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  1. I doubt it, if anything I'd like it more written by my favorite artist if I thought it were a good song.
  2. Also found this cool while reading RS about the show in LA: The night began with more peaceful protests. Jackson Browne began with a warm, understated "Till I Go Down," dialing back the heavy reggae vibe of the 1986 original recording. He followed with Steven Van Zandt's 1983 anthem "I Am a Patriot," a permanent part of Browne's shows for several years, and added new lyrics aimed at our new commander in chief: "I ain't no bully ... I ain't no climate denier."
  3. That's better. Along the lines of artists speaking up, award for the most humorous goes to Morello last night in LA at the show Jack Black hosted. "If somebody tries to grab your pussy in the pit," warned Morello, riffing on the a notorious Trump comment, "it's your patriotic duty to break their fucking arm!"
  4. How can you project no one cared? Seriously, no one?
  5. That's funny, by you missing the context some might think she really does want to blow it up. Except that she doesn't as she proceeds to say she knows it wouldn't change anything.
  6. Tom-Joad, that is freakin' hilarity. Guess it's good I can laugh at something related to the fuckwit. He brings out the best in comedians and artists.
  7. Everything linked to him is embarrassing.
  8. I ain't fast forwarding anything coz I don't wish to hear a thing that comes out of his mouth. If I catch something watching the news or reading here then so be it but I'm done purposely hearing anything that comes out his yip. Had it on CNN earlier tho and did hear how he had to challenge his crowd size yesterday. A petulant child.
  9. This is great. Some anti-cartoon posters here btw, SoulBoogie. Just giving you the heads up.
  10. Oh please. I really ignored Clinton's "sins" coz he's pro-choice. I don't give a shit what man gets a blow job, married or not, president or not.
  11. Jesus PRR, how old are your kids now? I've been here too long coz what happened to Bella being a child? She's a beautiful woman now.
  12. I didn't watch it but pretty sure there was a clip about it last night on my local news. If there is a dog in obvious distress while in freezing water while a movie is being filmed then that would be it.