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  1. I like watching 60s shows.... Combat, Man From U.N.C.L.E., 12 O'Clock High, Get Smart, Hogan's Heroes, Bewitched...
  2. As the illegals say near the border down south.... "Gracias"
  3. ...of France?....Can they do that?... http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/24/europe/france-obama-17-president-trnd/index.html
  4. What a laugh....This fucking narcissistic buffoon.....in military school? How was it that he didn't get his ass kicked?.......or did he?
  5. Just downloaded it from iTUNES/U.S. There are 19 tracks total and the sequencing of the songs is different than the original. The bonus "Pretty Woman" is cut down to under 3 minutes from the original 6-plus minutes. No guitar solos, so I deleted the track as the original version is still on there. Gotta say the sound quality is a definite improvement from the original. Digitally remixed. The treble, bass & vox have been brought up and they sound bright and crisp....Enjoying it.
  6. Perhaps using the word tits was gratuitous on my part. I should've been more sensitive and used 'exposed breasts'. I was soliciting cheap laughs. I apologize to anyone offended or taken a-back by my posts.
  7. & because of his personality issues & his warped moral compass, he's pissed off that he can't. The problem is, he takes it out on us, and he has all the power to do so & the more he bitchslaps the press & people who disagree with him, the worse he gets...& it placates him to be able to do this & he will continue to act like this unabated. It soothes his ego. I fucking loath this man with all the strength I have.
  8. Happy 74th George....Could really use you around in this screwed up world we live in today. Glad to have your music to help sooth.
  9. I'll remember this Jim
  10. If I decide to punch out I'm taking my Beatles music with me.
  11. We're fucked...I'm basically almost to the point of accepting it.
  12. But.....What about the California Drought thread?......
  13. Dude...please..... Or, as the illegals say down south...."Por favor"