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  1. The 2015/16 MUFC Thread: Reason To Believe

    LVG much more successful in his first two seasons than Fergie and won his first trophy in half the time. If only they'd had no patience/class in those days, we'd have been spared all the glory hunters spread all over the world. Yet again ManUre devalue the FA Cup - no wonder every true football supporter hates them.
  2. David Ginola

    Get well soon. Legend.
  3. 2015/2016 Premier League Prediction Game

    Well done Tacitus. And thanks D&H.
  4. 2015/2016 Premier League Prediction Game

  5. 2015/2016 Premier League Prediction Game

  6. At the beginning of the season: Piers Morgan to be next Arsenal manager : 2500:1 Leicester to win the Premier League : 5000:1 Still got my fingers crossed on my Piers bet.
  7. The 2015/16 MUFC Thread: Reason To Believe

    ManUre are a class club. Not many others would invite one of the homeless people living on the streets of Salford in to meet the players. I met this bloke once in McDonalds and bought him a coffee. He didn't even say thanks, just gave a nonchalant shrug. Nice bloke, but smelled of garlic.
  8. The Official Newcastle United Thread

    Probably right. After all, they will be scrapping for a point to keep them in second place over the best team in North London.
  9. It's not a modern day thing. When Derby won the league in 1972. They had played their last game but either Leeds or Liverpool would have been Champions if one of them had won their final game, played a week after Derby had completed their campaign. Neither did and the legend of Clough began (he was on holiday with his family when he found out). 'I wouldn't say I was the best football manager in the business. But I was definitely in the top one'.
  10. The Jukes European Tour

    Great show in Holmfirth last night. Hopefully our visiting cockerknee taxi driver was able to make in home through the snow.
  11. 2015/2016 Premier League Prediction Game

    Sorry, I can't get the edit function to work properly.
  12. 2015/2016 Premier League Prediction Game

  13. 2015/2016 Premier League Prediction Game

    Norwich v mackems 2-1 scouse mackems v southampton 2-1 ManUre v Villa 2-1 the Toon v Swansea 1-2 Baggies v Watford 2-1 Chelski v Citeh 1-2 some team with a beach that should really be in the conference v Liverpool 1-2 Leicester v West Aaaaam 1-2 Arse v Palace 2-1 Thugs from the Potteries v spuds 2-1 team which used to be great but is now heading towards the championship and oblivion (the Toon) v Citeh 1-2 Wes Taaaam v Watford 2-1 Red scousers v Blue scousers 2-1 ManUre v Palace 2-1 Arse v Baggies 2-1 the paste function on this site is screwed so I had to type 'em out myself.
  14. The Official Newcastle United Thread

    Taylor has stolen a living at the Toon for years. Andy Carroll should have punched him harder.
  15. Gigs 2016

    Finally about to break my duck this year - three months without a gig and I haven't lost any weight. Sheesh. 9 April - Ian Prowse and Amsterdam - daarn saarf in that London, Islington 28 April - Southside - Holmfirth 25 May - Bruce - Manchester 27 May - Bruce - Dublin 3 June - Bruce - Coventry 5 June - Bruce - Wembley 23 October - Walter Trout - Holmfirth 3 December - Ian Prowse and Amsterdam - Liverpool