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  1. Wendy's New Employees

    It might have been a giant kick ass squid. He may have spent the last 22 years wrestling with it in the kitchen.
  2. My Sister was there, Shes from London and her hubby whos Lancastrian. They may have dragged the crowd down.
  3. Man United Match Abandoned - Suspect Package

    Turned out it WAS something someone forgot to take - a fake bomb used in a previous training exercise! You couldnt make it up.
  4. Man United Match Abandoned - Suspect Package

    Been saying it was not real but some kind of hoax, so not just a bag someone forgot. That is a bit of a worry.
  5. Man United Match Abandoned - Suspect Package

    Apparently they just carried out a controlled explosion.
  6. There are Aholes....and then there are AHOLES

    I think this is true. I dont think people value human life, particularly life which is culturally different to theirs, at all highly.
  7. For Daisey

    Out of interest, why do you consider it safer?
  8. Canadian fire

    This and any previous messages from me were not meant to be flippant in the face of disaster - i have a dreadful new habit of typing whilst asleep.
  9. TPPA ??? ping JimCT

    Huh maybe need to edit myself for clarity...
  10. Canadian fire

    Ive just got an alert tothis message so maybe its a message to all of us dont message when drunk/or otherwise intox However ...
  11. Canadian fire

    Quelw I hope yiyu anysolviceravewlves now with thing this,m I m in for in it for eunexplinicate reason, still hive your hihives.*
  12. Canadian fire

    Well it unshitholes me to a certain extent.
  13. TPPA ??? ping JimCT

    JimCT these viewpoints are shared in the UK re the TTIP, that we are in a "race for the bottom" with the USA. Also the threat that public services could be undermined by the new legislative framework that this includes ie the BBC, NHS to name two. Ive heard that one of the arguments for TTIP is that it will enable us to form a trading bloc with the USA, and that this will allow us to stand up to the BRIC's etc nations. I'm not convinced on this yet. And I wouldnt want TTIP to go through withough thorough UK parlimentary scrutiny and votes.
  14. TPPA ??? ping JimCT

    There are some subsidies to farms from the EU, inc the UK and France. I think if we leave Europe Cameron would sign a TTIP style agreement before christmas. Not good.
  15. TPPA ??? ping JimCT

    A post off Faceybook today.