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  1. Ok....so now what?.....
  2. CNN: Apparently "POTUS" is not taking the news well. He must be having a narcissistic breakdown at this point. Ryan's getting an earful. Expect a tweet any minute blaming Obama. FAIL
  3. True dat...true dat.
  4. Well, if old white men would just loosen up a bit...
  5. Oh all right.
  6. You must. It is there. This thread was intended with the spirit of humour in it. I must be bad at this because I don't think it is working.
  7. Funny how people piss on this board for it being "trivial' and other shit & still bother to come here and post. Life is so short. Get out if you still haven't found what you're looking for. No one's holding anybody hostage around here....It's so fucking simple. Where's the problem? Get the fuck out.
  8. Have you no dignity Judge?
  9. You do not see the similarity of the design?...
  10. Bannon would not allow it....& he is pulling the strings.
  11. For your next release, please try to be a little more original...
  12. Muslim group raises funds for victims... http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/24/europe/london-attack-muslim-crowdfunding/index.html
  13. Trump's art of no deal....Blame someone else.
  14. But.......She was married
  15. Wow!....This sounds absolutely awesome! Not my favorite album, but it does have it's place in pop music history for sure, and well worth celebrating. Anyone planning on going?