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  1. F A Cup third round weekend. Our Welsh ambassador to yankeedoodleland will once again be dusting off his annual video of the day the Toon wore a red strip.
  2. The Shelvey incident. I don't think it was a sending off, but can understand it if someone calls it retaliation. But how come the twat that nearly cut him in half got away with nothing? And how the hell was it a penalty? I absolutely do not get that decision at all. If Shelvey made the foul, then it can't have been retaliation. If it was retaliation, then the first foul is where the free kick goes - a free kick to the Toon. The referee is the worst I have ever seen (and I include Trelford Mills). Dummy sending off. The bloke stops, falls over, then Dummy collides with him. Fucking hell. Before either incident, I'd watched Forest players throwing themselves on the ground for no reason, trying to con the referee. Their tactics worked. Bunching of cheating scabs. Post match interview, I thought Rafa was going to explode. He did really well to control himself. That idiot at ManUre should take note.
  3. If/when we get back into the Premier League, please remind me not to slag off the referee. I'm sure that twat was Brian Clough in disguise. A pissed Brian Clough who had forgotten the rules of football. Useless twat.
  4. That's 9 out of 10 penalty shoot outs that we have lost, which makes Newcastle officially the most English team in the world.
  5. My first home match for about 10 years and I took my usual bad luck to the game.The first time I have seen Mitro live - he's like a slow Billy Whitehurst. Great night out with the lads I spent 25 years watching the Toon home and away with. Can't believe how much Newcastle has changed since I used to go - new buildings all over the place. And all topped off by a curry near the Bigg Market.
  6. Gin Kid #1 and Gin Kid #3 have very similar tastes in music to me (although #3 refuses to listen to Bruce). I've picked quite a bit of unheard stuff up from them both. Gin Kid #4 has the widest range of musical tastes I know - including some great modern stuff, jazz, rock, blues, metal, dance, old stuff and very new. He can pick a song for me. He also quotes an acoustic version of The Promised Land he dug up on YouTube as the greatest song he's ever heard (so he gets the inheritance). I'm not sure I like his Musical Theatre stuff though.. Gin Kid #2 is a rap loving embarrassment.
  7. The sad thing is that we can only watch that on the BBC as a result of being liberalised by our European neighbours. Once the Tory elite have shaken off the shackles of Johnny Foreigner and brought control of everything back into the old boys network, the Bolsheviks who played this will have their heads chopped off.
  8. I saw Walter Trout in Holmfirth last night. For a bloke in his 60's who nearly died and had to reteach himself how to play, he is a fucking awesome guitarist. Actually, forget the bloke in his 60's and nearly dead bit, he is just a fucking awesome guitarist.
  9. You forgot about Newcastle v Sheffield Wednesday. Monday 26 December, 7:45 on Sky. This is the biggest game of the season in our house - my team v Mrs Gin's team, my two Magpies v her two Owls. Will we make it into 2017 as a complete family?
  10. Great news Roy - remember to ask him the all important question - 'Bruce, did you wipe your feet when you left the Stadium of Shite?'
  11. My trip to New York today was very enjoyable. We were a bit lucky to get the win (Rovvrum should not be bottom of the league) but it was great sitting in the home stand hearing nothing but the noisy hordes from up north. Loved it. HTL.
  12. I suppose I should phone Sky up and apologise for telling them to stick their 'super fast' broadband up their arses
  13. I've received my vinyl copy and after playing the 5 'new' tracks (from Apple music, I'm not opening the vinyl), my informed opinion of this release is - nice cover art.
  14. I don't understand why people don't like him. I think he's a brilliant sportsman and comes across as a really nice bloke. Not everyone has a celebrity personality - I'd rather him hit the tennis ball really well rather than make a witty remark on the telly. And I don't care if he's a bit anti English either, which he's not, apparently. But even if he was, so what?