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  1. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three/Dog Day Afternoon double feature is on that trumped the convention stuff. Did I miss anything interesting?
  2. As some others, I'm afflicted with the 'not very creative when it comes to stuff like this' personality. So I went with my name. I think I started out as BillyBoy...but mercifully shortened it a bit...I blame alcohol for the original name. My avatar is one of my favorite pics of me and Mark -aka MiamiMArk/Welby. I changed from a Bruce pic to this shot in honor of a great Laker. I'm pretty sure the photo was taken in New Jersey -- before one of the 'other band' concerts in July of 1992. Also - check out the Message Board Archives in the Member Files section. There's a similar thread there from the year 2000....good stuff.
  3. Beautiful story. Thanks for posting it.
  4. I read it again...still not seeing that. I figured it was a goof right off. While Mrs. Palin has proven herself to be...lets say not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I think some folks see and hear Tina Fey's Sarah Palin whenever a Palin story or in this case a made up story comes out. I almost feel bad for her...but her poor standing in most peoples eyes has been largely a case of self-infliction.
  5. What's kinda funny is that episode was the season 5 opener...the show lasted for a total of 11 seasons. So it remained pretty popular. The term 'jump the shark' is now locked is as defined above. But in reality the show it came from hadn't really 'jumped the shark' yet...even though they actually jumped a shark.
  6. RIP Jo Cox. On a separate note...hard to fathom how anyone believed this story was true. I'm no fan of Mrs Palin, but even she wouldn't say all that whacky shit.
  7. Can't argue this idea....but it really needs to be full band Incident. Solo is okay, but full band with proper guitar work is simply how it's supposed to be heard. IMO of course.
  8. I've seen some stuff about this lunatic scouting out some Disney properties in addition to the night club. Whatever his motivation...this guy was one seriously deranged individual. Also just saw something about his wife trying to talk him out of attacking the knew about it and did nothing?
  9. Yes you're wasting your time feeding the troll. I honestly don't know why anyone ever responds to his nonsense.
  10. Thanks bbb. That 2nd Ali fight was Floyd's last. At first I felt weird about putting these pics up...but then remembered we have a nice thread of our pets and figured why here's one last one. From mid 60's in kitchen of the Billyb family old Brooklyn home...little me and Floyd.
  11. I agree. They should have given him 30 years instead.
  12. Since Wilt has been brought up, I'm going to take the opportunity to post another pic from the BillyB family archives...I know it's a little off-subject, but I when I have a shot to bring up a pic of my Dad...what the heck...
  13. Nice shots!
  14. Thank you. My Dad is actually out of middle of the guy you mention and other guy with hat. My Dad appears to be looking towards Floyd with a smile.
  15. After that last post I did a little Google search. A interesting and different take on the Ali vs Patterson fights. I had not seen this article before. On personal pic I don't recall seeing before has my Dad in it. Link: