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  1. On this note, guess who I got tickets for yesterday? Amelia Curran, that's who. Didn't know she was coming but was on her site, and bam, there it was, a date in my town. Got the credit card out pronto. Been to the venue and it's two blocks from my house. So damned excited I can't tell ya how excited I am. It's on a school night so might have to take the next day off. And tickets were only 20 buckaroos.
  2. I still love Go Your Own Way but the rest here can fly away with The Steve Miller Band.
  3. Ugh, Prince has spun a time or two. In fact, immediately post-death there was a video posted on here of him spinning and I stated that that is who Nils might have been inspired by.
  4. Mac is smiling, holding a guitar, holding up two fingers, wearing a hat, etc., none of which Bruce is doing on his cover. Were are the similarities?
  5. He's from my town. Only similarity I see is the flannel and the font/color
  6. Only popular Skynyrd tune I can handle is Simple Man.
  7. That's funny.
  8. I truly don't think yer theory is far off.
  9. Also, feel about Stairway to Heaven the way I do about Hotel California. Never again do I wish to hear them.
  10. Same here, word for word. Got into them coz I had a big crush on a guy in high school who was three grades above (he also got me obsessed with T. Rex) and was a big fan. He'd play them at parties and I liked what I heard so there was two reasons for buying their albums.
  11. I got that but didn't purchase it til I was a late teen.
  12. I own Rumors today and that's it.
  13. This is putting it nicely as Father Time is a fucking asshole.
  14. You cannot be serious. Ever heard of many people possessing a hard work ethic despite what it is they're doing?
  15. Thanks for the explanation. Still don't get it, but I don't need to see if someone mentioned me I suppose. If they quote me I see it.