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  1. Thanks Rosie. Vote cast.
  2. And so it was Paolo ....as advertised .... Round 3 is where my heart starts to break.
  3. I can't say it better than that Roy. My condolences to all who suffered a loss.
  4. Never had the pleasure of hearing Boom Boom live ....but i still remember how blown away i was on July 3rd 1988 when it was being broadcast live world wide from Stockholm ...a total powerhouse
  5. Would LOVED to have heard Have Love Will Travel.....
  6. Boom Boom, Chimes and Have Love Will Travel ....And i'm 0 for 3
  7. 5 great covers IMHO ..... Strictly from a setlist on paper show ...one of my absolute favorites from the Reunion Era ,,,,
  8. Damn Computers !!!
  9. I don't think anyone is going to whine too much over what are essentially Songs 91-100 as much as i love Chuck Berry ...But i hope there is a better plan for the 4 songs going through to the top 20..... I mean if its 22 or 23 so be it ....
  10. I probably would have just let all three through ... But its not my poll ....
  11. I see Little Queenie is tied for 10th...what do we do about ties ?
  12. Thats two sort of under the radar potential winners .....Trapped and Jersey Girl ....
  13. Its a bit more money .... But its a lossless format ..... its nice to have ....