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  1. Considering the quality of some of the stuff that we listened to in our youth ....These are miraculous .... As i mentioned on a previous thread ....4 years after writing it...Bruce puts out a perfect sounding From Small Things ..... Maybe he is practicing Protection too
  2. Wow ...totally missed that .... I still miss Myron though.
  3. Holy Crap Andrew ...I didnt realize you played Viola
  4. Willie Nile's Facebook post Bruce Springsteen is the modern day conscience of Rock n Roll. His show last night in New Jersey at the stadium was full of heart, fire, passion, and soul. The set list rang true and focused all night long. At one point he was telling the story about being a young boy and the local ice cream man saving him pieces of broken cones because he didn’t like ice cream and then singing Mansion On The Hill, to singing Jack Of All Trades, My Hometown, The River, American Skin, without a word of introduction, clearly referencing the chaos and tragedy in the streets of our country, following that with Promised Land, which this country at times can be. From The Rising, to Land Of Hope And Dreams, to Jungleland to Born To Run, there was a thread that rang so true and current all night long. Here was an American artist singing about his life and the world around him with all the honesty and heart and sincerity you could ever hope for. It was something to behold. A real artist, still caring, still sharing and still bearing his heart and soul to his beloved audience with all the fire and brimstone he could muster. It was stunning! God bless you Bruce! Long may you run! With love and thanks. Willie
  5. I'm such a sitting at my computer naysayer ...but wheres my damn epic sax solo at the end of Jersey Girl ? ( Thanks for posting BD ....And you are a magnet for Spectacular weather it would appear .... I remember when you went in 2012 you had the nicest night of the tour !! )
  6. Awesome review. Although my favorite part was "August being a month of Sundays" And i agree about 41 Shots .... its certainly not nearly as one sided a song as Law Enforcement and their many relatives would have you believe.
  7. I just got the call. My friend agrees with your friends. Ultimately blown away. 300's other end of the stadium and sound was loud and clear. And he is EXHAUSTED lol.
  8. My best Bruce Bud was there last night...crappy free seats ....and at the beginning he was very happy with sound and volume ....But i got texts this morning that the slow patch was rough .... Havent spoken to him since to find out how the second half was.
  9. Seems like Bruce thought he was still in europe last night !!!
  10. Thanks RJM ....Great review. My favorite line : Of course, as with any Springsteen show, it’s not so much the songs he performed as the way he performed them.
  11. I'm sure you are not alone ..... But it is one of his biggest radio hits and a shit load of fun.
  12. A combination most likely. At least i think thats my issue