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  1. Here's one I took from my car. From a Walgreens Drug Store parking lot...I don't know why, but I thought it was an interesting view...
  2. I'm not sure if issues are all cleared, but it seems to be better right now. What you described is same thing that was happening to me. Yesterday after I was able to log off and back on, some things seemed better. I haven't seen 'error' type message since.
  3. I just read that it appears the cause of death was cancer related. Such a shame. Far too young.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I know it was a special moment. I wasn't at that show and I know there's a huge difference between listening/watching something on youtube and being there. The Weight may be one of my favorite songs ever...not quite Thunder Road, but up When I said musically Bruce's version that night was okay...not great, I didn't mean it as a slight. I've watched it dozens of times and it's really me it's the emotion from Bruce and the crowd that shine and make it special. I can only imagine how great it would have been to be there live. edited to add: That's interesting about Levon's name pronunciation. I did a light search and found this:
  5. Sad news. ABC Tuesday night...Happy Days was one of my favorite shows for awhile. RIP Joanie.
  6. Those moments...the one time deal, like The Weight are certainly worthy of being on a list of fantastic covers. If for no other reason than how incredible it is to get such a rare and, given the circumstances a meaningful treat. Musically the version they did that night was okay...not great. But it meant so much, the crowd responded and that lifted the performance to something special....even if Bruce kept saying Levon But The Medley...Bruce and the Band ripping that up...captures what people like Bruce started playing guitar and putting bands together in the first get people up off their butts...clap those hands...scream, dance and get rock and roll sweaty.....IMO of course.
  7. Here's one I found among some old pics...
  8. Okay...I almost had a slight coronary. Seven Nights at 51....The Detroit 'effin' Medley at 151...Boom Boom at 160....then I noticed the list doesn't appear to be in any particular order. At least I hope that's the
  9. I haven't been following the Hernandez story all that close. So I didn't know his attorney's name was Jose Baez. Yesterday a quick blurb went across the TV screen saying something like 'Jose Baez vows to investigate the suicide of Aaron Hernandez'. I wasn't paying close enough attention and wondered...WTF does Joan Baez have to do with all this.
  10. As one person who has been labeled a 'conservative' around here, I will say that I did chime in complaining about the reported cost of the President Obama golfing trip with Tiger Woods. I don't think I complained about other trips or costs which generally speaking comes with the turf - the TIger Woods thing seemed above and beyond to me. I also recall complaining about the cost of official Presidential portraits (there was a discussion about that at some point) which still seems ludicrous to me. President Trump's constant trips to Florida and the expenditures tied to golf are an equally ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars. I'm not sure how it can be seen in any other light. But I figure we've paid crazy money for boat loads of silly shit during every Presidency. We just don't normally hear about it all.
  11. Today is Boston Marathon Day. We all remember the horror that occurred 4 years ago. I was thinking about Welby's post from a week or so after the bombing and figured it's a good spot for an old Welby post and to remember those people killed and injured that day. From April 25th 2013: Sweet Caroline, Terror and Blood in the Machine Last night I was having one of those moments when, you are doing one thing but your mind is somewhere completely else. The problem is there is no shut off switch. Nothing to toggle you back to reality. I was of course thinking about the events of the past week, and how I feel I have become inured to them. Just as suddenly I can be overcome with emotion. I am pretty sure that Sweet Caroline will now make me stop and think of the bombings in Boston every time I hear it. The men that planted those bombs will want me to associate it with burning shrapnel, torn flesh and broken hearts. Fortunately for me, every time I hear it I think of that woman in Madison Square Garden, standing up holding an American flag like it was a lifeline, and singing her heart out while the NY crowd shared her tears, and sang back to her. There was nothing jingoistic about it. It was humanity as it should be. There was no terror, only life. Jefferson said that "the tree of liberty must at times be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants". I think about this quote at times and wonder what the acceptance level is amongst us for that liberty. We talk about our rights being violated as part of our own security, days after the mangled body of an eight year old boy is buried. We worry about ‘Big Brother’ when two brothers lay in a hospital each missing their left leg, somehow together in some sinister synchronicity. I cannot believe that this is the blood Jefferson talked about. These aren't patriots no matter how much we would like them to be. The tyrants are nowhere to be found. But the blood runs like oil through the machine, lubricating the gears of political battle that will soon follow. I think that’s where I shut down. This is not a question of soldiers on a battlefield, its innocents used as pawns, as cannon fodder. I cannot accept it, so I turn it off. There is s saying these days when people make jokes about horrible incidents..."too soon?"....and I think, maybe not. Maybe it’s necessary to keep us sane in times of terror. Maybe it’s something we hold onto like that woman in MSG holding on to the flag and the chorus of a song sung by thousands of strangers. Our biggest war goes on within ourselves, within our hearts and minds. Writing this helps a little. I guess I am not as numb as I think I am. Time to flip the switch and turn it up Reachin' out, touchin' me touchin' you Sweet Caroline Good times never seemed so good I've been inclined, To believe they never would
  12. Update -- 17 pages in and I'm thoroughly convinced the current occupant in the Oval Office had zero to do with the whole ugly story.
  13. I mostly enjoyed it when I first saw it in theater. But I don't think I could sit through the whole thing again. There were several excellent parts....but a bunch of stuff that is almost to the point of being uncomfortable to watch.
  14. Done was the case by SNL, this kind of stuff can be pretty funny. I was watching the end scenes of Dead Poets Society when my son walked in and asked if I had ever seen the SNL parody skit....not having seen it, he pulled it up on his phone to show me. I damn near wet myself laughing. Classic SNL.
  15. I just saw this one today. From SNL...didn't know where it was going, but laughed my ass off when it got there. Reminiscent of a Monty Python type skit....