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  1. Ive never likwed the urinal at all, in fact, I sit down at home! But at least I'm not this guy.
  2. Interesting they have the worlds shortest scheduled flight there too. on a good trip they can do it in 47 seconds but with winds youre looking at 2 minuites.
  3. Cool video. thanks for sharing. What software do you use to edit?
  4. Mar a lago membership from 100k to 200k! If i was paying that id want to live there!
  5. Im not sure id be happy with my arse out for that long.
  6. Standing at the back wearing a stupid hat looking silly party - 0 votes
  7. He dont do that every morning does he?
  8. I wouldnt want to clip that bastard.
  9. And also to come back to this the US has to think about numbers. Thinking back to some of my reading on British warship design back in the 1880'sor 90's's the admiraltyhired one of the leading crusier designers of the time from a tyneside builder to design a class of warship that would counter the very designs he had done for foreghn nivies. Once entrenched in the admiralty he naturally realised that single actions were unlikely for the British and British needed numbers of ships rather than single exeptional ships for the money. The US has to maintain escorts for I think its 10 carriers and some stretch, so that $15bn may go further elswhere.
  10. I spent a bit too much (not several $K!) on a US built 52 Tele and I have to say it has improved my playing. Its got an action so low you couldnt get a rizla in there.
  11. And the US as made some wrong turns in this area, the Spruance class for example. But to paraphrase Kaiser Wilem II you can afford to "through them into a corner", and make something more suitable.
  12. I've been interested for a long time in where this class fits in. Were they intended to replace the Ticonderoga (CG) class as the fleet crusers, which seems to be being done by stretching the DDG51s? Theres a lot about them that suggests shore support ie the twin gun mounting forward which is very unusual for modern ships. But why forecast building 30 plus? At the time they were? I think 6-8 would have sufficed. Do they have the capability of the CG or DDG for aircraft direction/anti air? They look weird as well, ship modellers will hate them.
  13. From Berlin. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38777514
  14. Stolen off my Facebook Feed...
  15. Trump may have tiny hands, but I think we can all agree, they're fucking busy hands.