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  1. I just got this hot off the presses: In a stunning change of plans, President-Elect Trump has tapped Arnold Schwarzenegger for the new position of 'Secretary of Television, Media and Housekeeping'. What the exact responsibilities are for the position is still being worked out and nobody is quite sure what the 'Housekeeping' part of this cabinet post is all about. But it's been reported that Mildred Baena has already been named to Mr. Schwarzenegger's staff. As far as the hosting duties for the hit show 'Celebrity Apprentice'....unconfirmed information coming out of Trump Tower is that each and every one of the future President's Cabinet will be required to host the show once. They supposedly will employ a revolving host solution for each week's show. The weekly tasks will be something that week's host is familiar with...week one involves Steven Mnuchin and something to do with foreclosures. When asked about this development, the future Labor Secretary Andrew Puzder stated he didn't know anything about the Apprentice situation. But he did say that he has been asked to do an episode of 'Undercover Boss'. I'm sure there's more to come on all this.
  2. Here's another favorite. I have one over the mantel.....'The Timeless Art of Seduction':
  3. This was a sketch/drawing interpretation of an old Civil War photograph.
  4. One more...kinda obscure, but considering the recent elections, I gotta agree with the sentiment....from 1947:
  5. Here's another classic...ok, maybe not classic...from 1953.
  6. No kidding around with this one...a favorite from the 1st time I ever heard it. The Band:
  7. Best ever:
  8. Art Shamsky....I couldn't help myself,
  9. An old favorite...
  10. "I don't know what you could say about a day in which you have seen four beautiful sunsets." R.I.P. John Glenn
  11. My older son has been searching out some of your more obscure Christmas music. Here's one from 1925....I can't believe it didn't catch on and become as beloved a tune as White Christmas or Jingle Bells....Here's Englands own Ernie Mayne...
  12. Ease up Dan....I was just curious to know if this was a 'warts and all' type quiz. President Kennedy, IMO was a great president. But, historically speaking, he did have a few...issues. Thanks for heads up about other interesting and entertaining threads...I'll look around.
  13. I haven't taken the quiz yet...does it cover any of JFK's extracurricular activities?
  14. It ain't Christmas without some Mojo...from the 'Horny Holidays' collection....
  15. Thanks for this link. I'm already hooked. I've always been keenly interested in the clips that include the stories told by the real people that were there. As well made something like 'Band of Brothers''s those interview clips of the men themselves that I can watch over and over.