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  1. Especially if they're out somewhere having a few drinks and has a bladder like mine. That would be a lot of fussin'.
  2. Great, great band. Bruce thinks so himself.
  3. Were you watching Maher last week, Swampy? That was the first I'd seen of the men's jumpers.
  4. I like what he's wearing. And I'm sure those jeans and boots weren't cheap.
  5. This makes much more sense to me than "choose yer battles."
  6. So does the "three strikes yer out" rule apply here? Pretty please?
  7. No, you can't fight 'em all. But when people fight for something that others find completely ridiculous the fighters are accused of not picking the right battles. How could someone know what's right for someone else to fight for?
  8. Have you heard any of Aimee Mann's new album? Isn't it called Mental Health?
  9. The Lou Reed thing is ridic but there's something about people stating this that I find odd. People do choose their battles, and there can be plenty of 'em.
  10. Heart-melting. Was pleased (and surprised) for some reason that Alberta's Premiere was there. With her security dudes of course.
  11. Sums it up well. I'd completely forgotten, though how could I, about gays being the target at the Florida nightclub shooting. Another sin of the west.
  12. Insinuating that poverty is a "state of mind" is so offensive that I shouldn't give the claim any of my time. Have to say though that based on his track record of saying crazy shit I'm not surprised.
  13. And it's sickening.
  14. Haven't opened the link but I'm thinking this was a student union group at Guelph university. Read about it yesterday and thought WTF.