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  1. 32 Minutes is rough.
  2. Not to mention Tom Jones take on the OJ Killing 25 years before it happened. Or From this millennium
  3. If Hitler can take over Germany scaring people about the Jews Trump can become president scaring us about the Muslims ....As soon as he didn't eliminate himself insulting McCain i knew we were in trouble.
  4. Willie is not exactly Roy Bittan on the piano ..... But it did give the show a flow .... Rock/Mellow lovely middle/Rock finale and encore ...Changes the show for sure.
  5. I assumed it was because all of the publicity the 4 hour shows had been getting in the general media causing crazy traffic. Because this thing has been running so beautifully for such a long time. But i guess that my non-tech explanation. Good Luck Karsten and thanks !!!
  6. Cynthia !!! That was great ....Very entertaining hour i thought !!!
  7. Liking Jesse James a lot ....I do tend to like my music a little more cleaned up though
  8. He Stopped Loving Her Today is too sad for words.
  9. He definitely handled it better than i would have.
  10. Indeed ...and where is our Magic Archive release ?!?!
  11. No idea if Kc1978 is trolling us or not ....But for anyone out there that didnt ( or even worse ...couldnt ) get a ticket for the arena shows ,And went to hear River songs ..... i would be sympathetic .....
  12. You are unbeleivable. This is SO awesome.
  13. .Wonderful News
  14. I posted this elsewhere ....But this seems like another spot for it lol
  15. And a non kid Sunny Day. Maybe an arrangement a little more like the 2002-03 version for the occassion ....even though i love the current arrangement with more Roy