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  1. I don't understand the concept of his playing being intrusive whatsoever. Bizarre. Have you heard his solo on Brothers Under the Bridge from the HH tour? Beauty.
  2. Some of us need help with modern technology. Help a sistah out would ya?
  3. Well then, case closed.
  4. Herein lies the dilemma for me, I know change is good but I've never done well with it - yet I do become bored. Moreover, as I age I feel as though I don't learn the way I used to, insofar as it becomes harder and longer to grasp and retain stuff. My concentration isn't there at the moment either, not sure if it will come back or if it's temporary. And though this isn't a positive, I've come to the conclusion that I don't like a challenge. How absurd is that? Might be a lack of self-confidence, but it does stop me from exploring other options. Cool story btw, congrats on finding something so satisfying and taking the plunge. Scary at your age...haha.
  5. "We?" Glad you're speaking for all of us.
  6. Do we become so old and complacent and fearful that it's not worth changing it up? What about boredom, coz that's huge. Stress of the workplace is huger. My grammar there hints at the fact that I'll never try to be an English teacher. But does anyone get depressed thinking about doing what they do for the rest of their working life? Bullshit aside, I actually love what I do but it's starting to get taxing and emotionally draining, not sure I can stay at it forever. I understand fully and completely why people who work in mental health have their own breakdowns and/or regular therapists. But it sucks to yearn for something else and feel so stuck, not knowing what the hell else would satisfy. Is the grass greener or should some of us accept that nothing will make us happier at this point in life and that we should be happy we have a job? Or should we strive for something, even if we don't know what that something is, different if we're not happy? Anyone here yearn for something other than what they do?
  7. How beautiful this "genre" really is. Bluegrass is essentially mountain music and I don't know what's not to love about music coming from the Appalachian mountains. Any bluegrass fans here? If so, what makes bluegrass sound so wonderful to you? If you say the banjo I will understand. My current favorite bluegrass song: Heart-melting.
  8. I get so sick and tired of seeing the same people bash "Tommy" over and over and over and over so does that mean I have to feel the same toward the praisers? Maybe, but of course it's easier to swallow as I'm one of 'em and I don't think I've praised him for a while now so at least I haven't skipped and skipped for some time. Three songs last night, by reading some comments on the web he was superb. Have you heard any Prophets of Rage yet?
  9. I've seen people be supremely critical of the song for a few reasons, but I dunno what's so unbelievable 'bout the character. If anything, I would think Jack would be one of Bruce's more believable characters. Which is why the simplicity of the lyrics work so well and carry so much poignancy.
  10. I detest them, as if anyone is going to tell me what to wear, but at the same time can see how they would appeal to those who can't be bothered with fashion, with having an extensive wardrobe, or simply can't be bothered to try and put together an outfit every day. They could make things a little easier for certain types of people. When it comes to Catholic schools and they're mandatory, oppressive and silly is right. LIke gimme a break. Knew tons of people in high school who went to a Catholic school and heaven forbid their tie not be just right or their socks not pulled up high enough on the girls. Detentions were handed out ferchrissake.
  11. I heard one guy have to explain to another that "this is a political song."
  12. Well that's a pretty damned fine version. So, so lovely. No one mentioned the harmonica so I didn't know that was coming, what a bonus. I really like berlintramp's post above and I see/hear where she's coming from - though I can't decide which version I like better and don't even think I should begin to try. The instrumentation changes everything, almost everything, that how can I possibly hear the anger now that is so powerfully executed on the album version. There's an aching quality to this one yet so lovely at the same time. Forgot to mention this on the "Bruce moments that moved to tears" thread, but the first time I heard Jack I was already so in love with the album that I didn't think it could get any better, then Jack came along with that solo and my bottom lip started to quiver and the eyes began to well. The song is also right in his vocal wheelhouse.
  13. I didn't know that 'bout Wrigley and Lost In the Flood, misty. Not much I can do about it now but that song would have been a real treat, have never caught it live. Two amazing, amazing nights nonetheless.