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  1. Mmmm .... Upbeat
  2. How cool is this ? Brother from another mother.
  3. New York City Serenade Badlands Summertime Blues The Ties That Bind Sherry Darling Jackson Cage Two Hearts Independence Day Hungry Heart Out in the Street Boom Boom Detroit Medley You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) Death to My Hometown The Ghost of Tom Joad (solo acoustic) The River Point Blank The Promised Land Working on the Highway Darlington County Bobby Jean Tougher Than the Rest Drive All Night Because the Night The Rising Land of Hope and Dreams * * * Jungleland Born in the U.S.A. Born to Run Ramrod Dancing in the Dark Tenth Avenue Freeze-out Shout Thunder Road (solo acoustic)
  4. Perfect 2016 River Tour Setlist ......
  5. I had some people chatting .... which pissed me off ... But otherwise i agree .... There was The River ...and then there were some songs. So happy for everyone that REALLY wanted this.
  6. Any chance he had that girl with him ? ( God i'm like an old gossipy washer woman...But inquiring minds want to know )
  7. OMG .... Cal too ....I have the biggest shit eating grin on my face right now ...
  8. One of my favorite lakers was surprised for his birthday with tickets for tonights show .... I know it would be two nights in a row .... But .... Pray for DAN.
  9. This comes from someone that hates the Studio version of Drive All Night .. We Told You so
  10. So happy for Riverdude ..... Thats a kick ass river heavy set. Hopefully he pencils in a few of the rarer slow ones for Wednesday !!!!!
  11. Stand On It would be nice.
  12. Lol ....and i see the even number year Giants are right on schedule as well.
  13. Another picture of Honey ...My first Dog who made me a Golden Retriever lover forever. Her nick name was Honey Bunny or Da Buns ...We call this picture Gremlin Buns......Had a crappy camera ....But still a great action shot.
  14. Is this a band-width issue ?