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  1. WIESS article

    Never been my favorite album ...But very well written
  2. Air Supply-Making Love Out of Nothing at all

    A little more killer Steinman ...
  3. A very solid collection of River songs PLUS Santa .... Seriously throw DAN in there and i'd have little to complain about.
  4. LOVE Santa .... Sorry About Jackson Cage getting the boot all the time though !!!
  5. Air Supply-Making Love Out of Nothing at all

    I may steal that line !!!!
  6. Air Supply-Making Love Out of Nothing at all

    Hell i even like the Steinman song that Celine Dion sings .... Max mercifully was not on that .... But the Professor was front and center as always.
  7. River Full House

    ...I've been trying hard not to crap in the punch bowl too much....But if i had been going expecting to see the entire River ....Madrid would have been a let down for me.
  8. Air Supply-Making Love Out of Nothing at all

    TWO Air Supply songs on my Ipod .... I like All Out Of Love as well ....But i LOVE a lot of Steinman.
  9. More votes for Hungry Heart than i expected ! ....Side 2 almost always started with Out In The Street for me even 35 years ago.
  10. And we have a winner
  11. I was thinking DAN.... But Independence Day is a great choice ....Highlights everything thats great about Bruce AND the two keyboard/Sax attack of the ESB.
  12. Don't make me add Held Up WIthout A Gun !!!! I'll do it ... I mean it
  13. I don't even have a real emotional connection to Jackson Cage ....But it was incredible !!!