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  1. Maybe not...but if he won the run-off....he'd be a hero of epic proportions. CNN would have stopped all programming to praise him. He'd be the new poster boy of the party. The fans of the team from the left would be going bonkers.... but alas it's now just 30 or so million bucks down the shitter. It's a crazy assed world.
  2. I think the D's were planning on bringing in some fresh new blood in Georgia, but that plan went off the rails.
  3. That's one of the funniest pictures I ever saw.
  4. I don't think you meant this to be humorous...but I just choked on my Gatorade reading this...thanks for the guffaw!
  5. Apparently that's a whole different thing. IMO people that overuse the YMMV thing should be banished to bogeyland..... ....but YMMV* * edited to add this part because I thought it made the post funnier...or more funny.
  6. Basically if you compile enough anecdotes it becomes data. But this depends on several factors. First, if the anecdotes coincide with your personal belief about a given subject the anecdote to data ratio is smaller. I think 8 agreeable anecdotes moves the info into the realm of true reportable data and you can post here without using 'IMO' because you're reporting real data...not it's more fact than opinion. Now someone else may then post their opposing 'anecdotes' to combat your 'data'. In this case it becomes an 'anecdote count' to determine what the facts are. In addition, a good anecdote should be something you experienced....not someone else's anecdote...that type of stuff just messes up the numbers and causes confusion. I personally like to throw a few anecdotes into the mix, but you gotta word these properly, otherwise you get slammed with the 'anecdotes ain't data' blast. It's a slippery slope for I suggest you use words like 'apparently' and whenever possible add 'IMO' to whatever you write...everybody is allowed to have an opinion, but don't tie it to anything less than 8 anecdotes if you go that route.
  7. I'm still prepared to start a campaign on the other sections of the Lake if somehow Santa (fine song...but really...) gets more votes than 7 Nights or Summertime Blues. It's bad enough that Raise Your Hand has less that Santa...but 7 Nights would be an issue in a big
  8. I know, but I refuse to use pink. And I agree with you 100%. There's nothing offensive about Walk on the Wild Side. The knuckleheads that made it 'a thing' should try and learn something about the subject before they hang that big left turn onto the PC highway. Something that happens way too frequently....IMO.
  9. Maybe not offensive...but dangerous. Some kid might try to shoot a real flaming arrow and burn down a school or something. Also - Native Americans used arrows to kill some of the White of General Custer should be pissed off bigly.
  10. Summertime Blues into Badlands....1978. I think the Agora Boot. I know it's two songs, but IMO this is the a knockout.
  11. I heard there was talk of the Redskin owner going all in and changing the name of the team to the 'LGBT Wild Walkers'....just to see what would happen.
  12. Yes - I saw the post about the SCOTUS decision. I was just curious if the decision promoted a fresh wave of indignation towards a football team nickname. I did a little googling, but most hits were from 3 or 4 years ago.
  13. As I mentioned, for me it's not a big deal what name they call themselves. But based on everything I've read, I still don't think the name should be changed. I don't think I'm intense about it...but it's been a fun filled discussion for almost 4 years. I can't help myself but to get involved in such an important topic when it pops back up. I also end up learning a thing or two. My area of Long Island has a lot of Native American references. The school district is 'Sachem', most of the schools have names tied to Native Americans. The HS my kids went to was for years known as 'Sachem Redskins', I still have an old t-shirt that says 'Redskin Dad' printed on it. The school itself has gone away from 'officially' using that name, but I don't recall any stink over it. These days they use the Arrows or Flaming Arrows. I'm not sure if that's offensive or not. Organizations tied to the overall local sports scene continue using the name and selling stuff that has the 'Redskin' printed on it. I did learn that one of our grade schools (recently closed due to $ and lack of kids) is named after an NA that battled and killed some folks...that seemed weird. To me it's somewhat similar to the use of a Confederate Battle Flag...over the years that symbol doesn't represent what it did 150 years ago for some people. To me when I hear the word 'Redskin' I think of Sonny Jurgensen or football in general. But I'm a different kind of Native American than the folks that may get upset over the name. Anyway - it's a fun subject for discussion...IMO.
  14. Good article - it sites 3 or 4 year old info from the last time the 'controversy' was news. I haven't done a recent search, but outside of here is this back in the news in a big way?