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  1. Lera Lynn

  2. Bruce and ESB 'Purple Rain'

    Objection Your Honor!
  3. Happy Birthday Karsten

    Happy Birthday and many thanks!
  4. Trump's New Target...Sanders Supporters.

    now that's just plain scary
  5. Talk about an unlikely group of voters to reach out to... http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/29/politics/donald-trump-bernie-sanders/index.html
  6. Both hands on the handle bar Bono!
  7. Cher..........& Robert Plant?........I dont see it.
  8. RIP Prince

    Back in the Fall of '84 I was lucky enough to have seen him three times on the Purple Rain tour. What amazing shows those were. Right up there with Springsteen. A massive talent and stage presence. This has hit me harder than all recent passings. He left an indelible mark on music and culture. That is his gift to us. I will miss him, but ahh....the music and artistry live on.
  9. RIP Prince

  10. RIP Prince

    No... I refuse to believe this
  11. I'm not a Baltimore peep proper. I live in the DC suburbs. I go to Baltimore a lot though & I get your point.
  12. No....I wanna know. Why are they re-enforcing the stereotype of the city as unfriendly and boorish.
  13. I watched a hockey game on TV last night telecast from Philly. The fan behavior was not only boorish but downright disgusting. It was reported on our local news casts here in DC that some fans sporting Capitals attire were harassed during the game and accosted afterwards in the parking lot and on the street. Sporting a high violent crime rate and hooliganism by its citizens on the field of play. WTF is up Philly?