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  1. You're going to need an IT specialist, just to make sure you can keep the Lake abreast of developments. Or I can do smoke signals. Oh, and I can give Praline a hand, my bar b q smoked baked beans are infamous
  2. You mean Robert the Bruce My grandad always said we were related to him on the wrong side of the blanket. As I can have been no more than 7 at the time, I used to find this thought curious. Turned over several did find him tho
  3. Of A Spider by Wilfred Thorley 1878 – 1963 The spider weaves his silver wire Between the cherry and the brier. He runs along and sees the thread Well-fastened on each hawser-head. And then within his wheel he dozes Hung on a thorny stem of roses. While fairies ride the silver ferry Between the rose-bud and the cherry
  4. Yes we get those too xx I can cope with those, no problem
  5. *gulp* starting to feel like a serial killer Actually, I don't kill them. I may well move them to a different location, to avoid hysterics from everyone else in my house, or the dog eating them. But I never squash them. Sent the false widow outside cos 1) they can live outside and 2) they are venomous and I didn't want to tread on it. But house spiders just get relocated to the warmth of the boiler cupboard. Rain
  6. I cant see that either, wont open. You should have more love for the spider, any one running around your house, short of looking for a mate, will be looking for some potentially less desirable bug to eat. Those big brown leggies we see in England, whilst they run quick, they will bite if you pick them up wrongly - our cat got 2 dots on his nose off one he had in his mouth once. Cat flew one way, spider the other. I do try...really...I am the brave one in the house - no one else will go near!
  7. Sorry it won't open...I have forgotten how to upload pictures on here! The clue is in the was a false widow spider *shudder*
  8. Guaranteed to gum up your i phone
  9. I've just shaken one of these critters from my best bathroom towel (teal set, in case any of you were wondering, its co ordination) I know what it is btw, I've escorted it off the premises
  10. Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason. Novalis Keep writing Joady
  11. Liverpool's got all our talent
  12. Helloooooo Joady I often creep around....but felt a need to be cognito last night Too much Robert Galbraith I think
  13. Well done Daisy, pity "the other half" missed out on a great opportunity to further his gastronimical education. Now we need to get you to Scotland in January so you can attend an official Burns Supper. and the Bruce gig at Hampden Park. Oh no I've said too much. Is this a poem ? has a certain earthiness to it?
  14. I'm off tomorrow.....shame they arent paying me....the joys of supply teaching!