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  1. This is such an amazing thread ....a testament to what a wonderful place this is. Daisey has touched so many of us for different reasons. For me it was her enthusiasm for how excited i was for the river box and the river tour. She understood. And thats the beauty of this place .... I love The River ...Daisey loves WIESS and Darkness ....But there is a kinship between us all ....because we certainly don't all have the same favorite songs ....but we all realize what music does for us, to us and we come here to revel in that understanding. And it is just somehow appropriate that Daisey closes the tour for us.
  2. Jole Blon getting some regular outings...love it ! Setlistvision going out in a blaze of glory. Two Daisey shows and then who knows the next time we do this .
  3. Touring New Zealand with Daisey ...Love it !!!!
  4. This may be the first time in my life that i hope Bruce plays Kittys Back.....
  5. A mad genius gone long before his time. A great and underappreciated late career. Sentimental Hygiene with REM as his backing band and Transverse City with a plethora of guest stars including David Gilmour on Run Straight Down and Neil Young and Jerry Garcia on two songs each. A personal favorite amongst so many
  6. From the seat in front of my computer ...I loved Hunter Valley 2014 !!!!
  7. Roll Of The Dice/Jole Blon/Long Time Comin...Holy Crap..... The real encore for me almost always comes early in the show ..... That
  8. Great Stuff as always Lampi .... I might have to check you tube for Verona since i am not familiar with it. The 92/93 tour had one thing going for it ....I could get tickets ...and that Bruce guy is a hell of an entertainer. .....
  9. And a good Late Morning/Early Afternoon to you too
  10. Wow ....Lots of underplayed songs in that first 11 !!!!
  11. Yeah ..... I was sort of wondering where Dexy came from ...But i've never seen them ....so i can't say anything
  12. Love this one
  13. The minute she opens her mouth i am 14 again .... An Iconic Voice
  14. I also read Harry Potter to my son. This makes sense to me.