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  1. I'll be happy with half of that set list in Coventry.
  2. SOLD GA Dublin night 1

    I have messaged you.
  3. SOLD - Dublin

    These have gone now. Thanks for the interest.
  4. 2 pitch tickets for sale.
  5. The Liverpool FC Thread

    You can read his thoughts on the verdict here
  6. Gigs 2016

    I went twice but then I was right at the back. Its an age thing!! It was an outstanding show, made all the better for me by sharing it with some ace friends. I agree with your venue comments - I said the same on Saturday, Another observation - John Moreland had quite a crowd for his support set. I've only seen that many folks for a support once before and that was Frank Turner supporting the Gaslight Anthem.
  7. Gigs 2016

    Whoever mentioned Richmond Fontaine, thank you! Just got me a ticket for Sheffield.
  8. Gigs 2016

    Never been to the Sage although I was born in The Promised Land that you speak of. Looking forward to it!
  9. Gigs 2016

    Slow build up for me this year. 23rd Jan - Jason Isbell - Manchester 27th Jan - Acoustic Night - Manchester 10th March - The Rifles - Sheffield 27th May - Bonnie Raitt - Gateshead
  10. Joadboy ???

    Joady says thanks for asking after him and he loves you all lots and misses folks.
  11. Joadboy ???

    Not sure but either way I don't think he'll be back.
  12. Joadboy ???

    He's persona non grata here apparently. Spoke to him recently and he's ok though.
  13. What Does Everyone Do For Work?

    Part time Medical Typist in the Rheumatology Dept at the local hospital. You come to see our consultants or nurses - I type the letter to your GP to keep them in the loop. Also do the admin for our Fragility Fracture Service which picks up people over 50 who have had a fracture and monitors them for osteopenia/osteoporosis. Also a part-time student doing a humanities degree.
  14. Do you play?

    I know a few chords on the geetar and I had keyboard lessons a few years back. Might go back to those when I've finished this academic stuff.