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  1. If you ever get the chance, ask Prowsey about Ringo's beheading
  2. Going against the flow - I thought she was excellent.The swearing didn't bother me and it was great to see someone genuinely interacting with the crowd. I loved the ELO set, but out of song, Jeff Lynne has to be the dullest man in the world. Muse lasted for less than one song on my telly. Coldplay were brilliant.
  3. Have fun - bound to be entertaining!
  4. Signs - just tap them on the shoulder and ask them to put their sign down. If they refuse, rip it out of their hand. Works for me.
  5. if the next song is Youngstown I believe I have died and gone to heaven.
  6. I wish he'd play WOASD earlier in the show. Then the annoying mother who is only interested in elbowing her way to the front and getting her daughter on stage to make up for the fact that she made a mess of it in Manchester (yes, same sunny day kid) could bugger off to the back of the pit.
  7. Croke Park, Dublin 27 May 2016. Back In Your Arms. HOLY SHIT.
  8. LVG much more successful in his first two seasons than Fergie and won his first trophy in half the time. If only they'd had no patience/class in those days, we'd have been spared all the glory hunters spread all over the world. Yet again ManUre devalue the FA Cup - no wonder every true football supporter hates them.
  9. Get well soon. Legend.
  10. Well done Tacitus. And thanks D&H.
  11. At the beginning of the season: Piers Morgan to be next Arsenal manager : 2500:1 Leicester to win the Premier League : 5000:1 Still got my fingers crossed on my Piers bet.
  12. ManUre are a class club. Not many others would invite one of the homeless people living on the streets of Salford in to meet the players. I met this bloke once in McDonalds and bought him a coffee. He didn't even say thanks, just gave a nonchalant shrug. Nice bloke, but smelled of garlic.
  13. Probably right. After all, they will be scrapping for a point to keep them in second place over the best team in North London.