did likewise for the lucky few. The Bruce Files definitely deserved a wider audience, and in 1985 Chris teamed up with our fellow fan friend, rock writer and author Patrick Humphries, and secured a publishing deal with Plexus Books for a joint Springsteen book, the first to be published by British authors. Its working title was ‘Reason To Believe’ (or ‘Streets Of Fire’) according to an early mock-up of the cover, but it was eventually published with the title ‘Blinded By the Light’, and is still fondly recalled and sought after by Springsteen fans and collectors over 30 years later. There is even a Japanese edition. The book included an original essay by Patrick and Chris’s catalogue sections, arguably making it the first real Springsteen reference book. I felt honoured to attend the book launch in Southwark, south London in August 1985, and receive an autographed copy. Over the next few years, as my own collection grew in Chris’s wake, I updated his original Bruce Files with pages of my own during Bruce’s 1980s career, and went on to create my own fanzine, partly inspired by the man’s work. The last time Neil and I and other friends saw Chris was at Paris in July 2016, where we got together on the occasion of Bruce’s two ‘River Tour 2016’ shows, sharing a happy rainy afternoon in a café and restaurant. Chris was there for just one show, the only one he’d see of that tour, and I remember beforehand we’d discussed what he hoped for; he said he’d prefer not to have a ‘full River album’ performance, as he had always liked the spontaneity of not knowing what could come next at a Springsteen show. Just Chris’s luck – he got the full album show. I hope he enjoyed it anyway. In early 2017 his heart condition was such that he urgently needed a major operation, which as an expected side effect caused kidney failure, and he had to have dialysis three times a week. An infection led to a coma and intensive care, and much as we knew of Chris as a fighter, we couldn’t help but fear the worst for him. On 29 May Neil and I heard the news we’d been dreading. That evening, we tried to console ourselves with a lively gig by Garry Tallent at Kinross. One of the songs Garry played was ‘You Never Can Tell’, and for me it was as if Chris was right there with us, tapping a foot and nodding along – he always loved Chuck Berry. As his local friend John said: in honour of Chris, play something loud – it’s what he’d want us to do. RIP my friend. A photo album in memory of Chris and some of his works: click on 'The Bruce Files' cover to view...
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    Bruce brings us all so much joy people from all walks of life gathering together to sing, dance and listen to the greatest live R and R performer there is. I will always remember the look on my Nieces face throughout the show ( a newbie) and her comment of "unbelievable " when the show finished, BRUUUUUUUUCE! roll on the next time.
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    Great sold out show in Kinross last night. Way exceeded expectations, and good to hear Break Time augmented with classic rock and roll. Band were first class too, as was support act Kevin Montgomery. Olivia was delightful, and Garry was amused by suggestions that Harry might turn up for London show. A few pics attached, (me and GT taken by Olivia)
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    Been to MEN Arena many times. Feel so so sad this morning. Live music is such a joy and to go to watch your hero and not make it home is just incomprehensible to me. I don't swear much but the people behind this are sick bastards and cowards
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    Just because i haven't been here in awhile .... A picture of my wonderful Honey who left much too soon but taught me about the wonders of dog ownership in a little less than 5 years.
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    Is he fuck testing our faith He's just doing want he wants, that's all. Those who abandon the train, will only fall off and bang their heads on their own egos
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    I haven't said anything about this today, but I've spent the day trying to marshal my thoughts. I wish I felt worse about this. But I just don't. I'm becoming numb to these events. We have no interest in fixing this problem (guns), yet over and over we cry our tears, pronounce our sorrow for the victims and condemn the shooter(s). Then we do absolutely nothing to solve the problem. Next week, or next month, we will have another horrific event like this. We will all scream according to our ideology, we will again shed tears, we will again condemn the shooter, and we will again move on. Until it happens again. Then we will repeat the same pattern. What we will not do is look at the one thing that is present in every one of these shootings. It won't matter whether it is an event like this or another one like the the Gabby Giffords shooting, Pulse nightclub, Sandy Hook, the Aurora theater shooting, the violence on the south and west sides of Chicago, whatever. It just won't matter. In case you didn't get it, I'm talking about guns, folks, and our easy access to them. Pretty much every civilized country in the world has figured this out. We certainly haven't. Roughly 70% of the country supports common sense gun legislation, starting with background checks and restrictions for domestic abusers and people with serious mental health issues. Yet Congress, due to immense pressure from the NRA and their crazier cousins, the GOA (Gun Owners of America), refuses to act. We can't even agree that it might be a good idea to not allow people on terror watchlists to get guns. Steve Scalise has a 100% voting record and an A+ rating from the NRA. Does anyone think that this will change his views or those of his voters? I'm really sorry. I do feel bad for the victims and their families. But I'm becoming numb. And I know that not a goddamned fucking thing is going to change. And that's our shame. We refuse to act. We all have blood on our hands. And there isn't enough hot water and detergent on the world to remove it. We might as well get used to it.
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    Latest pictures of Oscars new cousin. Two weeks til he joins the family and guess which muggins will be looking after him for his first few days??
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    Glen Affric Falls and rhododendrons at the Seaforth Estate, Dingwall. No more from Scotland, I promise!
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    Driving around our country I did have the chance to listen to the testimony. Certainly agree with @Power13 that anyone who was expecting some smoking gun revelation that was going to change everything were destined to be disappointed. I found his straightforward testimony refreshing in a age of equivocation and ass covering. That he was also not going to hold back became very obvious at the beginning when he noted that after meeting DJT he knew he had to start documenting his conversations with the President because DJT's character or lack there of, was so transparent. I have seen where people have defended DJT's use of the word "hope" as somehow merely that and not directive. I don't know - maybe in the Trump Organization when DJT or his minions told a subordinate they "hoped" something would happen that was all it was - an expression of a wish; maybe the same was true in Tillerson's ExxonMobil or any of the other companies the President's cabinent has come out of work that way - they just run around saying "I hope sales increase" or "I hope you get that report to me today" and it is of no consequence - but in Government I can tell you when your boss says "I hope X happens" - that is directive. I was also first puzzled about why people were saying Comey was a leaker, and then it dawned on me it was the release of memo's after he was fired. Of course that is the reason he wrote those memo's - to defend himself were he to be attacked. It was completely appropriate for him to be able to defends himself. It was bad enough the President sought to influence the investigation; it was worse that he fired the FBI Director for failing do his bidding; but the attacking him after he was fired was both pointless and will prove to be self-injurious to the President. Comey had no choice but to defend himself. I feel bad for the Mr. Comey; he made some misjudgments with the HRC investigation, because frankly I think he never imagined himself to be insuch a highly politicized environment. Although not he focuse of the hearing yesterday Loretta Lynch looked pretty bad by the time the testimony was complete. Comey has certainly been treading where few people have had to go before and I think he handled about as well as anyone who has integrity could. Comey has had career in federal law enforcement for almost 30 years with a few forays into the private sector given changing administrations. He has worked for both Republican and Democratic administrations - his reputation is impeccable - attacking him as a character issue is a losing propostion.
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    I'm gonna cry.
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    A few of these pictures were posted in the Bruce thread, but I know some of the men are afraid to venture over there, so I'll post them here too. Plus I thought I'd post an article that goes with it. Bruce Springsteen rides the tram, walks the Boardwalk in Wildwood A juicy rumor can travel through Wildwood faster than its iconic tram car. Sometimes it actually rides the tram car. Wildwood employee Mike Millard, restaurant owner George Papageorgiou and blogger Tony Deutsch were among the people who were stunned Thursday afternoon to see Bruce Springsteen strolling the Boardwalk and enjoying a trip on the trolley. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's presence in the resort immediately ramped up speculation that he will follow country music stars Kenny Chesney in 2012 and Tim McGraw in 2016 and stage a beach concert in Wildwood this summer. Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. was busy unlocking the ocean Friday and could not be reached for comment, but Facebook and other social media outlets were overflowing with suggestions it might happen. "I asked him if he would play a concert for us this year," Deutsch wrote Thursday on his Facebook page, Watch The Tramcar Please dot Com. "(Springsteen) said it would be cool. Then he drove away!" Springsteen, who owns a home in Colts Neck and a tree farm in Rumson, Monmouth County, arrived in Wildwood in a black SUV, parked it in a lot on Garfield Avenue and immediately hit the Boardwalk. Papageorgiou, owner of the Olympic Flame restaurant at Youngs Avenue and the Boardwalk, was chatting with friend Jason Breuss when Springsteen, clad in jeans, a white T-shirt, boots and a Philadelphia Eagles cap, walked up. "He approached us and asked us which (amusement) pier had a carousel," Papgeorgiou said in a phone interview Friday. "We told him to go to Mariner's Landing (at Morey's Pier) because I think that was the only pier that was open Thursday. "He was a really nice guy. He didn't have an entourage with him or anything. We asked if we could take a picture with him and he said, 'My pleasure.' I saw him again a few hours later riding the tram car and he saw me and actually waved." Celebrity sightings in southern Cape May County are not unusual. Last month, former "Happy Days" star and acclaimed director Ron Howard stayed at the Harrison Bed and Breakfast in Cape May. Actor and comedian Tina Fey visits the town every summer with her family. TV mogul Oprah Winfrey often stays at Congress Hall while visiting the area with longtime companion Steadman Graham, who was a standout basketball player at Middle Township High School. Actress Anne Hathaway once said she spent every summer of her life in Cape May. TV talk show host Kelly Ripa, a Voorhees Township native, and her family spend their summers in Wildwood. The Eastern Regional High School graduate returned there in February 2016 to watch her son, Joaquin, compete in a wrestling tournament at the Wildwoods Convention Center. Singer Taylor Swift spent her summers in Sea Isle City and Stone Harbor before moving to Nashville to pursue her music career. She was back in the area in 2011, eating at the Lobster House in Cape May. Springsteen has been known to make impromptu appearances in various towns in his home state, but was believed to be making his first trip to Wildwood. He could have been visiting his son, Sam Springsteen, who is a member of the North Wildwood Fire Department. Pictures and posts began appearing on Facebook on Thursday evening. Some people were impressed, while others expressed their displeasure over Springsteen's political stances. Others admittedly just don't care for his music. "You either love him or you hate him," Millard said Thursday night. Millard, a 43-year-old Lower Township resident, was sitting on the Boardwalk with his wife, Mary, when they noticed Springsteen riding on a tram car. They decided to stay and ran into him walking on the Boardwalk 20 minutes later, then asked him to pose for a selfie. "I'm a huge fan, so it was a very big deal to meet him," Mike Millard said. "I told him, 'I was raised on your music and now I'm raising our son (8-year-old Michael) on it and he said, 'Thank you.' In a way, he's the reason my wife and I got married." Mike and Mary, now 38, started dating in 1998. Up to that point, Mary wasn't all that familiar with "The Boss" and his music. That quickly changed. "When we had our first date, he picked me up and rolled down his car windows and played 'Thunder Road,'" Mary said with a laugh. "Now we go to his concerts as often as we can." Maybe, just maybe, the next one will be in Wildwood. LINK: http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/bruce-springsteen-rides-the-tram-walks-the-boardwalk-in-wildwood/article_f92ee5a8-c180-5aa3-bbfd-e7324c4a55c7.html Here are some of the pictures: Video: And for those of you that don't know what the tramcar looks like:
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    Couple of snaps from Wembley last year, for your pleasure....... Badlands, obvs.
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    Lulu wasn't as good as I thought she was going to be. She was tons better!!!! Kick-started the show with Shout! and her vocals never left the pedal/metal. She looks, sounds, and is amazing for any age--so much vitality, with such a palpable love of music. She had a five piece band with her and they were very talented. She did a number of duets with two different members, including a version of Daryl Hall's Wait for Me (she made a joke about the music critic who wrote a lovely write-up of the show the night before, but referred to the song as one of Lulu's new ones!) . She was very charming and candid but not rehearsed or "canned" in her patter. Of course, the big moment was her performance of "To Sir With Love." The room went completely quiet and you could just feel the collective intake of breath. She started out very much like the record, but then started to toy a bit vocally. It was fun to see my husband's face during the show--a smile never left his lips, nor mine--and when we were walking out, I saw the same dazed, happy smiles on everyone's faces. I was afraid she would be a bit "show-bizzy." but she was anything but. She was very in the moment. It was glorious. She's playing Asbury Park tomorrow night and I wish I could go relive the night all over again.
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    I feel the opposite. he looks to have dropped a lot of fat - fat aint good at any age, and for an intensely physical man, who thrives on exercise, I think it's probably a sign that he's feeling good. I really worry when see that he's put weight on through fat. At nearly 70, putting muscle on is very tough and unusual, but maintaining (as much as you can) and staying healthy outside of that is essential if you're going to remain active. Selfishly I want him to remain active, and I believe it is true that Bruce wants to remain active also, for his own reasons. Personally, I think he looks awesome in those pics.
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    Friendship is the most important thing about this place in my opinion. Obviously the fact that Bruce links us all is crucial, but if I didn't feel friendship and care coming and going across the world, I wouldn't still be here.
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    We are very much enjoying France and Italia. We have just arrived in Roma for the final leg of the tour. This turned out not to be where I was staying. Amalfi.