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  1. I think the uk has a similar good samaritan law which provides protection if you do intervene rather than a compulsion to help law as ck states. I had basic resus trailing a few years back and seem to remember something like that.
  2. We used to have dog licencing here back in the day but they scrapped it. They should bring it back with the ability to revoke it if necessary.
  3. Whats a pass out?
  4. Yep pretty much. I didnt know there was an air harrods helicopter till just now!
  5. For any of you airplane butfs out there, yiu should try out the smartphone app Flightradar24. Its a plane tracking app that shows you pretty mich about any flight anywhrre in the world. It has a map mode using googles map which is pretty much self explanatory but also a binocula4s mode that allows you to point your camera at the sky and it will overlay info on any planes there. You can set alerts for some squaks as well. Its a paid app and you can pay more to get extra things like more specific icons and things. I seem to have a lot of planes circling around where i live from small Embraers to A380s dreamliners and jumbos but im relativly closeish to Southend Stanstead london city gatwick and heathrow so not surprising really. This is really addictive!
  6. We did back in ww2. My father was born in Kentish town in 1943 and one of his brothers in 1940. They were bombed out of their houses 3 times.
  7. It could have a banjalele. Looks like a little banjo but is strung and tuned like a ukelele. George Formby used to play it.
  8. If everybody wvho said they were going to leave the country over an election actually left the country, thered be noone left living in the country everybody originally lived in.
  9. Did you not offer her your seat? And her a pensioner too! Just wait till the pope hears.
  10. Lots of bits dont make the final cut. There used to be a killer Guitar solo about 3mins 30 in, but the record company wanted it to fit on a 7in sinjgle.
  11. Theres been a recall on the Note 7 after a few "Explosions".I think I'll wait for them to iron out the bugs. But it can take a 256gb card in addition ot 64gb on board so has desktop type storage capacity.
  12. HMS Belfast with, annoyingly, a cruise liner alongside From this Saturday.
  13. Balloon crashed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-37174417
  14. I think we as a pharmacy pay about 30 quid for these, and obviously if prescribed for children there is no cost to the parents.