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  1. Evergreen heroes whose stories were told Roy Rogers - Elton John
  2. On Again On Again
  3. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
  4. All Fall Down
  5. Consider the danger and think of the crime, as it poured out a slick stretching into the tide The Oil Song - Steve Forbert
  6. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
  7. Welcome back to Gary Mills. He has one hell of a mess to sort out. Denied today by a late equaliser, but in reality a luck point as our best two players were the goalkeeper and the woodwork.
  8. Why the hell would you watch that American stuff rather than proper footie?
  9. Steve Forbert @ 7Arts in Leeds
  10. We All Stand Together
  11. Jason McGill, the Chairman.
  12. Good question. I doubt if he lurks himself, but I'm sure someone in "the camp" must do.