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  1. He has a book signing at Borders in Scranton PA that night.
  2. Add Pink Floyd and David Bowie to the list.
  3. Sometime tomorrow out on the left coast Sometime tomorrow in the other timezones Sometime tomorrow on I95 Sometime tomorrow in Blighty (and also in Portugal) Sometime tomorrow in Euroland Sometime tomorrow also in BunnyChow Land Monday in the land of Oz (Sydney other cities vary) Monday in Daisey's corner of the world where the Hobbits live
  4. He had to take a couple of paracetamol for a headache as the horns set up in his hallway were a bit too loud.
  5. To be fair, I doubt Bruce has heard of her either.
  6. Happy or not, I thought she was better than most of the kids two or three times her age.
  7. Separate releases four days apart.
  8. You obviously drank the wrong half. Try drinking the other half, then you'll be fine.
  9. It should be possible to buy the first five tracks as individual downloads for around half the cost of the CD.
  10. I guess any of those kits would have been preferred by the Brighton players who used to have to run around with NOBO plastered across their chests!
  11. In the absence of a set list with a magically moving red arrow, I guess we have to resort to a cute picture of a dog in The River.
  12. Just gone back to the iplayer for the answers. All three of the above were pointless.
  13. OK, let's try and answer the question. Which Top 40 hits of the 80s would be pointless answers? I'd go for: Brilliant Disguise Spare Parts I'm On Fire Having looked up the list of hits since typing the above, I think there are better answers.