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  1. I think anyone complaining about this setlist should be banned immediately. Mods....please see to it. Thank you.
  2. Thank you all...we have a nice bunch of people around here.
  3. Great music. While I will still watch it when I come across a movie it's got a couple plot For those interested, JC and The Beaver Brown Band are playing the Lions Den at Mohegan Sun in late September...24th I think.
  4. Lighten up Francis. I did use a little smiley face. I don't really think you should be banned...not permanently anyway.
  5. It's his right to sit...stand on his head, whatever. But he''s a fucking idiot.
  6. I think this is a solid reason to be banned from this here Bruce Springsteen fan site....
  7. Talking about the 'character' part of all this. I always thought of the guy in 'Jack of All Trades' as being the older, sort of beaten down version of the full of anger and ready to fight young guy in the car from 'Seeds'. Like it's years later and that young guy has done what he had to do to get by...but it's worn him down. But he's still thinking about grabbing that gun...
  8. The Chicago Theater...owned by the same folks the own MSG, Radio City and the Beacon Theatre in NYC.
  9. It's not like I don't like Morello or doubt his abilities. I just don't believe he brings anything to the E Street Band that they need or makes them better. More like he's a distraction from the sound I personally prefer. As I said on one of the other 11 Morello threads, the first time I heard him shred through Tom Joad I was blown away. But it's the type of shredding that I only really need to hear once or twice. After's kind of grating to my nerves.
  10. Arena....Stadium....whatever. I was happy to just be in the same building to see and hear the world's greatest rock n roll band.
  11. I agree with a bunch of this. But please, don't refer to Mr. Trump as a 'politician'...he's a lot of things, but a politician isn't one of them...IMO. That's pretty much how and why he got to where he is....again...IMO.
  12. This sounds kind of ridiculous. This school has like, the normal USA all American type of 'free speech', but that's just in theory? Then they have the really real 'free speech areas'....what the hell? As far as the banners saying "N*ggers go back to Africa"....I'm guessing those would be put up in the 'I have free speech, but I'm also really fucking stupid' designated areas.
  13. I knew it...these 4 hour gigs are just a ploy to sell more tickets for the next few shows....