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  1. What a wonderful track - I only repost as I have been working on this today.
  2. My experienec is you get padded up, wait for your time in bat ant then get bowled out and then go back and un-pad up. A good waste of time fucking ruined.
  3. I think you're right in that the elephant in the room here is why the lad is stark bollock naked but also why on earth does the shark have a mustache.
  4. RIP Fray Bentos. Meat pies in tins will never be the same.
  5. I think that only history will hold the real answer to this. And even then be open to argument. I just hope I'm alive in 20 years or so to be able to look back on how it all panned out.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-37997640 WTF is this all about. Apart from scrap value, why?
  7. I read somewhere they originily wote it with the gernans singing the horst wessel song but it was under copyhright so they used watch on the rhine instesd.
  8. Man I'm sorry oabout this, Ive heard MMIx, voice. I'm strugggling similarly but maybe for different reasons. We have to assume we're part of the brickwork rather than the sewage, in 4/8 years we'll be posting about the next idiots that put themselves as political sewage.
  9. Boris will be all "aaabub bub bub bub bub" and the Donald will be in there searching for boobies etc.
  10. Hes going to meet Boris Johnson soon, can you imagine that from a hair perspective?
  11. President Trump. President Trump. Fucking Hell.
  12. Personally I'd probably have to go for an EVA for that or any other related business, try and project it into the earths atmosphere to burn up.
  13. I think it was. It was on one of the "Mayday" shows.
  14. There was a DC 10 where this happened to the engine inside the tail and cut all of the hydraulics including the redundancjes. The crew were only left with the 2 engines abd had to land with only the throttles to control. They managed but with high casualties. Since then the engine cowlings are tougher.
  15. I think the uk has a similar good samaritan law which provides protection if you do intervene rather than a compulsion to help law as ck states. I had basic resus trailing a few years back and seem to remember something like that.