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  1. Oops ... Thanks Marie lol
  2. AND i should be paid for being Clarence. Seemed like a reasonable request. What a great book.
  3. Almost a year since my anticipation was OFF the charts for this one.
  4. The late great Bobby Keys ..... Thanks for posting that ....I'm a little jealous
  5. Okay I'll stop now .... I think
  6. My god the piano on this .... I guess its Ian Stewart ....too lazy to look ..... Arguably my college theme song .... I'll bet you think that you're the only woman in Toronto
  7. I got this at MSG in 2002 Loving Cup Rocks Off Rip This Joint Tumbling Dice Which i felt hugely fortunate about .... And All Down The Line in 1981 But never Sweet Virginia God i love that album .....
  8. Good Article .... Thanks Sue.
  9. So many i love ....So many from Exile .... The aforementioned Rocks Off and ADTL .....And of course this
  10. Wow...Never saw that. One of my all time favorite Bruce songs ...and i'm not quite sure what to make of it. Almost Rap-esque ? A piece of performance art ? Re-invention is an understatement.
  11. Another British expression i have come to love on the lake..."Sorted" .... Thanks for posting that.
  12. Wow .... We all think we have a connection to Bruce and his music. But i think its safe to say that most of our connections pale in comparison. A brutal story with a wonderful happy ending.
  13. America's Putin
  14. Great stuff ....and very relate-able since i was at 3 of his top 4 .....
  15. And i was so pleased to be informed of this...That i ran 20 red lights in his honor ...