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  1. Someon earlier today on facebook told my on of my sister o stop with the political posts as he didnt want to read them. I ended up in a bit of a ding dong with him. And my sis deleted him in the end. Seriously, you want tk go on facebook and not see stuff your friends poste. Its like hating water and junping in a swummung pool.
  2. Still, hearing that in the night must be quite unnerving.
  3. Could be rock against rock, i would suspect it is geophysical. The planets crust is constantly being rendedby gravity from the moon and sun. I thought maybe also a sea origin sound being carried by layers in the atmosphere. This might actually be something that happens all the time but normally at a frequency or volume we cant hear. It would make sense to tune out this sound evolutanary speaking as it drowns out other sounds.
  4. Hes an interesting guy. maybe he should stand.
  5. Corbyns the man. He drove over a journos foot the other day. He just dont care. that how he rolls! Plus all the others are either evil or have no chance.
  6. I read a while ago about how at the end of ww2 a load of statues honouring past german and or prussian heroes were taken down and buried in a park in Berlin (think it was there). Think it was done by the allies but cant remember.
  7. We had a meeting at work on the outcome of a review on a report on the nhs ways of working and also specifically on the way our dept works. Part of it was on how the report had identified that nhs trusts wernt working closely enough and didnt work together on strategic issues like provisions of service, purchasing and staff recriutment. This after two decades of us being told that nhs trusts were fundamentally in competition with each other and that tge comissioners of the services, pct at the time, would be looking at the most efficient providers financially of services and we were essentially moving towards a sales approach. We said it was wrong at the time and kept some of the original structures like a regional purchasing body that negotiates as one with pharma for a large number of trusts, probably the biggest in the world as it includes all of london. Even that has been threatened with legal action by pharma saying it represents a (opposit of monopoly) and is anti competetive. I wasnt at the meeting, luckily, as i have had problems lately with saying what i think. I told my guys to file it but it was a waste of time as if the tories get in with a bigger maj at the next time the whole thing will change again as the nhs is up for grabs in any trade deal we sign with the US.
  8. He may have just got the wrong number.
  9. And her husband did. And her father was at Jutland. And one of her sons was at the falklands And her grandson was in the afghanistan.
  10. Put it on your avatar.
  11. The guys who put together the first bible (shock horror it wernt god) were probably were having food laid on by the venue and the oysters were awful, and they kept mentioning it and the person taking the minutes accidentally put that in. Come to mention it that might mean... we might have to go over the original notes to check the whole thing aint bollocks.
  12. When was the last 'snap' election, anyone know? I dont remember voting in one.
  13. I think it should have been. That might have made sense. But why are they calling it now?
  14. Why are people getting so agitated over this, more people die in the same region in road crashes every day. I dont get all the hysteria on this one event.
  15. And dont worry about any deaths in sweden, they were prejjstified by the countries acrions in iraq or syria, if any. Or their mistreatment of immigrant petty criminals. Or their ethnicity. Dont worry these could he caised by a road accident any day of the week.