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  1. HMS Belfast with, annoyingly, a cruise liner alongside From this Saturday.
  2. Balloon crashed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-37174417
  3. I think we as a pharmacy pay about 30 quid for these, and obviously if prescribed for children there is no cost to the parents.
  4. I'm probably gonna go Galaxy Note 7 when it comes out - I have a Note 3 at the moment and love the big display and built in stylus. The new Note is waterproof which is nice.
  5. Maybe not as cool as this one.
  6. I think this is a pretty cool airplane.
  7. There was an interceptor variant of the sr 71. The A-12. which I think predecesed the SR varaint. Dont know wy the US developed it that way but these types of planes (and the U-2) are why Area 51 gained its reputation.
  8. And uncatchable too. I think only the EE Lightning could catch it in a stern chase, on a very good day. Probably nothing today could equal that.
  9. Concorde was in many respects the other side of the coin from the 747. They were designed more or less in parallel, at the time many thought that the supersonic aircraft were the future. Boeing designed the 747 with that humpback specifically so the nose could accomodate a raising nose for cargo pallet type insertion without hinging the cockpit and the engineering that would involve. As it turned out the early 70's and the fuel crisis intervened and the larger slower more fuel economical types prevailed. Shame, really, as the US had a lot of supersonic experience at that time and the US SST never reached fruition.
  10. Not too roomy inside but you flew it, ag great expense, for:
  11. The fastest, and my vote for the best looking.
  12. The fastest other than Concorde/TU144
  13. The first.
  14. Well when I was young I always assumed I'd die in a nuclear holocaust, may as well dust off those plans again.