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  1. Bruce is brilliant no matter which backing band is on stage with him. That's what the E Street Band are and that's what the Other Band were. Apart from Clarence - he had his own gravitational field. But everyone else is easily replaced (and even Clarence has been musically, but not quite personality wise). I really enjoyed the other band shows and apart from Clarence, can't remember thinking anything was missing. I do remember being very happy that the E Street Band got back together, but I think that was more to do with hearing a full band show rather than the shit which was GOTD (I'm older and wiser not so stupid now and quite like the album now, though it's still well down my list).
  2. If we do go up, then maybe this stumbling squeaky bum promotion is good for us. If we'd run away with it, then the FCB would have broken every promise and kept his money in his wallet. But there is no way this squad is anywhere near good enough to stay in the top flight - he's going to have to splash the cash if he wants us to cash in on the telly money.
  3. Lionel Messi still has a Peter Beardsley poster on his bedroom wall. And wears Peter Beardsley pajamas.
  4. It is not just the young people. Go into any pub and you will see groups of people out together but spending most of their time looking at their 'phones, no matter what their age. But social media can have some very positive effects. Gin Kid #4 uses it brilliantly. He took me for a pint to meet some of his University friends. We were in the pub with two and within an hour a group of 12 had gathered, all called by telephone pixie dust. The pull of someone's Dad buying beer is also clearly very strong in that London.
  5. If he'd just released this without saying anything, there would definitely be a 'copying Bruce' thread.
  6. Straightforward win this evening. Uddersfield had plenty of the ball but were clueless with it. Rafa is a tactical genius.
  7. Our strip next season includes crotchless shorts.
  8. They were a shit team that went on a great run and won the league. They were favourites to go down last season but he and his players performed a miracle. If he'd just done an OK job and kept them up by the skin of their teeth, he'd still have a job now. It's shocking what has happened but he will always be the guy who did the impossible. If it was a player rebellion that cost him his job, they should hang their heads in shame every time they look at their medals.
  9. They have a physical shop in Cheltenham, made with bricks and stuff. They need to carry stock. Makes perfect sense to carry items that you can't get from HMV.
  10. Good to see Shelvey back and pulling the strings. The best player in the Championship by a mile. If the rumours around Townsend are true, that would be another massive plus. I'll forgive the twat for fucking off and leaving us in the clarts. And yet another Andy Carrol rumour. Which means he'll be picking up another long term injury next weekend.
  11. Fair enough re Amazon - I know they don't sell them but I was stating that unless we support Record stores, they will disappear. Funnily enough, you CAN buy them on eBay and guess what? The seller is getting more than you can buy them for off the official site. You are lucky re import VAT. I've ordered quite a bit of stuff from the official site over the years and have 'got away with it' more often than not. But occasionally when I've ordered more than one item to try to save on postage (as was the case with these CDs, when I ordered 4 at once), they've got me.As havocpaul points out, Badlands will not get away with it - they will have to pay it and therefore so will their customers. I think I showed above that they are probably earning about £5 per CD. Do you really think that they should be telling people they can an get them cheaper elsewhere? It is a business and every business is there to make money. They won't shift enough to survive on tiny margins, so if they are going to sell them, they've got to make it worthwhile. By the way, I don't buy everything from them. They can be expensive compared to other channels but I have got stuff from them which is hard to find anywhere else. And I do tend to find that their customer service is excellent and the items arrive well packaged and in good condition.
  12. I've bought CDs from NUGS and got hit for import VAT. When everything was added up (cost of CD, postage, VAT), it worked out that it cost me just under £30 for a 3 CD show. At today's exchange rate (thanks Brexit) that increases to £34.33. So on that basis Badlands are making about £5 per CD. I don't know if they have to pay any additional VAT on the sale, but they do need to pay tax on any profit, as well as every sale having to contribute to covering the overhead of their business (like paying the people who work there). That comes out of the £5. They've also got to cover 'unsold stock' and generate enough cash to get through the month. I think anyone accusing them of trying to rip people off needs to get their calculator out first. And maybe have a look at Bruce Inc first - $23 for these CD's - really? Where's the money gone for that? Certainly not on the packaging. Support your local independent Record store. Alternatively, you can get things cheaper from Amazon, who don't have to worry about the inconvenience of tax at the same rate the little man does.
  13. Or in other words, you're only allowed to play or like Bruce's music if you have the same political beliefs as he has.
  14. Bruce - The River Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell Blondie - Parallel Lines Peter Gabriel - 3 (Melt) Motorhead - Overkill Rainbow - Rising U2 - War ELO - Out of the Blue Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Status Quo - Hello