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  1. You're going to need an IT specialist, just to make sure you can keep the Lake abreast of developments. Or I can do smoke signals. Oh, and I can give Praline a hand, my bar b q smoked baked beans are infamous
  2. Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason. Novalis Keep writing Joady
  3. Liverpool's got all our talent
  4. I'm off tomorrow.....shame they arent paying me....the joys of supply teaching!
  5. The census. Its saved my bacon.
  6. Got a '34 wagon and we call it a Woody..........
  7. This is just for JaneyMaryWendy
  8. when my dog brings in something from the garden....
  9. The dancing shadows on the wall (the two - step in the hall)
  10. For you Eileen, simply the best song ever written, recorded and performed! Happy birthday!
  11. Have one from me too!!

  12. Saw them mentioned over on another fred....I used to love this, played it all the time..... Joni Mitchell - Coyote
  13. 'bout time He'll never get in with a hairdo like that
  14. Matt Cardle, eat your heart out