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  1. Much of it is just rhetoric. No more meaningful now than it was before. Why are you interested in the speech of a first lady anyway. You want to worry about the prez.
  2. I guess in a country with a population of that size ON AVERAGE you're going to get home, so, mehh.
  3. Neither do the drivers by the sounds of it.
  4. A helicopter with coup senior conspirators landed in Greece. Wow. When was Europe more interesting?
  5. Apparently Fatebook Twitter and Youtube are blocked in Turkey. Well that should get them on the streets.
  6. Reports of at least one large explosion in Ankara.
  7. Liz Truss in Justice. Prevoiusly she worked closely with Dave on his personal project.
  8. The joke doing the rounds is that actually when Boris showed up at no 10 Ms May said "F. Off"
  9. Shes left Jeremy Hunt in health, no doubt as it would send a message to the junior drs that they had a chance of reversing the decision to impose a contract on them.
  10. Now there is a rule on fixed term 5 year parliaments but a PM can trigger a general election at any point, maybe if they lose their majority for instance. I think anyway.
  11. Boris Johnson new foreign sec. Osbourne out of the cabinet replaced by hammond at the treasury.
  12. Might be worth setting up a stall just across the border selling bog rolls.
  13. Sorry no, I couldnt get my house into a jam jar. The spider got flushed out by a 18 inch ruler wielding colleague against my advice, I agree wrt spiders they do more good than harm. other than this one. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3414915/Huge-funnel-web-spider-Newcastle-taken-Australian-Reptile-Park.html
  14. Sorry. Its not as big as the piccy.
  15. Back to wildlife, anyone know if this is a false widow?