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  1. DC Roll call for Friday night!

    Finally got internet restored.  Laughing at all the comments from the "newbies" ; ) Looking forward to seeing everyone too, PattyC, VABossfan, CeeJay, Burgfan, Magnus and Bushmanj.  Really wish we were doing GA with everyone. Won't be arriving 'till around 5pm - probably won't get to see many of you pre-show since I knoq you'll make the Pit!  Sending positive energy for you! Keep me in the loop and maybe we can meet up after the show.   .        
  2. DC Roll call for Friday night!

    Russ and I will be there.  I lucked out and got a drop last week for seats.  Would love to meet up pre or post show and see everyone. Anyone had experience buying a parking pass in the decks around the Verizon Center?  Some say that they will stay open during Verizon events. Don't know whether to trust that or not.  Will check in from time to time when possible, we lost all internet service due to the snowstorm. Wishing luck to all those still looking for tix.    
  3. Bruce always draws us back in...what an amazing show!!  So happy for all who were there.  Looking forward to DC and hopefully seeing some familiar faces. My thanks to all who posted all the periscope links and updates. 
  4. Was just going to post that this setlist seems perfect for a summer night party with Bruce friends. Would've given anything to hear this setlist! Happy for everyone who was there!
  5. I can't believe

    I can't believe that either...seems like he was just born He is the most gorgeous baby - looks like an angel.
  6. the person below me

    no - wish I did. The person below me will pre-order the Darkness Set
  7. the question conversation

    I got to meet John Boy one time in Scottsville, Va, (when the series was popular), he was there for the dedication of an historical ferry! If the show comes on, I'll watch it. What is a favorite show to watch in Sunny Morpeth?
  8. where i have been (a to z)

  9. I Can't Wait For...

    for some cooler temps...but I don't want to wish the summer away.
  10. i like..

    sitting on the back screened porch at night with a glass of wine, listening to the crickets and watching the lightning bugs. (exciting stuff)
  11. I wish

    I could visit Daniel and Nico in Seattle
  12. I miss...

    my mother...
  13. the person below me

    false - I wish. The person below me still has summer vacation plans.
  14. the question conversation

    Thought I could, but had to turn off "The Shining" a while back if that counts as a horror movie. Are you ever afraid to stay by yourself?
  15. One Or The Other

    The Funk Brothers Martha and the Vandellas or Diana Ross and the Supremes