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  1. Probably my top 3 from BITUSA .....No Surrender, I'm Going Down and Downbound Train and two of them don't get played.
  2. Strictly speaking from a personal preference standpoint with Glory Days verus Dancing.... But i understand DITD is his biggest hit ....and it ain't going nowhere....
  3. I personally would be a much happier person if Glory Days received the DITD treatment in the encores.
  4. Buffalo is such a great release .....and it being Clarences last full show the the ESB makes it historic as well .....
  5. As long as Bruce's Music lives ...so does the Big Man !!!
  6. As someone said earlier .... I think the downloads are fairly priced ....But I hate that The Tempe DVD costs 85 dollars
  7. In case you've never seen it. Or maybe just wanted to see it again.
  8. Love that avatar
  9. And i get a kick out of it live .... The visuals are pretty cute....But the vocals on my ipod ...well .... I'm sure it sounds like Pavarotti to the Parents
  10. I'm a Fan ..... Favorite song on The Rising (although i'd like to take Further On for a spin again live ) and i'd take it over Hungry Heart and DITD. The Caterwauling children on the live recordings can be pretty rough though admittedly.
  11. I would gladly let you write a setlist for me
  12. A nice Holiday Surprise !!!!! You are SO missed.
  13. I woke up Christmas Eve morning ....had a few greetings i'd been behind on ....and knew it would be awhile under the circumstances ..... particularly knowing what time is was in Europe .... I missed everybody !!!!
  14. I thought i got to take 10 albums ....8 songs ..... This is just cruel Lets start ...as always ...By cheating a little Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding-Elton John Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pts 1-5-Pink Floyd Won't Get Fooled Again-Who Baby Blue-Badfinger Tie Your Mother Down-Queen '39-Queen Penny Lane-Beatles For the moment i will leave # 8 between Incident on 57th Street 11-07-2009 or some kind of classical piece ....Hallelujah Chorus, Light and Cavalry...maybe some Strauss .....
  15. I hate so much WHY that concert took place ....But damn it was great. Losing Lennon and Mercury so young was horrendous for music.