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  1. I saw ELO in Sheffield last night. They were the first band that was 'mine' back in 1976 (everything else I had listened to up until then was influenced by my big brother) but I've never seen them live. Very expensive for seats and an incredibly hot and sweaty night - Sheffield is not used to sunshine and the air-con was struggling. Jeff Lynne may lack a bit of stage charisma, but the show was brilliant. I don't usually like 'polished' - I like a rock show. But this was spot on.
  2. You must have been at a diffent show to me. The one I saw in Manchester was brilliant.
  3. Never seen this ^ - cheers Roy.
  4. I thought I'd give it a listen to add my opinion. Played 20 seconds and it crashed my PC. Please do not ask any questions about Queen of the Supermarket otherwise the street will probably have no electricity for a week
  5. A brilliant player when he first arrived at Newcastle. 100% effort and hard as nails. And if you're only going to score one goal for a club, it's good to make it a memorable one. Very, very sad news.
  6. I know that you are factually correct, but I would prefer to believe that Bruce will tour soon, no matter how flimsy the evidence
  7. Forget the politics - what about the summer 2018 Bruce tour he mentions?!? 'The idea at the moment is to tour every summer either with Bruce or with my Disciples of Soul'
  8. Clem Burke has always been one of my favourite rock drummers. Just as good live as on record. Sitting in a little Perspex box the last time I saw them. He may have always done that, but visually it's always been about Debbie for me
  9. A god day. When the Toon went down, we were optimistic of coming back up providing Rafa stayed. We had plenty of players who we could sell to raise money too (thanks Spuds). But the mackems are in a different state. Their manager is clueless, their players are old and knackered and I can't see anyone offering big money for any of them. I can't see them bouncing back
  10. It's the vicar.
  11. Two great goals as well. After the game, Messi and Ronaldo both 'phoned Atsu to get tips on taking free kicks.
  12. Good work by the cameraman trying to avoid the nutter on the other side of the road I hope all those heavy bikes don't break it again.
  13. The two coolest men on the planet (Bruce and Barack) and the coolest lady (Michelle) clearly loved it therefore there is no shame in us mere mortals liking it too. And there's nowt wrong with Sting. He might be a bit of a plastic Geordie these days, but plastic Geordie > not a Geordie. (apart from those Geordie Shore people. Geordie Shore < dogshit)
  14. I really enjoyed the gig and it was good to meet up with people too. Very much a 'greatest hits' show (nothing wrong with that) and some very good musicians, especially the guitarist. I was a bit surprised though. I thought they were a UK band, but the 'Bruce' dialogue between songs was in Russian or some other unrecognizable language.