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  1. Great stuff...thanks!
  2. I don't know about all these ears it just sounds like really great rock and roll.
  3. Yikes. I've read about a bunch of similar 'racially offensive' flyers turning up at colleges around the country over the last several months. I took a brief look and haven't found if any of the other incidents have been solved. No follow up stories relating to the various investigations into who the responsible parties are that do shit like this. At least none that I've seen as yet.
  4. IMO Mr. Orbison's career was a little bit more substantial than simply being about his 'voice and a small handful of songs'. I'm also pretty sure the fella that this here Greasy Lake was created for would agree with me.
  5. To me...not a thing. This is right up there with The Last Waltz as one of the best concert films I've ever seen. I haven't picked up the new release, but I will be soon. year when they come out with 'Roy Orbison & Friends - A Black & White Night...Now in COLOR'.....we're gonna have a problem.
  6. It's Spring I figure it's a good time to bump this one. Thanks for all the words my friend.
  7. Flipping channels this can add 'That Thing You Do' to my list......something about this movie just sucks me right in. Also the other night...'A Bronx Tale' stopped me dead in my tracks and I watched the whole thing....again.
  8. As I mentioned - 'recipe for disaster' was my initial reaction. In part, I still feel the same way. As some have posted, it can and does work at some locations today. But there are some public locations that I'd be more concerned about than others. A movie theater complex would be one that as a parent I'd have increased concerns about kids going to use a bathroom. There's just too many people...too many different age me it just doesn't seem like a good idea to have everyone using the same bathrooms in that type of environment. I'd also be worried about the potential problems that may occur at any public location that serves alcohol. Alcohol can be the cause for all sorts of misbehavior in or out of bathrooms...but unisex bathrooms+drunk people can be a recipe for trouble...maybe even disaster.
  9. I also liked the idea of 'family' bathrooms when my kids were little. But are you saying that we should have unisex bathrooms across the board? In all public locations? theaters..etc? I'd have to dwell on that one...but my initial thought is that this would be a recipe for disaster.
  10. But you have to guess who made the quoted quote.....right?
  11. I have no particular concerns on this subject. But I do have a question. First, I didn't read the entire article or if this was covered, my apologies. So....When nature calls, which bathroom does Patch use?
  12. I recall The Gong Show moved around time memories are Friday night...before the primetime hour. Probably 1978...I would run through my paper route collections and be home on time for Friday night pizza and The Gong Show. As I recall my Mom thought it was just about the stupidest show ever...but I would be laughing my ass off.
  13. Happy Birthday...I hope you are having a great day!
  14. I'm not sure what all this means...but I'm still gonna hold doors open for people and give up my seat on the bus or train for a standing woman. I hope all that is still okay these days.
  15. Very true - I know it got me pretty good.