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  1. Forget about Lucky Town from "Pariiiiii," Born In The USA is blowing my boxers off. Or should I say bikinis.
  2. I'd pass on that. Don't need to ever see The Stones again in any capacity. Twice was plenty.
  3. Magnus, we are so different coz the thought of me attending a high school reunion makes me shudder to the nth. Hope you had a good time though.
  4. If I go to grad school at my age am I having a mid-life crisis? I'd do another degree in a heartbeat if I had the dough or do my master's.
  5. Firstly, so sorry to read this, and secondly, this post is a good example of conveying that today still too many people think the idea of a mid-life crisis is a joke - that it is just an excuse for people to buy new cars, get divorced, etc. Which is why the term is odd. I think for many it is a crisis, in that something related to that period triggers intense stress and anxiety which creates a "crisis," and those that experience it have to find a way to deal with it. Some of the triggers are the realization that life is statistically 1/2 over, realization that your kids (if you have them) will be gone in a few years, deaths of parents, serious illnesses and deaths of others relatively close to your age, and realization that time seems to be passing more quickly, our menu to order from just got shortened. However, if one experienced what you did at a younger age, it's just shitty experiences that can happen at any age. And, did your fiance at least have the decency to break up with you in person or did she do both via email, break it off and then told you cheated? I mean WTF.
  6. The term "mid-life crisis" has always sorta confused me. Yeah I know which decade the coinage came from and who coined it, damn Canadians, but I'm not sure I see it as anything but a pop-culture stereotype. Maybe we do go through more changes in mid-life, and some might be pretty bad health wise, for example, but buying a new car or learning a new instrument or getting your ears pierced for the first time later in life doesn't always imply a crisis. I'd be proud of myself if I picked up the banjo and learned to play, wouldn't blame it on a crisis. Some might get more depressed later in life, start losing loved ones, start hating their jobs and everyone they work with, start hating their spouse, so on and so forth but I don't think we should normalize these experiences and label them a mid-life crisis. For some, transitional situations might be good, so by definition mid-life crisis doesn't have to be bad. Hell I've felt little "crisis" brewing for years now. Are we dressing up something perfectly normal by giving it a fancy name?
  7. Good riddance, asshole.
  8. Oh, it ain't crap. I love it.
  9. If Lucinda is included for greatest pop ballad then I am including Bruce:
  10. That Prefab Sprout song is so good.
  11. Good review in RS although I do think it's a five star album, easily: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/albumreviews/review-leonard-cohen-you-want-it-darker-w446058
  12. Was telling my Laker friend at the Paris 2 show that based on the downloads and me being in LA, I got the stronger version of Wreck On The Highway. Paris 2 is fantastic on every level but Wreck is a bit weaker as far as performances go. It's quite noticeable right in the beginning and the spoken beauty at the end was stronger in LA.
  13. I think (or thought I did) I started a thread on this show first season, I loved it so much. You couldn't tear me away from the tele on Sunday nights when the show was on, I have never fallen for a character the way I fell for Ruth Wilson's in a long time. She had me so intrigued all the time, loved her innocence, her darkness, her grief, her purple sundresses on her bicycle and just 'bout everything about her. Wasn't familiar with her at all before The Affair. Anyway, I liked season two much less so not sure how excited I am for season three but I'm sure as hell tunin' in.
  14. I've never disliked Debbie til this season, and not sure I still do but she's not as great as she used to be. Might not be her fault, it's the writing for her character, I think getting her pregnant was stupid and her role only revolves around carrying Harry around now like a rag doll. Dumb.