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  1. Jeez, the first clip is embarrassing (for her, not for me watching it), I feel bad for her.
  2. As per Rolling Stone: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/michael-moore-to-help-lead-trump-inauguration-protest-w455045 Despite being a Moore fan, I think this is great, the protest in general. Did not know it was planned and though it won't change anything people need to speak out. Makes me irate when I see people refer to those in opposition as "sore losers" - people are sore alright but this isn't about not winning a game. I think it is important to know that the fear, disillusionment and anger people are feeling and voicing after the election is not a matter of sour grapes. Listen to people and it ain't hard to see/hear that they're afraid of what they see in Trump and the people he has around him. Billionaires and white supremacists ferchrissake. They see a man with a horrible character, a corporate predator, and some see a leader who is more like a fascist dictator than a president. And people don't only fear for themselves, they fear for their families, their neighbors, their friends and their jobs and wages. In my lifetime, I have never seen people reacting to an election like they are now. Valid fears on every level.
  3. Note to self: don't listen to teh brilliance of Take This Waltz when you're grieving coz you gotta hear such genius as : There's a concert hall in Vienna Where your mouth had a thousand reviews There's a bar where the boys have stopped talking They've been sentenced to death by the blues Ah, but who is it climbs to your picture With a garland of freshly cut tears Whole song is so brilliant.
  4. Another glaring omission from any essential 80s list is The Cure. Not coz they got so many great tunes, but coz they were up there with The Smiths and New Order in terms of sounds and synths and importance of the 80s.
  5. You are a character, bill horton.
  6. I refuse to give that disgusting human being a second more of my auditory abilities. Always thought he was detestable but when he came up with that repugnant shit about Sandy Hook, well, let's just say if I believed in hell I think he should rot in it. And of course since Trump likes anyone who likes him, he's said credible things about him which makes it all that much worse. Fuck I will so miss Obama.
  7. I've never seen it either but I can't stand reality TV period. Including all those American Idol type shows.
  8. I suppose what did I think a reality based TV guy was going to do? Be all full of wisdom, empathy, and reason? He's in the fancy trailer in the park in the swamp.
  9. I understand all this, and normally I'd be of the view that I wouldn't want to give my money to something like Uber but in this case I'm taking the cheaper option. Might stand in contrast to my views and it might be hypocritical but I don't care. I'm so sick of taxis charging people to death and getting in one, if they feel like picking you up if a better option doesn't come to them before, and seeing the starting rate at some obscene high amount that some people have to work a whole hour to cover that. I'm done and am on board with Uber. Hell you can even track exactly when they're arriving. Can't tell you how many times I've even ordered a taxi to get to the airport and almost missed my flight coz they got a call that suited them better and didn't bother to inform me of that. The panic and worry of missing my flight ain't worth it.
  10. Not sure if Uber is subject to same regulations as taxis as here in Canada it's been a shit show since it came on the scene. My city was the first to legalize it in Canada and then fights after fights it left coz it couldn't agree with the city provisions that it have the same insurance as taxis. It's back now and legal and I love it. It's cheaper and more reliable and you don't need cash so it's much easier. I still see plenty of taxis on the roads. I only started using Uber in California to get to Bruce shows on a cheaper basis and since I've never looked back. But every city here seems to have a big fight over it.
  11. Read a fitting Rolling Stone headline this morning titled, "Trump's Presidency is Shaping Up to Be An American Tragedy." Haven't read the content yet and it likely has nothing to do with the Apprentice but it fits nonetheless coz what a tool. Some commentator said on CNN that it's as if he really has no idea the position of power he will be in and that is bang on. From firing off immediate tweets to anyone who dare disagree with him, to thinking he might "go home" on weekends to Trump Tower, to the Apprentice, etc., etc. It's getting scarier, frankly.
  12. I don't like it at all. Parts of it really sound like something I'd hear on a classic rock radio station.
  13. It sure would. Technology has its negatives. Heidegger warned us.
  14. Likely a very silly question but I will ask anyway: what is the point behind a driverless vehicle?
  15. I just noticed your sig line, Jim. Hurts.