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  1. And Dan, what the fuck were you doing signing up for a Ted Nugent board? Don't you despise him?
  2. It doesn't have to severely interfere with day to day functioning, it just has to be there.
  3. Very true. Trying to diagnose oneself or anyone else can be a hazardous game but there are some people who you simply don't need a PhD in psych to see the obvious - even if it's only one obvious you see based on exhibited traits, meaning one can suffer from a few disorders of course. Sad to see some clients with Axis 1-5 all filled in with a diagnosis. They're usually in therapy for life if it's through public mental health. As to your comment above that with a narcissist it's about them all the time, funnily enough had a convo with my therapist today about Trump (we always have to spend a few minutes on him) and when I said I didn't even understand how he had to reverse shit Obama's done, such as the recent trans atrocity- he could have left it alone even if he didn't want to further it - he said that he deals/treats narcissists at his practice and his precise words were, "with narcissists it's always about them all the time and they do what they want." He agreed the term is thrown around too loosely but Trump is one through and through. To have Bruce on this thread as an example of a narcissist is rather insulting.
  4. Was going to post that earlier then forgot. Good call.
  5. Well I guess they did tell us a bit of the how. Blunt force trauma somewhere.
  6. That's totally how they hook us. Yet wasn't sure if I was a bit disappointed with that part of the first episode, that they just had to tell us about the homicide but gave us no clue as to who and where and how and by whom - we gotta keep watching if we really care.
  7. You're the second boy to make me blush today. Reviews on Amazon already, this thing must have been out for a while.
  8. It wouldn't do anything. Can't kick someone's stripes away.
  9. Oh goody. A reversal that tells trans kids it's OK for them to be harassed and bullied at school. Yet another great move under this administration.
  10. Also looks self-helpy.
  11. I'll stick with Effexor, therapy and weed.
  12. I too sensed strong Christian rock elements in his previous work but he's got one song that E Street radio used to play, never caught the damned title, and it is so good. Probably something to do with the light. I am totally willing to check out his new album.
  13. Underwhelming architecture.
  14. The lyrics to Darkness are inseparable from the music.
  15. You ought to have yer fan card revoked for this, Jimbo.