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  1. Ticket question

    I doubt it.
  2. The 2015/16 MUFC Thread: Reason To Believe

  3. Not too bad where I was last night. Although one person kept going to the bar which on one occasion caused the person next to me to spill his beer on my leg. Just why would you spend all that money to go to concert and not want to savour every moment? Why can some people not seem to enjoy themselves unless they're constantly drinking? If anyone can't go to a gig without drinking alcohol, I suggest they see a doctor!
  4. Missionary work.
  5. Belated happy birthday. I was otherwise occupied in Manchester yesterday
  6. A MCFC Supervisor told me it was 11pm. She also told me that the exact starting time is determined by when Bruce thinks there's enough people in the stadium.
  7. Songs that link

    Starting Over
  8. Songs that link

    Its Over
  9. Songs that link

    Marriage Bureau Rendezvous
  10. Songs that link

    The Groom's Still Standing At The Altar