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  1. I despise football but was at dinner and they had the game on so caught Lady Gaga sing the national anthem.  Fucking incredible.  All I saw and all I needed to see.  
  2. Now that is a review.  Emotion exudes outta that reviewer.  Interesting what is said about Drive All Night in light of the other thread.  No talk of creepiness or obsession but a song "with the aching promise of devotion from one lover to another."  Good stuff.  Even the shoes line is described as some of his most evocative lyrics.  Not quite sure I'd go that far but anyway.
  3. LEGO Bruce

    How do people come up with this shirt?   I'd like to know.
  4. Born To Run is just as good as people claim and Backstreets is one of the greatest songs ever committed to tape.
  5. LEGO Bruce

    Okay, am no fan of LEGO but that is great stuff MonkMonk.  Complete with the bolo tie and all.  And you've got Wrecking Ball down perfectly. How did I miss the creative gene?
  6. We still have an album to go before Darkness but am looking forward to that.
  7. Shit, you're right.  That ego is a fragile thing.
  8. Although she got paid.  She likely holds no bitterness toward Bruce himself.
  9. Damn.  Was totally going to bring her up.  
  10. Aside from the sadness all her own from which no man can keep Candy safe, she doesn't have many causes for complaints.
  11. Agh, good 'ole la fromage Dion.   Now I don't know who to vote for, Canada's Ambassador of Cheese or Coldplay.  Maybe the calvary should help me decide.
  12. The Boss For Fathers and Sons

    How do you know they've got too much time on their hands? You assume that coz you find their books twaddle?  A bit pretentious itself. Anyway, Bruce offers tragedies and histories and social commentaries in his music.  There's plenty to dissect.
  13. Oh and he was in the pit in T.O reportedly having a grand old time.
  14. Great show, Strombo is certainly one of Canada's finer music guys.  Too bad his television program on the cbc seems to have been axed but it did slide to the fromage near the end. Steve was on that a while ago and if I knew how to post a video since the upgrade I'd post it.
  15. I'm waiting until after Coldplay performs to cast my vote for them.  That band will blow all past performers away.  Chris Martin's voice and wonderful dancin' will secure their top spot nicely.