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  1. Happy birthday, 53E!

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday Eric!
  2. so anyone here voting for Trump ?

    So, will this be Trump's official presidential salute if he's elected...?...
  3. U2 "Innocence & Experience-Live from Paris" now available for pre-order at Amazon. Comes out June 10th.
  4. Cop Killers

    dude...chill...in this country, you are much more prone to getting beat up/assaulted by cops if you're a minority.
  5. Cop Killers

    It just doesn't happen very often.
  6. Ejaculation is Murder

    Relax and & have pint.
  7. so anyone here voting for Trump ?

    Really....The "vast majority of Americans"? Idiot. He hasn't even won the vast majority of support from his own party yet.
  8. Ejaculation is Murder

  9. Ejaculation is Murder

    I know....It's a joke. Sit down & unbunch your jockeys dude.
  10. Ejaculation is Murder

    First, the pro-lifers argued that life begins at conception....Now, they're saying it actually begins at ejaculation... http://thatviralfeed.com/u7485p6846/pro-lifers-declare-ejaculation-is-murder--every-sperm-cell-is-a-life/79639/?pid=0
  11. ...& no one is carrying the torch better than this guy.
  12. Got a ticket in the pavilion. Anyone else going to this show?....Sat, Sep 3rd.
  13. ...& Then There Was One

    Here's a sobering thought. Trump will soon be getting classified briefings. Does that fucknut even know who our allies are. Guess it doesn't really matter. If he gets elected we wont have many allies left.
  14. ...& Then There Was One

    Kasich out.....& Donald Trump is now that much closer to the presidency. http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/04/politics/john-kasich-drops-out/index.html