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  1. I asked this question on another thread a while back but never really got any answers. This seems a good spot to ask it again. First - I have great respect for President Obama. He is an intelligent gentleman and I have no particular complaint beyond that despite coming out of the gate as something different, he appears to me at least to have been ordinary regular politician. This is a good or bad thing depending on individual opinions. I also figure it takes a little time before any given President can be properly judged by history. Which brings me to my question. When President Obama walked away after his 8 year run as President - he handed to White House keys to President Trump and left both houses of Congress in the control of the Republican Party. Depending on your point of view - this is either pretty bad thing or it's fantastic. So...does President Obama bear some of the responsibility for what occurred? Does his legacy take a hit...huge or small? I'm genuinely curious what folks around here think about this. And I'm not attempting to take a shot or lay blame at President Obama. I just think it's an interesting question to ponder.
  2. Here's a New Jersey pic from earlier today...a little February dip into the Atlantic at Seaside Heights NJ.
  3. No beef. Just an observation.
  4. The FC....since when?
  5. I've said it before....I'll say it again. I wish BruceCo would put out a 'covers only' official release. There are so many excellent tunes he's covered over the would be great to have them all in one spot....I'd be 1st online or on line whatever the case may be. Note - if this ever does happen...please leave Bruce and the E Streeter's attempts at Van Halen's 'Jump' on the shelf.
  6. It appears that here at the FC nobody knows how to, or is capable of talking about anything other than President Trump.
  7. Another little rule change that just continues the trend to screw up the beautiful game that is baseball. I also agree with PT....14-13 games are ridiculous. Only exception may be the rare comeback games...those down 9-0 games where a team claws back into it can be great to watch. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to the game. I'd prefer something closer to the Don Drysdale method of intentional walks: "Why use four pitches to put someone on base intentionally when I can do it with one?" (when asked why he hit a batter with a pitch instead of walking him intentionally) - Don Drysdale
  8. As a kid I remember that some things or activities inexplicably would become 'in season'. As an example, these things would show up and before long everyone had one...for awhile. Then they would just as mysteriously go out of style and be stowed away until they made a
  9. I'm a notorious 'channel flipper' Helpful hint...utilize the 'favorites' can easily move between multiple shows....I never watch There's so many movies that fit the bill on this. For some flicks it may depend on the point or scene in the movie as opposed to watching the whole thing. If I mention Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Trading Places guys everywhere will know exactly what I Others have mentioned movies that I always stop on...Shawshank, Goodfellas, A Few Good Men..etc. I'll add: - The Godfather and The Godfather Part II - Saving Private Ryan - The Great Escape (this happened just last night) - 12 Angry Men - North By Northwest (probably a few other Hitchcocks as well) - The Quiet Man - The War of the Worlds -- the newer Cruise one
  10. I'll likely be sticking with this show until it's all over...but it's definitely not a top 10 greatest for me...that's for sure. That first season was pretty damn good and like most shows it continues to have some solid moments...enough to keep me coming back. On that new group from last night...without giving anything up...I thought that was pretty weak. I assume they are straight from the comics. But it got me thinking, especially after this new group was introduced. I was reminded of that movie 'The Warriors' that gang made it's way through the city, the Warriors kept running into whacky gangs out to kill them. Now...if Rick and Company run into a group of survivors with faces painted and wearing baseball uniforms...that may get me to give
  11. My friends 'Kindness Challenge' FB page now has over 64,000 members. It's pretty incredible....
  12. Happy Birthday Jim! I hope you had a great day.
  13. I'm very sorry for your lose Daisey. Your Mom is at peace.
  14. The 'Spirit of 76'....