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  1. I suppose I should phone Sky up and apologise for telling them to stick their 'super fast' broadband up their arses
  2. I've received my vinyl copy and after playing the 5 'new' tracks (from Apple music, I'm not opening the vinyl), my informed opinion of this release is - nice cover art.
  3. I don't understand why people don't like him. I think he's a brilliant sportsman and comes across as a really nice bloke. Not everyone has a celebrity personality - I'd rather him hit the tennis ball really well rather than make a witty remark on the telly. And I don't care if he's a bit anti English either, which he's not, apparently. But even if he was, so what?
  4. I've only been to QPR once - we were 4-0 up at half time on the plastic pitch and thought we were going to break the world record. They came back at us but we were still 5-3 up with almost no time left. Finished 5-5. So I was begging for that 6th goal last night, 'just in case'. Shelvey's second goal last night was class, but he'd not get that much time on the ball in the big league. Still, you can only beat what's infront of you.
  5. 5 clean sheets in a row - Rafa seems to have got the defence operating as a unit. Six at the other end suggests the attack is beginning to come together too
  6. and watching the Man Utd supporter rocking out under a sign celebrating 'United 1 - 6 City' added even more enjoyment to a great show.
  7. We may not like him very much, but Mike Ashley is one hell of a businessman. First of all he sold a bloke with only one leg to Liverpool for £35m and now he's got Spurs to spend £30m on a bloke with only half a heart. Good business.
  8. I was in the opposite stand to MacBruce at St James' Park on 4 June 1985 although I must have been a bit further back 'cos I had a decent view. The following night I listened from outside and got very drunk.
  9. His brother also used to play for the Toon. He, too, was a waste of space.
  10. Siem de Jong has gone out on loan. How the hell did he pass the medical? He invented injuries that even Marcelino hadn't dreamed of.
  11. I was on a skiing holiday in the French Alps a few years ago and got toothache. I chomped through boxes of Neurofen, then when I ran out, got these huge French painkillers which could have knocked out a horse. Sunday to Friday, and I was in constant agony when the drugs wore off. Last night of the holiday and I had a few bevvies to finish off the holiday, woke up on the Saturday morning we were coming home - and the pain had gone. Went to the dentist when I got home - nothing to report. My teeth had just decided to spoil my holiday - bastards.
  12. My mates had tickets for Live Aid but I blew all my cash on seeing Bruce in Leeds the week before. I don't regret that, but I wish I could have done both. I also didn't go to see Queen at St James Park. I have no idea why - I'll just put it down to being young and stupid.
  13. I've been saying it for a while now, but just what does Jack Colback bring to the team? Has anyone ever told him it's not rugby and that you are allowed to pass the ball forward?
  14. Charlie saved my life in Dublin. Top bloke.
  15. 89%. 30 plus years in customer services and sales. People buy from people they like - people like people like themselves. Any Eskimos want to buy some snow?