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  1. The river is low for the time of year and the cold weather of the start of the week has been replaced by much warmer temperatures. Its finally possible to see stone being laid to rebuild the collapsed pier. Still a lot to be done if its to be open in six weeks.
  2. Another victory for Humpty over common sense and decency: A LENGTHY wrangle over a Tadcaster footpath has ended in defeat for county council officials and rights-of-way campaigners. The path formerly provided access to a former railway viaduct across the River Wharfe, which linked the two sides of the town. But the 270-yard route, situated on land previously owned by child welfare charity Barnardo’s, was blocked off in 2012 after the land was bought by a subsidiary of Samuel Smith’s Brewery. Local residents set up an action group to persuade it to re-open the path, claiming it had been publicly used for more than 20 years without challenge, and North Yorkshire County Council backed the reopening. But the company argued argued that, over 20 years, fences had been broken down or people had climbed over them to use the path, meaning it had not been continually used “without force or permission having to be given.” After a public inquiry in January 2015, an inspector made an interim decision in favour of the local authority, but that has now been reversed, with the inspector deciding not to confirm a right of way order. “This means that route will not be recorded on the Definitive Map and Statement as a public right of way,” said a council spokeswoman. “This has been an unusually lengthy case focusing in the end on matters of law. The council is reviewing the detail of the decision but it appears unlikely that any further action will be taken.” Councillor Chris Metcalfe said he was ‘extremely disappointed’ for residents who had put together a compelling case and council officials were ‘absolutely shattered’ by the decision.
  3. Strange Fruit
  4. They really exist
  5. The Mustique Demos
  6. Probably
  7. I'm am an old woman. And your old enough to live your own life Little Italy - Stephen Bishop
  8. Gimme in the kitchen gimme in the hall Art For Art's Sake - 10CC
  9. Enemies, friends, opposite ends Thunder and Rainbows - Martyn Joseph
  10. For Martyn's second Leeds gig of the year, he's moved up from a garden shed to a community church. A rare outing for the electric guitar, and a rare support act (Antje Duvekot).