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  1. It was played at the Philadelphia Spectrum Oct 2009.
  2. Looks like LOOSE ENDS was on the setlist for Albany, but Be True appeared instead. So there is hope for me to get LOOSE ENDS on Friday!   I am glad that Bruce is adding another outtake. I hope it stays. 
  3. Happiness is...

    talking Bruce with my son
  4. 4 word feelings

    want to hear outtakes 
  5. Songs that link

    Island Girl
  6. Describe yourself numerically

    8 more days until Philly
  7. Songs A-Z

  8. Songs that link

    When the Lamb Lies Down in Broadway
  9. Songs A-Z

  10. Songs that link

    Summertime Blues
  11. I can't wait until spring to get some wooder ice and jimmies on my ice cream.
  12. Tell me you've had a Philly cheesesteak in Philly. 
  13. I needed  a day to recover after Newark. Got home 2AM and had to wake up 5:30AM for school/work. Quick turn around time. But I have been looking forward to posting my thoughts and words of appreciation. First and foremost, a special thank you to rosiejaneymary for being my ticket angel this weekend. It was a blast attending the show with her. She is a true Jersey Girl. So much so that I discovered that she has NEVER attended a concert at Wells Fargo or the old Spectrum in Philly. I am still shaking my head in disbelief. However, I won't hold that against rosiejaneymary. ( Not too late, Feb. 12 is just around the corner and there will be ticket drops...) Marsha is a great gal. It was great seeing VABOSSFAN. Yes, it was brief,Chris, but like you said we will need to reconnect longer in Philly. I can't believe it was 3 years since our adventure at MetLife. Now to the concert. First, the sound was incredible. Best sound ever for a Bruce concert and rivaled the sound system for U2 at MSG last July. I could hear clearly all of Bruce's words when speaking and in his lyrics. Each of the bands instruments could be heard. I thought I was going to miss the horns. But no, I really appreciated being able to hear the scaled down band so clearly. It was nice hearing Stevie's vocals. I suppose there is less "competition" without the backing vocalist this tour. It was amazing hearing The River start to finish. A true journey. And The Price You Pay!! Oy vey! I have been waiting years and years to hear it live and it was as powerful as I hoped. Atlantic City--I have heard it so many times but it still blows me away live. HUMAN TOUCH. Again, so powerful. I have always enjoyed Lonesome Day and Sunday was no exception. I was glad to hear it once again. 3 plus hours of emotion and fun! 10 days until PHILLY!       
  14. And a PHILLY Guy is now going!!  I just have to remember not to wear my Eagles jacket. I did that once at the IZOD 10 years ago and it wasn't pretty for yours truly. 
  15. My first Bruce concert in over 3 years. Tonight, thanks to my ticket angel, I am BREAKING THE DROUGHT! Surprise, surprise for me !