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  1. Im fully aware. Im perhaps more aware what happens on these type of threads and behaviour of certain posters (not p13). So 5hanks for your help Forrest but ill be ok.
  2. OK, well why dont one of you, who look for such things, post a picture of a dead child from the middle east, to substantiate the fact that all Western terror deaths are an ineviatable and just result of westrern terror. Its only a matter of time, and far overdue for this thread. Dont bother to validate them.
  3. I havnt seen a valid example, for one. And, if 4 deaths in London next to the parliamint are insignificant, how many and how close to the (insert capital here) actually are equally so?
  4. The point is it doesnt matter, its insignificant. They would have 10 casuslties a day from road deaths, crime or whatever. Why bother to highlight it.
  5. But contexturally thats irrelevant, I'm sure more than 10 people a day are killed by other causes, so why worry.
  6. I think this is a valid point. People actually die from asthma regularly so where is the cutoff????
  7. I havnt seen any reports of air raids on middle east recently - any examples? And as regards evil I get the term is subjective here but you say its used by people who order the murder of innocent civilians in the last coule of days, that I would suggest is false.
  8. Not even this? I like to play "air double bass" to this in the car, which isnt overly safe, really.
  9. Hang on - you dont like Van Morrison?
  10. I think it seems more hyperbolic now we know it was just one man in a car with a couple of knives. At the time in Westminster, hearing gunshots outside wth all the confusion, they would have thought they might be dealing with a serious attempt to "decapitate " the govt of the country hence whisking the PM out of the area (and locking the others in). And to anyone who knows the area it is sort of surprising that the casualty nos are so low. That place can be packed with hundreds of people, it can be a struggle to get across that bridge at a brisk walking pace with all the people taking photos etc. But i agree on the facebook safe thing - the couple I saw on my feed are from people who would be nowhere there generally.
  11. Well he was once the winner of a race down The Donalds gigglestick, so that probably qualifies him to comment.
  12. I used to love assessing the meds of elderly patients that came in to hospital. Theyd often say no I dont take anything at all, save these in my holdall. Theyd be, Atenolol for me BP ie 1 tab a day Atorvastatin. for me Cholesterol ie 1 tab a day Aspirin to thin me Blood ie t tab a day Clopidogrel to thin me blood ie 1 tab a day Paracetamol and(!)/or cocadamol 30/500 for various pain ie up to 8 tabs a day Ibuprofen for arthritis/joint pain ie up to 3 or 6 tabs a day dose dependent. Omeprazole for me stomach acid ie 1 cap per day gabapentin for me neuropathin pain ie up to several caps per day dosed dependent Calcichew(d3) for osteoporosis 2 big tabs per day chewed. Risedronate osteoprosis 1 tab every seven days. Co-careldopa for me parkinsons 4 caps a day maybe. Senokot for me bowels 2 tabs a day if unlucky Fybogel for me bowels 1/2 sachets day Citalopram 20mg for me nerves 1 tab day Zopiplone for me sleeping 1 tab a day Hormonal preventer for me breast cancer/Prostate cancer 1 tab a day. Salbutamol inhaler (reliever) for me lungs 2puffs qds as/if needed Salbutamol nebs for me breathing when bad up to 4 times on the nebuliser per day Becotide inhaler (preventer) for me lungs 2puff bd regularly as per dose. Timoptol eye drops for me glaucoma 1 drop aff eye bd? (ie) hypromellose for me dry eyes. 1 drop as required Betamethsone cream for me bad skin in areas. apply as required Aqueous cream for me dry skin. as required So that off the top of my head is what a typical older person being treated for a few things might look like maybe about 40 odd individual doses per day. I'm, overlookingthe fact they may have serious rheumatoid arthhritis needing methotrexate or a biological treatment like a "mab" drug. They might also have an active form of cancer which if not needing hospital administed "Chemo" may be being kept in check by a biological. This scenario has been described as "polypharmacy" and quite apart from some side effects in there which are obvious, theres the issue in geting older people to take their meds at the right time, once you have rationalised what is really necessary. But some of those drugs have probably prolonged this pts life. Excluding the presence of cancer or serious internal organ disease I would certainly not want the top 5 stopped, nor inhaled if I was ashmatic or copd. Regular NSAID like ibuprofen I would stop if the pt isnt desperate or on their last legs. Ideally the only regular painkiller should be paracetamol reg unless it isnt enough. And as a footnote, geriatricians sometimes treat patients in their mid 50s, who are just about clapped out ( and older than the drs and nurses) Other times, you get a 90 year old who comes in for a hernia op who has never taken a single thing in their life.
  13. Well you definitily dont know London then, coz thats the last place you'd stop!
  14. There must be tonnes of CCTV of all this happening. Already on BBC they are showing a clip of the woman falling into the Thames on the bridge, and you can see in a lot of the images banks of cameras, although some may be for revenue purposes, I would imagine.
  15. Thats one part of London I frequent for work a lot, well straight out of the station and over the bridge to St Thomas's anyway. Theres always at least a few tourists on the bridge taking pictures of the palace. I cant imagine what being driven at on there would be like. You might be tempted to jump into the river.