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  1. The Women of Bruce Springsteen's Songs Respond

    Its called a fuckin' cooler.  We can talk. In a public place. Under some fluorescent lights. Right in the center of town. LMAO.  
  2. Cool it was acknowledged ...Thanks Rosie ! Oh and i have the download ...The Guitar solo was pretty much perfect
  3. My wife mentioned this to me right away ( shes very smart ) ...I just verified .... He forgot to introduce Garry  
  4. Dollhouse

    Nice one .... Thanks TC.
  5. I noticed 4 songs from the album got singled out.... Ties, The River, Crush On You and Cadillac Ranch. I like this guy.
  6. idiots

    Gus is clearly of the Non-Diplomat Party. But I got a little unlucky with the talking this time, so as much as it scares me i get some of his rant.    
  7. MSG 2016/1/27 Download available!

    Early Impressions. Wow. WAY better than a T-Shirt.
  8. Rerun Time

    Funny BD. You made me dig these out because we had a guest while we were talking about Willie Nile and she didn't know the legend of the Stone Pony. And it made me think of that clip where Bruce bussed the tables.  
  9. Rerun Time

    Sure Was !!!!...I really like Ben Stiller.    
  10. Rerun Time

  11. Willie Nile Premieres New Song

    Thanks BD.... You are like one stop shopping for all the music i love.
  12. I have skipped and not liked the studio version for 35 years ....But swaying to it with your girl in a dark arena is pretty nice.
  13. Hollywood Studios Live '92 - New CD

    I was there 7/25 and 7/31...Not sure when it was filmed.....Cool video though ...
  14. Hollywood Studios Live '92 - New CD

      I think he looks really cool. But i'm not a fashion expert ....Not by a long shot    
  15. This article made my day....I'm grinning ear to ear. And Wasted ...You are clearly a marketing genius.