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  1. See...I think Buckner gets almost as much of a bum rap as Bartman. I was really happy they did what they did for him after winning Championship...but... First - Buckner shouldn't have been on the field at all. McNamara should get blame for that. Second - When Buckner let that ball go through his legs, the game was already tied...the momentum had already fully swung in the Mets direction. Of course had they gotten the 3rd out, anything could have happened. But at that point, I can't see Mets losing. Third - I'm not sure he beats Mookie to the bag...see point one - he shouldn't have been on field. I believe they often put in the backup 1B for defense during season...regardless of McNamara's explanation, I think he wanted the veteran Buckner on the field to enjoy the win. Sad thing is - Buckner by all accounts is a great guy and he definitely had a great be remembered for that one play is a shame.
  2. The last time the Cubs were in the World Series there were zero black players in Major League Baseball. I'm not sure what the significance of that is in 2016. It's awful and wrong of course...also very wrong and sad was that it took six years after the Dodgers and Jackie Robinson for Cubs to have a black player. That player turned out to be one of the best players to never make it to the World Series...Ernie Banks and a great player like Banks not seeing a WS at-bat is really really sad.
  3. That error was definitely more significant than the Bartman play. The ESPN 30-30 on the whole Bartman thing is fantastic TV. I've seen it several times and that error is given lots of time. They basically say how the Bartman play got so much press and coverage that the Gonzales error wasn't talked about all that much or was it given nearly the same weight as Bartman as the cause of the loss.
  4. Wow - that was one helluva way to start the season. Great overall episode. The tension was raised just enough at main complaint were the commercials. An obvious and somewhat understanding cash in by AMC, but if the opener was uncut from the start to the violent reveal of who was wiped out, it would have been quite a bit more intense. I'm thinking Negan may be one of the worst, most terrorizing villains in TV history. I'm not all that sure of what to expect next week...appears we will be spending a bunch of time catching up with Carol.
  5. That poor guy. Thirteen years later and he's still getting hit. I agree with this article 100% - Bartman is owed an apology for the way he was treated... ..the fact that he never cashed in on his notoriety says a lot about his character IMO. I hope the Cubs win and he comes out of hiding...I bet he'd still get offers of big bucks and cashing in after a victory would be pretty cool.
  6. Congrats to the Cubs and their fans. Especially Steve Bartman...I sincerely hope that guy stayed a fan and enjoyed every minute of the game and celebration. One more hill to climb and although I would normally not have a particular preference on the outcome of a series like this, I'm pulling for the Cubs.
  7. The list of artists that are in the HoF ahead of some of the snubs makes the whole thing pretty much a joke. We're talking about Journey and The Moody Blues aren't even in...but Donna Summer, Madonna and Abba...already enshrined...yeesh. And I agree 1,000 per cent on Warren Zevon.
  8. The stats that were mentioned about Kershaw on 5+ days rest appear to be quite telling.
  9. Lookin' like you'll make that premiere...
  10. I certainly don't want to get in the middle of a BBQ fight....I heard of arguing about BBQ styles...St Louis vs Memphis or Texas or what not. But until this thread I never once heard anyone say BBQ was pork and pork only. That sounds kinda I looked up BBQ... Barbecue (informally barbeque, BBQ or barby/barbies) is both a cooking method and an apparatus. The generally accepted differences between barbecuing and grilling are cooking durations and the types of heat used. Grilling is generally done quickly over moderate-to-high direct heat that produces little smoke, while barbecuing is done slowly over low, indirect heat and the food is flavored by the smoking process. The word barbecue when used as a noun can refer to the cooking method, the meat cooked in this way, the cooking apparatus (the "barbecue grill" or simply "barbecue"), or to an event where this style of food is featured. Used as an adjective, "barbecued" refers to foods cooked by this method. The term is also used as a verb for the act of cooking food in this manner. Barbecuing is usually done out-of-doors by smoking the meat over wood or charcoal. Restaurant barbecue may be cooked in large brick or metal ovens designed for that purpose. There are numerous regional variations of barbecuing, and it is practiced in many areas of the world. I didn't see anything about BBQ being only pork so far.
  11. Wouldn't any type of meat one cooks on a considered BBQ?
  12. Buckle's back tomorrow night. The buildup has been pretty intense. I just hope the season opener equals the hype. From all I've read, it's supposed to be a rather brutal kick-off. That said, I'm still hooked on this show...despite the occasional gaps in basic logic. As I think I posted once before, if you can get past the whole idea of flesh eating zombies in the first place, you can live with those other 'questionable' moments. At least as long as one still cares about the characters. Bring on Negan....
  13. a guy from Brooklyn...I hope. I'm hoping to hear everyone's voice...will we be getting one more of those 'mash up' things with everyone's voice captured?
  14. Not much else to say that hasn't already been mentioned. This was a great idea that just took right off. I'm happy to have contributed my voice (despite thinking I sound to such a worthwhile project. I've said it for a long's a special place this here Lake.
  15. I'm sure it's been discussed before and some folks around here have full info. But I always thought Bruce wrote Light of Day specifically for the Michael J. Fox/Joan Jett movie that came out in early 1987. I'm sure some of the lyrics could have been tied to whatever he had going on in his life at the time.