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  1. our new bathrooms
  2. Will Smith
  3. on the Road Again
  4. Only the Lonly
  5. And start when I want to!
  6. We all know why Bruce did not start sooner to break the U.S. record.... (No curfew in South Philly BTW. ) What's up with the curfew? Are homes near by?
  7. Hey, Jack! Apparently staff at the Library were saying earlier in the week that there were no pre-sale. Now I am hearing there was one for donors. Phil
  8. Agree. And for Freehold (and NY?) it was announced the day of the sale. On top of that, a link was leaked to buy tix for Freehold before the actual on sale time. At least that is how I understand it.
  9. No luck. My daughter tried and was very frustrated how seemingly the site was unresponsive.
  10. Notice Bruce singles out NJ & Philly!
  11. Both are known for going the distance.
  12. I gotta stop looking at the map. I will be late to BTS night tonight. Oh, well, I can con't looking at it as the kiddos are working in class.
  13. Love the map, Staring at it is therapeutic in some way.