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  1. I think the theme of the tour is 'The 66 year old rock and roll star on the road with his kick ass band, playing 3 and half hour shows that are chock full of great fucking music tour'....or something along those lines.
  2. I wasn't sure if I should post this bit of nice news separately, but figured this is as good a spot as any. Anyway...those that knew Mark a little beyond the regular posts and threads of the Lake, know that Mark was very proud of his son. A few people mentioned that in this thread. So, at the suggestion of Mark's brother, I'm going to share this news...Mark's son graduated last week...Summa Cum Laude with a BS is accounting. He did this in 3 Years. I know Mark is proud! Keep on Rocking Chris!
  3. Just curious. Why would you post 'oops' and link to an irrelevant poll? Personally, I continue to read polls, stats and personal accounts from American Indians that claim the term 'Redskin' is anything but offensive. So, I'm having a hard time declaring the term 'racist'. Especially when used in the context of a team nickname.
  4. RIP, Morley Safer

    I watched the 60 Minutes special on Sunday. He had an fantastic career. I always find the stories of how someone gets to the heights Mr.Safer reached fascinating. In the special they described one break coming when another guy put together something to promote himself, but the people looking at the reel picked out Morley instead. I wasn't fully aware of his Vietnam report that became so huge. Amazing stuff.
  5. Update: A poll of Native Americans found that the vast majority do not object to the Washington NFL team’s name. The Washington Post commissioned a poll with a randomly selected national sample of 504 Native American adults. That poll asked, “The professional football team in Washington calls itself the Washington Redskins. As a Native American, do you find that name offensive, or doesn’t it bother you?” The result was a strong argument for Dan Snyder’s case that his team does not need to change its name: A whopping 90 percent answered that the name doesn’t bother them. Only 9 percent called the name offensive, with 1 percent having no opinion. Another question in the poll found that 73 percent of Native Americans do not think the term “Redskin” is disrespectful. That included 75 percent of Native Americans who are members of tribes, and 71 percent who are not members of tribes. The results of this poll are consistent with previous polls showing that most Native Americans aren’t bothered by the team’s name, nor do they consider it an important issue facing their community. The question, then, is whether Snyder should show deference to the 9 percent who are offended by the team name. He has shown no inclination to do so, and will surely see this poll as support for that stance.
  6. What is Happening in My Country?

    I'm not a fan of any of the people running for the Presidency. But are occurrences such as the one in Vegas and the clashes at Republican events the fault for the candidates? Can it be an indication that there's a large number of people out there that are not happy with Politics and Politicians in general? It seems pretty easy to just blame Mr. Sanders...but I'm thinking he didn't create the underlying anger that seems to be on the rise.
  7. I have to share!!!

    Very nice!
  8. My first show wasn't until 1980. But I have it on very good authority that 1978 was the best. The boots and official releases confirm that on every listen.
  9. It's hard to believe that a full year has now past since my friend Mark passed away. His name comes up around here still and that's a good thing...I also enjoy bringing back an old post on occasion.'s a couple things to bring up. The first I found outside the Lake, so it will be 'new' material for most. It's a little summer story from August 2011. The Mr. G in the story is a real guy from our old Brooklyn street. The second is a funny write-up that I got a kick out of from April 2014 about still makes me laugh. From August 2011 - not sure where Lazlo came from...but that name cracked me up: Last night I had occasion to bed down in the old neighborhood. It is now a neighborhood overrun by hipsters, movie stars and rockers. It's beyond gentrification. It's is like the whole place was turned upside down and opposite. However there are still a lot of the older denizens that remain. So this morning I threw on my office attire dreading the walk to the subway, wondering how sweaty I would be before I even descended into those bowels of hell. As I turned the corner onto one of the main streets, I was greeted by a hearty "Hey Lazlo, how are you?" It took me just a second to recognize him in front of me. He was in his 70's now, but he still looked impeccable. His gray hair combed perfectly ala John Gotti circa 1980 something. He had on jeans shorts that were pressed and penny loafers sans socks. He wore a gray t shirt that said Chevelle in script and under it "If it ain't got muscle, it ain't worth driving ". His arms were still tensile, and I could see the old tattoo on his arm, not one of these new artsy tat's that say I am part of the crowd, but one that said he was not. He is only about five foot six, and he grabbed my shoulders and looked up at me through tinted glasses, and his face beamed. I mean there was literally a halo of light around him from the morning sun rising. Then he hugged me hard, a real hug from the heart and soul, not a "bro" hug and he gave me a kiss on each cheek like in the old gangster movies. Then he stood back and winked and said "We look good don't we?" and I knew what he meant right away. He meant that it was good to be alive on this summer day in Brooklyn, and he meant, damn it, we are STILL here. I hugged him again, and I said to him "Yeah, we sure do." I walked away thinking to myself, "Thanks Mr. G...I needed that this morning". From April 2014 - America and Bidets I was in a hotel in NY a few months ago and there were two toilets. One had this foot pedal. I had no idea what it was for and when I stepped on it a fountain of water shot up where my rear parts would have been. I realized I had stumbled upon a bidet. Now I have heard of these but never actually seen one. My knowledge of them is limited to the idea that they originated in France. I was actually looking forward to the next morning where I would literally give it a shot. Why are these not installed all over America? Why is it not a law, like "no smoking on Airplanes?”. I mean I am not sure what the percentage is of people who do NOT wash their hands after taking a dump, but I bet it’s up there. Especially in single bathrooms. The bidet would do all the work. The water was a little higher than room temperature and I felt cleansed, as if I had just come from some healing ritual. This would be a boon for the economy as all restaurants would need to install them. They would need to be purchased and we could manufacture them here in the Good Ole USA. I think men take a dump and then look at the toilet paper and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a clean sheet after you wipe. The problem is, that getting the clean sheet may discourage men from washing their hands. I say get the bidet. It’s good for America, good for its health, good for its economy. I mean think of what we eat!!! We could have different cleansing pressures in case we have Mexican or Chinese. We could put it on low if we have soup. We would cut down on the use of toilet paper, and it could be an ecological goldmine (no pun intended). I can only say I am chagrined that I was never introduced to this fascinating device until now. As Americans we should demand that it be part of our daily routine. It would reduce staph infections, MRSA, paper waste. We would feel better about ourselves knowing that a dingleberry was not hanging on the shorties if we had to go to the hospital. We are health conscious about everything we put into our bodies, why not about what comes out. I bidet you good night. I'll raise a toast tonight my friend and will continue to remember all the good times. EDIT - sorry about Font thing...not sure what I did wrong in the copy/pasting process.
  10. A U.S. Medical First

    Medically speaking -- a fascinating and somewhat amazing story. But I've read that this gentleman's wife can't stop smiling...she apparently had a hand in picking the new goods and well...
  11. A U.S. Medical First Quite a story. I know it's a hot button subject here at the FC, but no word as yet on whether or not said penis was circumcised.
  12. Wendy's New Employees

    Also...can your self driving car take you through Mickey D's drive through and place order to automated thingy, pay and get the food while I'm sleeping off the booze? And what's the chances that the automated McOrder taker will still forget my fries...just like the real people do?
  13. Wendy's New Employees

    If you can be drunk and have your self driving car take you home....I'm all for it. But designated drivers and cabbies will be put out of business.
  14. Wendy's New Employees

    I know...I figured my use of the word 'McFishy' would be a tipoff that I was not exactly being serious.
  15. Wendy's New Employees

    There's something McFishy going on here...the thread title says Wendys...the article attached says Wendys...but the picture is clearly McDonalds.