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  1. Hard lessons suck.
  2. I see no separation between wealthy/successful men and non-wealthy/unsuccessful men. Humans are humans at the end of the day. I think Clinton's worst mistake about the whole thing was lyin' about it, not that he did it. I thought the speech was good but I'll still take Obama's speeches over anyone's. That man can speak.
  3. That post was funny as hell, rtb. You needn't remove it.
  4. Great sentiment and all but so far Alicia Keys is givin' me a headache. Don't recall her sounding so bad. It's gotta get better.
  5. Oh God, caught Andra Day live the other night and she was incredible. Had the crowd stunned.
  6. I have trouble moving on in life, hold onto things much longer than I should. I will try my best however.
  7. Though the major lowlight is that Outlaw Pete atrocity.
  8. "Whiny Little Bitch" could work for a song title. I dig it.
  9. I'm sure glad Canada has more than two parties, I do think America would benefit with same. I can be mixed on Hilary but ferchrissake she's so far superior to Trump it ain't funny. What's sad is the alarming level of brain-washing the American public has been subjected to. If one believes that all Muslims (his friends aside that are "terrific people") and Mexicans are evil, that violence in the USA can be stopped by putting more guns on the street, that Trump will defeat ISIS the way Rambo takes care of business in Hollywood films, then Trump is their guy, unfortunately.
  10. While not nearly as great as Barcelona or Live In Dublin for me, highlights a-plenty on London and I agree that the performance overall is brilliant. Smokin' version of No Surrender with Fallon and a hugely moving performance of Racing In The Street. Some laugh out loud funny moments as well, particularly Bruce's aching for an elevator coz he's 60.
  11. I think it's absolutely one of their best songs.
  12. Was reading the latest bit in RS on the new album, Steinman must not be doing well at all seeing as he didn't even make the studio to record, was all done on the Internet. Though in today's age suppose that might be overly reflective of his health problems seeing as others don't make it to the studio either, lookin' at you E Street members. Anyway, while it's hard to listen to Meat's shot voice, didn't know he endured vocal-cord hemorrhages, poor fella. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/meat-loaf-talks-jim-steinman-reunion-onstage-collapse-w430504
  13. I dig it. Interestingly enough, was just listening to I'll Fight when I saw this thread. What a tune that is. Always look forward to new Wilco.
  14. I recently asked in the circuit whatever happened to Joanie and Chachi, apparently they tied the knot. Poor Joanie.
  15. I agree, stating that the majestic Drive All Night doesn't fit adult relations is patently absurd.