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  1. Must say I totally agree, had no clue when to come in, looked awkward onstage with a decent band. Stevie had to push him over to the mike when he forgot to sing a verse. What the hell all the bowing was about, i dunno.
  2. I stand corrected, just heard it on local radio, caught tale end of report. Magnificent gig until Bono landed from the moon though,quickly erased the moon landing from my mind and thoroughly enjoyed the rest.
  3. Hopefully all is well in Springsteen camp, Bruce and Patti reported by press driving into St Vincents Private hospital today. Best wishes
  4. Looking for 2 GAs, General Admission Pitch Standing for Sunday 29th in Croke Park if anyone has spares, please PM me, have 2 Friday Hogan seated tickets to trade swap etc
  5. Sounds good, the tickets we have are Seats in Hogan for Friday unfortunately
  6. Perhaps next time don't use a blue font... extremely difficult to read,,, i'm sure Bruce would have same problem reading it as me..
  7. Go outside Dublin to look for Hotels, Ireland not a massive country, can commute in easily from Meath. Wicklow Kildare, Drogheda, Dundalk etc etc Dunboyne Hotel just outside Dublin for instance £150 for a double room Sat night, it's a top class Hotel, real easy for travelling in to Croke Park.
  8. Premium seat holders in the stadium have the option of using their box/seat for all events, eg football game rugby concert etc... the seat won't become available unless the premium/season ticket holder is not using it. Costs about £5000 per year or summit like that
  9. Have 2 Seated (Hogan) tickets for Friday, wanted to swap them for 2 G.A for Sundays concert My daughter is travelling from Sweden with her Dutch boyfriend for the Gig, we have tickets for Sundays concert and obviously she wants to attend with us, my son has 2 spare for Friday to swap, @Seamygaffer.. PM me please or leave contact Details. We are long time fans, 30 years going to Bruce gigs, thanks in advance
  10. And the LINK is...???
  11. From the album Kilkenny

    Glenn Hansard
  12. From the album Kilkenny

  13. From the album Kilkenny

  14. From the album Kilkenny

    Waitin on A Sunny Day
  15. I like a lot of U2 in spite of Bono. I can never forgive him for embarrassing himself, and everyone else at Live aid.Sounds like we could be in for a late night tonight - cool. Can't stand him! Can't stand him! Can't stand him! Steve.