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  1. Well it makes sense to me ..... I don't know if it is to preserve his voice somehow ....But i take it as he is trying to discourage a group sing on those songs....
  2. I'm talking about the phrasing of the words ..... Best example i can come up with right now ..... Compare Prove It All Night from Darkness, Tempe and LINYC..... the phrasing on Tempe is IDENTICAL to the original .... LINYC he purposely sings the words out of rhythm ....makes singing a long a lot less fun to almost impossible ..... I can't exactly explain it .....but i know it when i hear it
  3. I guess i can only like it once. I'd like to like it once a year. Thanks Billy.
  4. Oh man .... Thanks for pointing that out Ann ..... I never saw that either .... Its making me a little misty ..... Not sure how 37 years went by since that night
  5. I much prefer the B side ....But don't let me stop you .... i preferred the B Side on Hungry Heart and Glory Days too
  6. The poll is the poll .... But this amazing collection of you tubes ...many of songs i really have never heard Bruce cover should maybe be put somewhere on the lake ....a list of 400 ( minus some ) you tube clips of Bruce covers is pretty cool ....and a hell of an effort by our host. Even if Twist and Shout does win
  7. Sociedad Alternativa is unbelievable ...... and of course i have a major soft spot for Auld Lang Syne
  8. Give My Love To Rose .... The original Wreck On The Highway.
  9. So Happy they did this
  10. Wow ..... I'm home sick and have a little time on my hands .... That Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow is freakin' epic.
  11. Thanks for finding that Billy. I feel old tonight.
  12. I still want a Chuck Berry song played in the encore at every concert i attend.
  13. What are we going to play Mr Berry ? Why boys .... were gonna play Chuck Berry songs ..... Thank god for Taylor Hackford and Keith Richards that we have that wonderful document. Hail Hail Chuck Berry
  14. LOVE Without You
  15. I will try to not overly comment .....But Long Walk Homes placing is absurd