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  1. SMH over the entire post. My wife is not a "US Tramp" I suppose you would refer to her as a casual fan compared to those of us on GL. I I told Backstreets, Candy's Room, and Racing in the Streets were played last night. Her response? "WOW!" She would LOVE to have been at last night's show.
  2. Looks like DC is a warm-up for Philly!
  3. I am weak!! I just bought a GA for Friday. I could not talk it much longer! The MetLife shows had be wobbling, but after seeing Chicago's show, that put me over the top. If I missed Backstreets, Promised Land, or RACING in the STREETS on Friday , I could not live with myself.
  4. I would expect such an outlandish post from a NORTH Jersey guy.
  5. Should wait until after the River Tour.....too much to say.
  6. Yea baby! My daughter and I have GA for Wed. Should be there around 12:30 to be ready for wristband distribution. I don't have a ticket for Friday (yet). High prices scared me away initially. But I an weak and may to need to SOON succumb to my needs.
  7. Looks like Promised Land is now a standard. I hope so. Been awhile since I have gotten it.
  8. My wife plays the violin for the Philharmonic of Southern New Jersey, http://www.psnj.org/ I am trying to convince her to have them play in Philly for NYC Serenade. She needs to contact the Director, but she won't.