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  1. Our Next President Will Be...

    I don't think I was all that optimistic regarding the potential presidential candidates back when this thread was started. It turned out worse then I could have imagined.
  2. Here's the BIllyB family dog...circa 1978...yea things were better in '
  3. Bruce's recent gut

    That...or the food sucks....
  4. The iPod Shuffle

    A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles Don't Get Old (Acoustic) - J Roddy Walston and the Business Double Shot (of My Baby's Love) - The Swingin' Medallions Destination: Anywhere - The Commitments Rain - Richard 'Dickey' Betts
  5. Bruce's recent gut

    I'm also concerned about Bruce's occasional use of foul language. Sometimes referred as 'potty mouth'.
  6. Bruce's recent gut

    Probably from all that drinking.....
  7. Paris 'Golden Circle'

    'Golden Circle'....I just hope this has nothing to do with that other thread...the one about Bruce 'taking the piss'....
  8. Is our hero taking the piss?

    I kinda know the feeling. Calvary - send your heartfelt post to wherever Bruce mail goes...make sure you include what show your attending...send it...get it out there. If at that gig, Bruce doesn't play 'Drive All Night', we'll know he no longer cares about us more than 'casual' fans.
  9. The one where he plays The River in its entirety....oh wait....never mind.
  10. I'm going down to BroodingTown Going down to BroodingTown I wanna lose these blues I've found Down in BroodingTown Down in BroodingTown
  11. Great picture. One summer and it had to be close to when Rockaway Playland closed up, I had a summer bungalow with Mark. It was walking distance to Playland and I remember going on the coaster...probably had beers in me...and when the carwould turn/tilt towards inside,all you saw was busted up wood that was once part of the coaster. I don't think I went on it again...even with
  12. Born and raised...but moved to Long Island a few years back.
  13. One of the scariest roller coasters I've ever been on. But there was one in Rockaway Beach...long since torn down, that was scarier. Not because of the dips and turns, but because it kinda looked like it was ready to fall down while it was still in
  14. Not enough Brooklyn talk in this Brooklyn setlistvision thread.. Some famous Brooklyn born folks include - Neal Diamond, Mickey Rooney, Eddie Murphy, Arlo Guthrie, Lesley Gore, Carl Sagan, Jackie Gleason, Mickey Hart, Lou Reed, Moe Howard, Al Capone...the list is endless. Then there's the places to see...Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Bridge, Museum's, Prospect Park Zoo andConey Island with what to me is still one helluva scary roller coaster. And stoops...let's not forget stoops. Yes, stoops are everywhere. But us Brooklynites gave them 'character'...