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  1. Tom Morello's Irish Politics

    On a lighter note, how things have moved forward, there are 350 Paddy's at the palace tonight to meet Her Madge
  2. Tom Morello's Irish Politics

    That may be your opinion, but as I posted earlier, I doubt if many of these people who were in prison & who were recognised by Britain as being "special category" would have been in prison as "common criminals" as you describe them, had there not been conflict here. They were previously recognised as special category prisoners for a long time but went on protest after their P.O.W status was removed. As for your assertion that they skulked in civilian clothing, they were always a guerilla army and as such they were not defeated by the 17000 strong British Army posted here at the time who did lots of skulking and murdering also, i've personally been stopped and searched by undercover (not in uniform) British Army & Police at roadblocks/checkpoints many many times during the conflict for no reason other than I was driving on the road, i've been beaten senseless by uniformed "hero" British Soldiers, my crime :- I was a Catholic coming from playing Gaelic games. A close friend of mine, a civilian coming walking from the pub was shot and killed by the British Army , his crime :- he had a beer bottle in his hand ! Remember the "heroes" of the British Army who opened fire and killed 13 civilians on a protest march in Derry on Bloody Sunday, as yet no one has spent any time in prison for that as far as i'm aware. No one faced a jury or even a diplock court for that, no criminal scum there ? I doubt if any of this would have happened had there not been a conflict going on here, but as i've been at pains to say, for one person to die in the conflict was far too many.
  3. Tom Morello's Irish Politics

    Tried by the way by a special court which did'nt have a jury., To clarify the hunger strike was in protest at the taking away of special category status, basically P.O.W status was removed, had been in place previously but in a new political policy by the British government it was removed to try and treat the P.O.Ws as common criminals, I doubt if many who were in Long Kesh during this time would have been in prison if they were not special circumstances, eg the conflict against Britain. Off Wiki :- not my views, btw :--- By 1966, the sectarian violence in Rathcoole (along with the rest of Belfast) had considerably worsened, and the minority Catholic population there found itself under siege; Bobby and his sisters were forced to run a gauntlet of bottle and rock throwing Protestant youths on the way to Catholic school every morning, and the formerly integrated Rathcoole youth football club banned Catholic members and renamed itself "The Kai", which stood for "Kill All Irish". Despite always having Protestant friends, Bobby suddenly found that none of them would even speak to him, and he quickly learned to associate only with Catholics.[7] He graduated school in 1969 at age 15, and enrolled in Newtownabbey Technical College, beginning an apprenticeship as a coach builder at Alexander's Coach Works in 1970. He worked there for less than a year, enduring constant harassment from his Protestant co-workers, which according to several co-workers he ignored completely, as he truly wished to learn a meaningful trade.[7] He was eventually confronted after leaving his shift in January 1971 by a number of his colleagues wearing the armbands of the local Protestant loyalist Tartan gang, held at gunpoint and told that Alexander's was off-limits to "Fenian scum" and to never come back if he valued his life. This event, by Sands' own admission, proved to be the point at which he realised peaceful coexistence with the local Protestants was no longer possible and decided that counter-militancy was the only answer.[8][9] In June 1972, Bobby's parents' home was attacked and damaged by a loyalist mob and they were again forced to move, this time to the West Belfast Catholic slum of Twinbrook, where Bobby, now thoroughly embittered, rejoined them. He attended his first IRA meeting in Twinbrook the same month, and (lying about his age, as he was only 16) joined the IRA the same day. By 1973, almost every Catholic family had been driven out of Rathcoole by violence and intimidation
  4. Tom Morello's Irish Politics

    Even if Morello is an ignorant or even arrogant narrowminded tosser, we still need people in this world to stand up and demand rights and state their position in regard to oppression wherever it rears its ugly head. If that be in my country Ireland where we the people have been oppressed by our Irish Catholic Church backed up by the Irish State and there have been many wrongs done against the citizens here in the name of religion. Likewise there has been many injustices done by a foreign country entering my country. There have been many many wrong acts of violence carried out by the IRA in their fight against Britain and also there have been wrongs carried out by Britain too, not everything Britain does is right and no one is saying that what everything done in the name of Irish freedom was right too, it is my opinion that one person to die in the conflict was too many. Believe it or not but if anyone take the time to read some of Bobby Sands writings you will find lots of quotes which are anti-violence for instance " our revenge willl be the laughter of our children", i'd take from that a person who wanted justice for everyone and wanted his children and everyone elses to live a life together as equal. Many people would describe Nelson Mandela as a hero, some would regard him as a terrorist, some would describe actions carried out by Bush in wars as acts of terrorism , likewise i've heard of the nuclear missile attack on the Genaral Belgrano Argentinian ship as it was sailing away and was outside an exclusion zone in international waters near the Falklands described as an act of terrorism, war was not declared by either side in the conflict. I live here, I have equal rights now, in my parents time there was a lot of injustice, they would'nt have had a chance to vote, the would'nt get a chance to get social housing, not a chance to get a government job because they were the wrong religion, now its different, change has happened, there are tossers on both sides trying to go back to the bad old days but most right minded people want peace and justice with equality for everyone to prevail.
  5. Tom Morello's Irish Politics

    Not "Anti-British" but would be anti anyone no matter what nationality they may be who came into my country illegally. A Nation who "use colonisation" for centuries does'nt make them right, then or now, whether it be in Ireland, Iran or Iraq or the Malvinas/Falklands,. I don't support terrorism in Ireland or anywhere else, I don't support the oppression of Irish people in their own country by anyone who would come whether it was France, Portugese Spaniards, Norse Vikings, Dutch, British etc.
  6. Tom Morello's Irish Politics

    Eileen , I mean peace, theres no bombs going off on a daily basis here, no shootings daily, i'm not being stopped and searched by soldiers from another country as I go about my lawful business in my own country or getting harrassed because i'm called Seamus and not Samuel, i've got a vote now, all members of my family have a vote, all members of my family have a chance of getting housed or getting a job now irrespective of what their name or religion is, they have are treated with respect and not second class citizens. I'm happy that there is peace here, there may be some morons who will always try to continue with violence on both sides, but to be honest i've a less chance of getting shot here now than if I lived in Dublin, Limerick, London or Los Angeles for instance.
  7. Tom Morello's Irish Politics

    Yes thats Steve Earle, he's the one with the hair
  8. Tom Morello's Irish Politics

    I haven't had time to read all the posts on here, just the last few. Lets make this simple, Ireland is an island off the coast of Europe, strategically positioned west of Britain, Britain came to Ireland many years ago and drove the Irish people off their land, they planted their people in Ireland giving them large swathes of land mostly the best farmland. Africa saw the same thing done there where Blacks were driven off their land and Whites settled there, America believe it or not was also colonised where the the land was taken too. Austraila the same, all over the world it happened, In the now "Northern Ireland" there are a lot of Protestants who wish to be there still, well their ancestors were planted in The Plantation of Ulster, there ancestors were British and they wish to remain British. Some people believe the should'nt have been there in the first place, some people believe the whites should'nt be in Africa and some people believe the land in America should'nt have been taken from the American Indians. Many Irish people believe that the only reason there is a majority of Protestants in Northern Ireland is that they were put in there by Britain so as there would always be a majority who want to remain British. Is it right to take over another country? Is it right to want to have your country back ? There are many views there have been many times when violence broke out about the issue. Thankfully now there is peace. Hopefully this will continue, I am Irish, I hold an Irish passport, I am proud to be Irish. I am also proud to have had Bobby Sands as my MP, I voted for him as we were told by Margaret Thatcher that he did'nt have a mandate, he was elected to parliment with more votes than she ever got !!!
  10. European tour 14.

    I reckon we'll see him back early next year, i've been to more shows in Ireland in May than any other month, so i'm betting we'll see him next May in Ireland, not sure where he'll be though, hoping Belfast again & possibly RDS, don't see GAA grounds being used after the thrashing Moylan Park turf got. They were'nt able to get the scheduled fixtures played afterwards & had to move them to another ground. Hoping the shows dont go to O2, never liked The Point, hoping ticket prices don't rise, well not to Leonard Cohen heights anyhow..
  11. E Street Fans

    And the LINK is...???
  12. Free Leeds Audio - UK only

    How do you download it please? Link
  13. IMG 0196

    From the album Kilkenny

    Glenn Hansard