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  1. I don't venture 'down here' very much and I don't think I ever posted in this rather large hopefully this is OK. I checked the 1st post in this thread...548 pages and several years's a tune the goes with that 1st one.
  2. Sadly I think that's exactly what you're hoping for.
  3. And because for me....this song remains always true...warts and all. No matter who is sitting in the White House.
  4. Not really. I'm not affiliated with any political party. Historically I probably lean more towards the republican side...but I'm certainly not a staunch republican by any stretch.
  5. Very true and I'm likely guilty of crossing a line or two. But I'm pretty sure my infractions are in response to something said about me or someone I care about. But never anywhere close to the nasty personal potshots I've seen others post. At least I hope not.
  6. Very true. Yet it goes on....a lot. The nasty, personal attack post I sited is from 2 years ago...
  7. I've said numerous times that I'm not at all happy with how this election turned out. Quite shocked actually. You're right about that divide. It's always been there and getting worse. IMO that's as much on 'the people' as it is on President-Elect Trump. It's ugly and getting uglier everyday. I wish I had a real solution....but I don't. But I do believe that hate and anger isn't the right road to take. But that's just me.
  8. Thank you Daisey.
  9. It took like 90 seconds to find that post. I apologized up front to Daisey and if she is upset by any of it, I'll gladly edit it. I can't speak for her of course, but my opinion of Daisey is that she's got a pretty strong backbone and will understand the point I was making. JF has some sort of problem with me and has a history of making things very nasty and personal. If they made amends...great. It doesn't change the fact that JF goes out of his way to get personal with people he dislikes or doesn't agree with. I wanted to point that out and the items I reposted captures his style perfectly. For the record - I'm not a TRUMP SUPPORTER in any way shape or form. As far as using humor during this time...I've said it before and still believe it. Humor is needed in times like this. Judging from posts made by many more people than me I'm not alone in that feeling. There's been posts in a humorous vain made by many people, from all sides on many threads tied to this election. To me this is healthy. Now I may not be very funny...but that's a whole different thing.
  10. The posts I sited are from the main board...a thread called 'Which Bruce Song are you listening to right now". JF responded to a Daisey in his usual manner. It's from January 2015 and it is just one of many angry, nasty and personal posts this clown spews regularly.
  11. I think Bruce must be super pissed...I saw this on the RnRHOF site:
  12. Just to clarify my earlier remark. The personal shit this guy spews has been going on for some time now. I have no idea why he's added me to his personal hit list, but he often posts irrational angry rants at those he feels have somehow wronged noted above. As I said, I sincerely believe he needs some help...or more help. Daisey - my apologies for bringing this particular string back up. I hope he apologized at some point for that attack. It seemed a good one to use, since it appears you're in his good graces now. But I guess we should all be careful not to upset him...he turns pretty ugly.
  13. You are one completely fucked up individual. You should seek some professional help...I mean that seriously. You have issues.