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  1. And start when I want to!
  2. We all know why Bruce did not start sooner to break the U.S. record.... (No curfew in South Philly BTW. ) What's up with the curfew? Are homes near by?
  3. Hey, Jack! Apparently staff at the Library were saying earlier in the week that there were no pre-sale. Now I am hearing there was one for donors. Phil
  4. Agree. And for Freehold (and NY?) it was announced the day of the sale. On top of that, a link was leaked to buy tix for Freehold before the actual on sale time. At least that is how I understand it.
  5. No luck. My daughter tried and was very frustrated how seemingly the site was unresponsive.
  6. Notice Bruce singles out NJ & Philly!
  7. Both are known for going the distance.
  8. I gotta stop looking at the map. I will be late to BTS night tonight. Oh, well, I can con't looking at it as the kiddos are working in class.
  9. Love the map, Staring at it is therapeutic in some way.
  10. He and Stevie did the cape thing both nights in Philly. The Boss has left the building.
  11. And No Surrender and Darkness were both on the original set list.