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  1. You have no idea how "abrupt" any of his recent decisions have been.
  2. If Bruce suffer from writers block..

    I'm a little confused. I like both Surprise, Surprise and Queen but if I didn't, are you implying I wouldn't find either song dangerous enough?
  3. No, it would have meant kick the bigots in the coffers, of course neither he nor the band would have implied hurting the fans. C'mon, you're smarter than that.
  4. I'm confused as to what was offensive also on the transgender issue, when Steve spoke on his "master's" behalf.
  5. There's nothing off about Garry, Steve or Nils tweeting, they've all done so for a long time now. Bruce obviously doesn't care much about taking to twitter to explain his actions, and furthermore, he already said something at the last NA show. What's he supposed to, sit on twitter and answer angry tweets? If the other guys wish to do, so be it, I highly doubt it's a case of Bruce not having the balls to do it himself. I don't know if I think some of you are silly or downright obsessed. I mean, speaking for his master? Seriously.
  6. I think you can hear it on Greetings. It ain't a coinkidinc Bruce was then and still is now in the minds of many a folk singer. Kooly, Bosstralian did a good job of answering you above but there's more to it than that. The project was "artistic" in the sense that it involved much more than singing a bunch of old songs. He still had to have an artistic vision regardless of the detractors. He had to put together that amazing band and that takes work. Read something said by the lead guy of Phish on Prince the other day where he said that one of the things he most admired about him was his bandleading genius insofar as being a bandleader is in itself an art form especially coz he always put together great bands. I agree with that. And Bruce didn't solely sing a bunch of old songs, he came up with incredible arrangements of his own and reworked his own material. That is artistic. Hell even his clothes on the tour took some sort of artistic vision.
  7. Doesn't bother people don't like it, some simply need a musical education when they refer to it simply as "jug music" or whatnot, that's all.
  8. I'm making an exception and stating that it's not my opinion, it's fact. Not up for debate. Greatest artistic move, ever.
  9. If Bruce suffer from writers block..

    All Bruce needs to do at this point for me is be able to sing.
  10. Caught it this fine, fine tour and tho I sure did love it, nothing beats the Wrecking Ball version for me from Paris.
  11. 50 years ago

    Ha, not surprised you don't. Thanks for posting it tho, I like it the more I hear it. My local community radio station plays it.
  12. The Jayhawks are BACK!

    I didn't like their last one at all, J. Looking forward to this one.
  13. 50 years ago

    Hell no. Unless it's crumpled up at my parents' house somewhere. Across the country.
  14. 50 years ago

    Cool, surprised how much I love the Disturbed cover also. Speaking of covers, you folks should check out a cover of the song I've heard a few times and heard it again just now, it's from a gal named Natalie Prass. Pretty different and groovy, I dig it also. I'd post it if I properly knew how to post a vid since this damn upgrade. Of course nothing will ever touch the original, goes without saying.