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  1. What is your definition of "a lot"? Don't get me wrong. Like pretty much anyone else, I don't like seeing any story of a person being killed by a police officer. One issue I do have is how the police in general have this media driven reputation for being like some sort of old west Marshall Dillon shoot to kill lunatics. When it's convenient people whip out all kinds of statistics. The majority of Police Officers around the country rarely ever fire their guns outside of a shooting range. But you go ahead and make a CK like blanket statement about American police shooting unarmed people. Don't worry about getting factual info or treating each case individually.
  2. One of my nieces is usually on that train. This morning she went in a little early. Apparently she wanted to give herself some extra time to get a metro card upon arrival in the City. Crazy how something simple like that can put a person in or out of the path of disaster.
  3. That all sounds good on paper. I'd like to hear from someone with practical experience in law enforcement. My initial opinion is that a man with a gun, outside in the open presents an immediate danger to anyone in that entire area. IMO it's somewhat more that 'slightly more heightened' situation in terms of danger when there's a weapon involved and 'containing' the situation safely is easier said than done. I'm also of the opinion that shooting a bean bag at a guy with a gun is not likely to work all that often.
  4. Watching reports over last hour or so. At least three dead and 100+ injured. The train, apparently at high speed crashed into Hoboken Station. It happened at about 8:45 - as bad as this is, it would have been much worse if this happened about an hour earlier.
  5. From what I have read, the guy had his hands in his pockets at first and was being told to remove his hands from those pockets. When he didn't comply, the officers correctly brought out weapons. When he did remove his hands from pockets, he came out with what apparently was one of those E-Cig things and brought it up into what again to me appears to be a firing position. As one would with a gun. I've seen some of the E-Cig things...if a person has a minute to examine it, it doesn't look like a gun. But, if you have a half a second...well, you tell me. Now - we all have the benefit of dissecting this event from the comfort and safety of our couches or home or office after the fact. I'm thinking there are split second decisions that police officers are forced to make and this is one of those times. It's also easy to say stuff like - why didn't they just Taser the guy? Like that's an easy thing to do. And if the Police start using Tasers too early in the somewhat dicey situations they find themselves, the next uproar you hear will be about unnecessary Taser usage. I'm sure there's still more to come from this story. At the moment, the suicide by cop angle appears to be a possibility.
  6. One key word in common sense is 'common'. In other words, most people would kind of think the same way given a similar circumstance. I'd hope in these types of instances we can agree that when a Police Officer tells you to raise your hands or stop moving or whatever, regardless of how one defines common sense a person should comply with the police officers instructions.
  7. Well...if everyone abandons common sense because of statistically miniscule events such as the one in Tulsa, we better order up a shit load of body bags. Because it's gonna get a lot worse.
  8. Once again....I hope people remain calm and objective. Wait for the facts before deciding what went down. And in a very rare occurrence, I agree with CK....there's nothing wrong with showing a Police officer respect. It goes a long way and will almost always be reciprocated. Basic common sense should tell you to do what a Police officer instructs you to do. This will also almost always assist in keeping yourself alive.
  9. Shocking...
  10. When I was 17 I remember being asked about voting for President. I believe my reply was something like 'I'll be able to vote to re-elect Ted Kennedy on my 1st Presidential election"
  11. Are the people that throw rocks through the windows of businesses and walk out with stolen items included in the 'you can hardly blame....' part of your post?
  12. answer to the original question/insinuation. No it's not a coincidence incident, nor were the 4 hour gigs a calculated move to sell books. The original post has been determined to be rubbish with no basis in fact or reality. Enjoy the book everyone...and download those 4 hour shows! One has nothing to do with the other.
  13. While I would never put anything past some folks that operate Bruce Co - I'm thinking the 4 hour show thing didn't have much to do with selling books. I just don't see the correlation between the show length and the press stuff. Nobody is gonna pay closer attention to an interview with Bruce because he did a few 4 hours gigs...IMO.
  14. I'm guessing it's probably closer to #3. I figure they don't want to release the video ahead of some actual investigating. This way there's at least a chance to have some factual information to put together with a video that likely will be interpreted in different ways, sometimes depending strictly on what the person viewing it wants to see. I've already seen one person dismissing the video before it was seen by anyone. She said videos may not show everything...the angles will be off or something. So she, like apparently loads of other people already made up there mind about what occurred. Videos and/or facts determined via a complete investigation won't matter much to some people.
  15. To those with Sirius...the Bruce channel is playing the Birthday show right now...9/22/2012 - and what a show it was.