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  1. Narcissism

    That dont make sense anyway. Why would you want to know about him moving forward. What is he, a glacier? Six inches per day?
  2. Drones - ban the damn things

    I did see that and also a vid somewhere of a natural attack by a bird of prey on a drone that brought it down. If it was my bird though I'd want its legs to be armoured in some way.
  3. Drones - ban the damn things

    Depends if someone else on your street got a DroneDefender first. Then they'll have a crashed drone and, well, two DroneDefenders.
  4. Your Top 10 Bowie songs

    I always like to watch the video of that at Christmas. May have a breakdown this year if i do though.
  5. David Bowie RIP

    This news really upset me on Monday, I have been having emotional ups and downs for a while but I inexplicably couldnt stop crying most of the day. Maybe the drugs need upping. This from the BBC re Bowies last Titter follow: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/35291723/the-last-person-david-bowie-followed-on-twitter-was-god---or-a-play-about-god Hunky Dory's a great album. I was never one for Vinyl myself but have (i think) all of them on digital or CD.    
  6. North Korea and the Bomb

    It could be a "super" fissile warhead but it would have used a lot, maybe all, of their fissile material. Given the same situation the UK was in in the 50s where we had a fusion failure then a "Super" fissile sucess, this may be another power play, but one would have to wonder as to the timing. Theres no imperative that I can see for NK to escalate
  7. The Return Of Basil Fawlty

    He should have feigned a heart attack or bad leg.
  8. so ....What's everyone doing on the 25th

    I will be providing moral and logistic support for a christmas day parkrun, then late breakfast of proseco and eggs and bacon, then spend a few hours being played with my sisters cats then late dinner and present openings with video and phone calls to rest of family up north.
  9. The Ethics of Autonomous Cars

    I wonder how theyll cope with roundabouts where 3 of you arrive precisly tge same time and have a mexican standoff.
  10. The Force Awakens

    Yes i think it should be shown in the womb.
  11. Uh,

    16c in London today which feels pretty odd. I cant remember the last time i felt a biting cold wind. Mind you we could be arse deep in snow this time next month so watch this space.
  12. For The Frequent Fliers....

    I think they call it v1. After that speed uou can no longer abort. I think if depends on the aircraft and runway but the pilots mark it on the speedometer each takeoff.
  13. The trade for Bowe

    I think there are situations where you might not turn your ship around. You may lose another few hundred lives if you do.
  14. Jeez!

    That looks like it might actually be the face of Jesus H Corbett!
  15. The Bridge

    I found the woman who does the nasty vlogs to look a bit much like Martins wife and got confused for a while. But its a great series and Saga really gets put through the ringer. I found it a bid difficult at times.