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  1. TPPA ??? ping JimCT

    This looks like the TTIP which the EU is tussling over atm. There is a lot of opposition to it on democratic grounds. And the French dont like it. Old Dave Cameron is always keen to say he got it on the table at brussells but at this rate we may not be in the EU to "benefit"from it. We'd be back of the queue.
  2. Yikes. If you are sick don't see a doctor?

    Well detailed research would probably involve more than the death certhficate. But cardiac arrest on the table can happen in any number of operations, from pre-planned knee surgery due to a reaction to the anaesthetic (or a mistake, even) or for a patient who comes in with multiple injuries from a motirbike crash due to severe trauma and blood loss. Where do you make the call. Maybe cardiac arrest secondary to xyz.
  3. Yikes. If you are sick don't see a doctor?

    Why would it be different if it said heart attack on the cert anyway?
  4. Yikes. If you are sick don't see a doctor?

    Well in the UK at least if that was an emergency admission and you died on the table there would likely be a pm. They would likely find if you had or had not any coronary artery disease previously unknown about and may find the resus attempts in theatre actually burst the anurysm.
  5. Yikes. If you are sick don't see a doctor?

    Its rarely that cut and dry. We know there are a lot of more subtle mistakes made by drs and nurses, probably every day in every hospital, that can contribute to patients early deaths. But they often cant be picked upbecause they are hard to distinguish from a likely cause of death for that pt.
  6. Yikes. If you are sick don't see a doctor?

    A dr signing a death certificate is only atestifying as to the clinical cause of death of the dead person, not potentially assigning responsibility or otherwise. That is up to a coroner and/or court. I dont see how you could capture enough info without referring every case.
  7. RIP Prince

    Just posted this on my FB page and stole from the YT comments "You know you're an awesome guitar player when at the end you can throw it in the air and it doesn't come back down".
  8. RIP Prince

    I saw prince live in 1992 at earls court in London. I think it was one of my first big gigs and we wernt too near the front but it was an ace gig. He did "nuthin compares 2 u" so for me that son has always had his voice on it. I was turned on to Prince by an old girlfriend and while the girl didnt last 2 mins prince stuck with me. Another sad day, RIP Prince and thank you.
  9. Wow, forgot about this. Recently my fathers brother (my uncle) discovered that his Grandmother had been married to a man who died in 1917 in WW1. He was the father of my maternal grandmother. My uncles Grandmother (My great grandmother) remarried and had further children and until recently my Uncle thought this man was all of the kids grandad. So this one of my Great grandads actually died in WW1. RIP Rifleman William Hansen, P/758, 16th Battalion Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort's Own) KIA 24th June 1917, somewhere in France/Flanders. There is a grave but I cannot locate the pic of it. Will edit if I do. I wonder how common this is, where grandfathers have been , perhaps inadvertantly, or maybe due to sheer grief, have been written out of history. I have discovered that my great grandmother was of French and Irish parentage - all immigrants in the late 19th century - and all catholic which continued until my fathers generation - my father was very much an atheist. As a footnote, one of the Deep ironies was the man who my Great Grandmother remarried, ie the presumed grandfather, was killed in the blitz in 1940. So she married twice and lost one husband in each world war.
  10. Do you play?

    Well 10 months on from this and in the meantime I have suffered MAJOR depression and anxiety and had a spell off work. But the good news is, a couple of months back I did take on a professional tutor and am making good progress with the guitar. I can now play one or two tunes, partially at least, and am working on my techniques every day. I use a Yamaha accoustic but want to transition to an electric for a few reasons. 1, They seem easier to play, less big etc. 2. My neighbours dont like me playing at 3am & I could strum a leccy without the amp on. 3 its just cool. My instructor generally uses a 52 Tele (I think is 52? see pic) which is quite old, When we're working accoustic he plays it unplugged and it sounds fine for practice. He has other leccys and accoustics and classicals around. So Im seriously thinking about aquiring a Telecaster of my own now.
  11. My semi-annual tax questions

    He said semi...
  12. Yep and in hospital they are referred to fy1s,fy2s, hos, shos and registrars if my memory serves. These are all below consultants and are junior doctors at least as far as the recent contract wrangle goes.
  13. Yet another terrorist attack in Europe

    Jaysus, its early, even for Good Friday. Still i spose we shouldnt be too surprised.
  14. Yet another terrorist attack in Europe

    Oh, come on now, who is posting the pics here?And obviously is trawling the net for them?
  15. Yet another terrorist attack in Europe

    Well whose army then? If its awestern one then its just the "CAUSE" of the next 30 years of islamic based terror against islams "opponents" across the world. If a middle eastern one then its the arms we sold them thats the issue.